Friday, March 16, 2018

BU bounces BC from Hockey East Tourney

When BU tied the game up late in the 3rd, I had a bad feeling about OT. However, BC looked great in the extra time. They generated more shots, the penalty kill was great (and generated some O) and they were controlling everything. Yet it just took a little scramble in front to end it all. The bad guys won 4-3 (highlights below).

The BC release mentions the team waiting for selection show on Sunday, but many pundits think BC is out. Keep your fingers crossed.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Perry getting the snaps in Spring Ball

If you weren't convinced by the staffs belief in EJ Perry during Addazio's media session, then a spotlight pic and headline in the Eagle-Tribune should be your sign that this is Perry's chance to shine. The article echoed BC's report that Perry looked good scrambling and throwing the ball. McDonald is the current No. 2. 

Perry burned his redshirt last year to only play a few minutes in last year's UConn game. It seemed like a waste. This spring -- with Brown out -- is really his time. He is going to get the reps and focus he didn't not get last year. He needs to use this time wisely, because given how things have been under Addazio, the backup will play during the regular season.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Addazio talks OL and staff dynamics

There is usually not a lot of news coming out of Spring Practice, but Addazio did reveal a few things in his press briefing Wednesday. First he talked about Perry taking reps at QB and then got into the OLine options. What I found interesting was his staff discussion. As we assumed, Trautwein's familiarity with Addazio and the continuity he provided was critical in his hiring. Addazio also admitted that in the area of OLine, he gets involved personally.

On the Defense, he explained how Smith will carry on Pasqualoni's techniques. He also made reference to Campanile being "co-defensive coordinator" -- a title he doesn't carry on BC's official website. Maybe the title (and pay bump) was part of the package to keep him at BC when other schools came calling. 

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

That wasn't fun

I had high hopes for the NIT. I thought BC even had a chance to win it. But after a solid first quarter, things fell apart and Western Kentucky never looked back. Losing stinks, but the way in which BC lost was also frustrating. They turned the ball over too often. They allowed way too many easy WKU baskets with bad D. Robinson and Bowman got points, but in an inefficient manner and couldn't score during BC's long droughts.

I know BC only had two days to prepare for the team and the new rules, but they didn't seem ready. And having a former WKU staffer as an assistant should have made the usual scouting challenges easier. BC couldn't find good shots and did not move the ball well or get much in transition.

If Robinson returns and Hawkins gets a 6th year, BC will be good next year. I just don't have much hope they will be special until the talent really improves. The NIT was just another example of this team not being ready to compete anytime anywhere against anyone.

Monday, March 12, 2018

Rooting Guide for NCAA Tournament

Even with the NIT bid, BC is on the outside looking in on the Big Dance. But there are still plenty of BC-related angles and teams to cheer on this week and over the next three weeks. Here are my thoughts and suggestions on who to root for if it can't be BC.

Virginia. You can root for or against any ACC team with easy justification. I would like to see Virginia do well because I think they are the model that might most be easily replicated at BC. They are very dependent on a defensive system and then recruiting to that system. If Virginia can win it all, so can BC

Gonzaga, Xavier, and Creighton. Jesuit schools. They are no longer real Cinderellas and because they are a niche basketball schools, I don't think they can serve as a model for BC. But the Jesuit connection shows that Jesuit schools can be elite in sports.

Auburn. Once again Bruce Pearl is in the Tournament. At this point, I think it is clear he runs a dirty program. But you have to admire his ability to keep his team focused as the FBI and his own Administration breathes down his neck. Not all BC guys are perfect!

Rhode Island. A nice story and good for the region. Depending on how things play out, maybe Hurley could become BC's coach one day.

St. Bonaventure. Coached by BC guy Mark Schmidt. Schmidt wanted the BC job when Christian got it. If he keeps winning in Olean, he will always be a candidate here. 

Loyola-Chicago. These guys are Jesuit Cinderellas. It is a nice story.

Providence. I know they are technically a basketball rival, but I have no real animosity towards them and I always root for Ed Cooley.

Penn. Steve Donahue is back in the NCAA Tournament with another Ivy League champ. I don't have any regrets about firing him. I don't think he was going to turn things around at BC. But I am still happy for his success back at his old stomping grounds.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

BC returns to postseason via the NIT

In the grand scheme of things, an NIT appearance should be a disappointment. Even in the context of this BC season -- which had moments of brilliance -- an NIT bid should be a big "whatever." But that's not how I feel. I am legitimately excited about BC taking on Western Kentucky Tuesday night in the NIT.

The NIT should never be the goal and our last two NIT appearances were legit letdowns and both teams could and probably should have been at large in the NCAA Tournament. This year seems a little different. After a long drought filled with apathy, mediocrity and plain bad basketball, this feels like a small step back to respectability. 

Like any tournament, winning the NIT takes a little luck. It is also about wanting to be there and peaking at the right time. In our past two appearances, the players' lack of enthusiasm was palpable. I hope this year is different. BC can win the NIT and if they do, I think many people will feel that much better about our future.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Up and down day for BC Hockey

The BC Women had another dominant season end short of a championship. This time losing to Ohio State in the NCAA quarterfinals. Sometimes facing a hot goalie at the wrong time is all it takes. I feel for the seniors who were part of this great run. I also feel like this level of success will result in multiple championships soon. It is just about things going right at just the right time.

Fortunately the Men's team is still alive. They eliminated Merrimack in Game 2 of the Hockey East opening round and move on to face BU next week at the Garden.