Thursday, January 19, 2017

Steve Logan talks BC

Former BC Offensive Coordinator is once again a radio personality in North Carolina. With Matt Ryan in the NFC Title game, his fellow radio guys asked him to reminisce about his time at BC. Here are some of his quotes:

I hear many disgruntled BC fans and casual college sports fans say that BC is a "bad job." It is not. It is different from most and if you appreciate the differences, you will love it here. Logan is sincere. He wanted the Head Coach job after Jags was fired. It is one of the great "what ifs" of the past ten years.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Rough night against UVA

We've seen BC get hot early and run away on Power 5 teams. We've seen them hang with Power 5s and win close games. They have yet to prove they can dig out of big holes against elite teams. That is what happened in the loss to Virginia Wednesday. BC was ice cold in the first half (in part because of UVA's tough D) and never got back into it. Things were relatively better in the second half, but at that point UVA was playing their bench. With the loss, BC falls to 2-4 in ACC games. Next up is UNC.

The good news is that Chatman played well. It was easily his best game at BC. Tava was also able to penetrate and find good looks...they just didn't fall.

UVA is the type of team that would give us fits. They have a tough, disciplined D and turn mistakes and turnovers into points. But now we need to see if BC can bounce back and get back the explosiveness they showed just a week ago.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

RIP Ray Henderson

I don't like writing about death, especially of young people. I also am always hoping for the happy ending for BC guys who give so much on the field. That is why it was sad to hear of the death of Ray Henderson.

Henderson was a Middle Linebacker on the first BC team in the ACC. Lining up alongside new BC coach Ricky Brown, Henderson was a exuberant presence on the field. Although not always the fastest or strongest guy, Henderson was savvy enough to be very good at dropping into coverage in Spaz's scheme. He ended up with nine career interceptions. I never heard of Ray getting in trouble at BC, but he quickly spiraled out of control after his Football career ended. He was arrested and indicted on drug charges. There are no recent updates regarding his drug usage or current status online. One can only pray that he was doing better.

We can project a lot about these guys on and off the field. I didn't know Ray and don't know who he really was. I just thank him for his service to BC and feel sorry for his friends, family and teammates.

Monday, January 16, 2017

BU beats BC again

The Hockey team dropped a second game to BU in three days, losing 3-0 on Monday. It was another defensive game, as BU added a few goals late.

The team gets a chance to snap its current losing streak when they take the ice again on Friday vs UMass.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Hockey drops game to BU and other links

BC lost a defensive battle to BU Saturday. They meet again at BC on Monday night.

Now that the "quiet period" is over, Addazio and his staff are on the road again locking up the verbals.

Former verbal Jason Pinnock sounds like he really loves Pitt. Maybe Addazio can win him, back but it doesn't sound like it.

If you didn't read earlier in the week, Hoffses captured the good and the bad of Addazio's TV work during the National Championship Game.

Women's Basketball lost again.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Syracuse gets it revenge

When BC broke through in ACC play two weeks ago, many wondered what was wrong with Syracuse. If you go by Saturday's results: nothing is wrong with Syracuse. Bowman and Robinson were a combined 4 for 20 from the field. BC can't win games where those two don't play well.

The team also had too many turnovers and couldn't punish Syracuse from outside.

The good news was that Popovic played well. It would be nice for Popivic to take some giants leaps in maturity (like Bowman) so that we have a third option.

BC takes on UVA Wednesday.

Friday, January 13, 2017

BC doing the right thing with retired numbers and Ruth

Earlier in the week, BC announced they would honor John Bagley and Dana Barros with jersey retirement ceremonies. It is a real simple gesture, but an important one. BC doesn't do enough to promote its own history and athletic success. I also don't think BC Basketball nurtures a community and legacy like other BC sports do. While players and coaches are the key to continued success, if we want better fan support and more attention locally and nationally, BC needs to promote their history and build a true winning culture. Getting guys like Barros and Bagley around and honoring their accomplishments might start that change for BC Basketball's culture.

Also, earlier this week, the College Football Hall of Fame announced that former Eagle Mike Ruth would be inducted into the Hall. Ruth, at times, is the forgotten man of BC's success in the 1980s. He had a short NFL career and then dealt with numerous struggles off the field and in his personal life. Those issues have kept him in the background. You won't see the school trot him out for interviews and fundraisers like they do with Flutie or Ryan. But the BC Football alums have been providing support to Ruth for years. I don't know where Mike is in his life now, but hopefully the Hall honor is another step towards stability. And hopefully BC can use this moment to remind people of what he did on the field.