Thursday, June 22, 2017

Nuggets from the Athlon Preview

I picked up my Athlon College Football Preview and they're not too high on BC. The magazine picks BC to finish last in the division, go 5-7 (2-6 in ACC again) and out of a bowl. Overall they consider BC 70th. I am not really outraged or frustrated. Just resigned to our place until Addazio proves otherwise.

Athlon always quotes an anonymous coach about each team. Often times it can get catty. No so with BC this year. Here is what one ACC assistant said, "They just don't have the same kind of skill players that the other schools in the league have, but they're very sound in what they do."

The Athlon preview online also ranks the all-time best college football players of the Athlon era. Flutie only came in a No. 49. That is a big disservice and shows lack of perspective. Flutie's stats look small time now, but his offense helped change college football.

Our current QB was ranked 105 among all starters entering the season.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

One last recruit for 2017 class

The focus of recruiting has been the 2018 class, yet Addazio just added one more piece to his incoming freshmen group. On Wednesday, New York DT Jaleel Berry signed with BC. I like this signing because he was personally scouted by Pasqualoni and has DT size now.

Berry is only available because he qualified so late in the process. While that is usually a red flag for BC, Addazio somehow got him through. The fact that he also had a scholarship available shows how tightly he is managing the roster. As soon as one guy drops out, the position is filled.

Best of luck to Berry. This could end up being a great BC story.

BC agrees to series with Michigan State

It didn't take long for Martin Jarmond to finalize his first football deal. BC and Michigan State announced a two-game series that will take place in 2024 and 2025. These games are possible because of the movement in the Ohio State series earlier this spring. 

The Spartans will come to Chestnut Hill in 2024 and BC will go to East Lansing in 2025.  BC currently leads the series 4-1-1.

I've been critical of Addazio for being too conservative and short-sighted when scheduling Power 5s. We signed deals with a bunch of bottom feeders. MSU is more what our fans have in mind. They've been historically decent and are in the middle of a upswing. No one knows how good they will be in six years, but they probably won't be terrible. It is the kind of scheduling risk BC should take.

While Michigan is not a hot bed of BC recruits or alums, it is still in a region that remains important to the school. We can sell playing Michigan State to Midwest kids. And any alums in the general area can make the day trip.

This is a good first move by Jarmond. There are not a ton of open slots on the schedule now, but hopefully this is how he will go about filling them.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

More press on new Plex

Not that many of you were on the edge of your seat waiting, but BC selected Skanska USA to build the new student fitness center a.k.a. also known as the Plex replacement.

Normally I don't pay attention to the companies BC uses for construction and renovation. Maybe due to the size and the profile of the project, Skanska sent out a press release. BC is still keeping their mouth shut.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Another reason why BC needs to focus on OLine development

This article from earlier in the week doesn't have anything specifically to do with BC, but I thought it was very relevant to BC's future. For those who don't have time to read it, there is a growing problem in the NFL with evaluating college linemen. Because so many colleges run spreads, Offensive Linemen are not developing the skills they need to compete and adjust in the NFL. Prospects from schools that run more traditional blocking schemes are much easier to evaluate and valuable. That means what Addazio is doing with the Oline should make his players more valuable. Add that to our tradition as Oline U and BC should have an easy time recruiting OLine talent.

But it is not always that simple. Colleges also have a hard time identifying OL prospects. They are trying to project teenager who is going to add a lot of weight in college and face much better competition than he faced in high school. They are also trying to teach these guys while also winning games and competing.

Addazio built his reputation on OL coaching. In his first two years, it was good. Year 3 it was poor. Last year it was improved, but not great. If he wants success this year and long term and to build a pipeline of NFL talent, he is going to need his big guys to develop in all aspects of OLine play and start to dominate again.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

A good weekend for BC recruiting

This is getting repetitive, but this weekend was another good one for BC recruiting. Addazio added two more prospects to his already well regarded class. I don't know why the results are improving or how the messaging is changing, but this recruiting class is on pace to be his best. As of now they are in the Top 25 rankings for 247 and climbing up Rivals.

The big get was New Jersey LB Nick DeNucci. Another guy hauled in by Anthony Campanile, DeNucci had a solid list of offers from Big Ten and ACC schools. He also keeps the Garden State momentum going.

Texas OL prospect Thomas Shelmire also verballed. His list of suitors is not as note worthy, but he is well regarded and from a territory where BC can grow its brand. OL guys are harder to project, so this is sort of a numbers and development game, but Shelmire seems like a good bet.

As things move forward Addazio will have a few recruiting challenges Because so many guys committed early, he will have to be judicious with his remaining scholarships. He will also have to keep the class together if the season is bumpy. Finally, he will have to keep the other schools from poaching his players. All of those are nice problems to have because it means you have something worth holding on to.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Addazio adds Elijah Jones to recruiting class

The latest player to verbal to Addazio is New York DB Elijah Jones. Jones has a good rating on the major sites and also has a decent amount of Power 5 offers.

After last season and the change at AD, I thought Addazio's recruiting would suffer. It seems like the opposite has happened. This class is stronger than last season's class and based on social media, it seems like they all enjoy each other.

Now Addazio needs to turn this talent into wins.

Friday, June 16, 2017

BC churns through Football coaches fast

I think in the whole scheme of College Football, BC is a good job. You live in a great area, there is little pressure and you have specific recruiting niches. But the data makes it look like the football offices have a revolving door. Since 1990, Vanderbilt and Baylor are the only Power 5 schools that have changed their head coach more than BC. Those two schools have made seven changes. BC has made six. I know outsiders don't care, but each one of BC's changes can be explained away. Two were from Coughlin and TOB moving on to new opportunities. Spaz was fired for not winning enough and Jags was fired after a power struggle with Gene. Addazio is obviously still around and relatively safe. 

But in the end, I don't think the turnover is holding the program back. As the article mentions, our winning percentage during that time is .550. I don't care if we make another move soon. I just want too see a great coach and have him stay at BC for a long time.