Thursday, June 23, 2016

Army hires Foster away from BC Baseball

BC Baseball looked hapless as recently as two years ago. The turnaround began last year. In part due to improved and maturing talent, but also due to pitching coach Jim Foster. That success gained notice as Army hired Foster to be their next head coach.

If you listened to the player interviews during BC's run, they gave a lot of credit to Foster. He called very solid games and provided great scouting reports on the other team's hitters. Beyond the NCAA tourney success, Foster also served as a trusted adviser to Gambino. When he joined the staff, Foster brought much needed experience as a head coach from his days at URI. Hopefully Gambino appreciated what Foster brought to the team and finds another great assistant who can handle the pitching staff as well as fill in for some of Gambino's short comings.

Best of luck to Foster at West Point. Coaching and winning there is always a challenge. If he struggles, I would love to see him return to BC as an assistant. If he wins big, maybe he'll be the head man here one day.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Recruiting class getting bigger

Summer remains Addazio's key recruiting period. Wednesday, BC added New Jersey DE Marcus Valdez. While he doesn't have many stars with the rating services, Valdez does have a good mix of offers from Power 5 and mid major schools. He also comes from Don Bosco. I think it is important to stay relevant and bring in kids from programs like Bosco that have supported BC through the years and consistently produce talent. Hopefully Valdez is another Bosco player who will blossom at BC.

Another new member of the class is New Hampshire's Drew McQuarrie. Although he plays QB, he is coming to BC as a Tight End (according to BCI and EA).

I remain impressed that Addazio has this momentum coming off a terrible season. Imagine how things will be if we turn it around?

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Can Florida competition validate Mass QB?

BC offered QB prospect Austin Burton Monday after camp. Focusing on a second QB in this class is noteworthy, but what I find more interesting about Burton is his geographic background. He's from Massachusetts and played at Newton South, but is now playing in Florida.

BC was very familiar with Burton before he left for Florida. He's Newton Offensive Cooridnator was Darren Flutie and his father is local Boston anchor Steve Burton. Austin tranfered in an effort to raise his profile and prove his talent at a higher level. Now that he's wrapped up a BC offer, will other Power 5 schools come calling? Will they wait until he actually plays in Florida?

It will be also interesting to see how much playing in his hometown means to Austin and if he is willing to be the second QB in the class. He seems like a good prospect and assuming he plays well this fall, will bring in a different perspective than most of our New England recruits.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Barnes-Thompkins to transfer

Rising sophmore Sammy Barnes-Thompkins is transferring. This comes as no surprise considering SBT's open criticism of the staff and his teammates. While it would have been nice to see Barnes-Thompkins develop, as a player, he is not a significant loss. He was not going to change the program this summer as a swimmer.

Best of luck to SBT. Hopefully he finds a team and scenario that meets his needs and hopefully BC uses the SBT scholarship in a thoughtful and valuable way.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Two more recruits for Addazio

BC had a busy weekend. Coming off of on campus camps, BC made some offers and landed some new recruits. The big name is Alec Lindstrom. He's one of the better players in Massachusetts and has a chance to play either offensive or defensive line. He's also the brother of BC's Chris Lindstrom. That aspect of his recruitment and commitment can't be overlooked. It means that players and their families still believe. Coming off a terrible season, that is not always a given.

The second player who verballed to Addazio was New York WR Noah Jordan-Williams. This is also a good sign, since Jordan-Williams held a Syracuse offer, is from Syracuse's backyard and turned down Syracuse's new pass happy offense. Those are tough recruiting hurdles.

More verbals should be coming out BC's camps and satellite efforts.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Sneak peek at Ireland field

In case you missed it, our Irish hosts tweeted out the layout and paint scheme for the game in Ireland. Their maroon looks okay and I like the added touched of the Boston College at midfield. It is a neutral site, but this was our home game and we pushed for the Ireland opportunity. Labor Day weekend can't get here soon enough.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Pundits hate our schedule too

As BCI pointed out, CBS thinks BC has the weakest schedule of any Power 5 team. Our non-conference is a joke and even the ACC games line up in a favorable manner. CBS is not alone in trashing our schedule. Fox Sports' Bruce Feldman also thinks BC's slate is very friendly. He uses an index, but is math really needed when you look at UConn, Wagner, UMass and Buffalo?

Purdue and Stanford are nice additions to future schedules, but there is no getting around this lineup. We will hear numerous excuses as to why it had to be this way. None of it really matters though. All that mattes now is winning and bouncing back from last year. If Addazio can't bounce back with this schedule, then he deserves all the criticism that comes his way.