Saturday, February 24, 2018

Basketball blows winnable game against Miami

It's been a few hours and I am still frustrated with the loss to Miami. Losing a game with a five-point lead under a minute is flat out blowing a game. Look at the ESPN win probability charts (via AJ) .

Bad choices. Missed foul shots. Bad D. It all happened. It is one thing to lose a close game. That happens. We've won some this year and lost some. But this wasn't a back and forth with a bad bounce. This was a collapse. BC lost big leads late. It is games like this that have me doubting Christian's upside. The talent is improving, but the As much as people credit Christian for his inbound plays, there are holes in this roster, there are holes in the D and there are some games where you wonder what they are doing. Now we are on the NIT bubble. Ugh.

Friday, February 23, 2018

Report: more football staff changes

Within hours of Steve Addazio's press conference, news broke that there was another staff change in the works. According to Pete Thamel, OLine Coach Justin Frye is leaving BC for UCLA and being replaced by Phil Trautwein.

Timing can never be perfect, but it does seem odd for Addazio to not announce this change in line with the others. If he had Trautwein lined up, he obviously knew it was coming.

While I think Frye did a good job overall at BC, I am not worried about the future of the Oline. The area is Addazio's baby and whomever is coaching the unit is going to get extra help from Addazio. Trautwein fits a similar mold in that he played under Addazio and has served as a GA under him as well. I am sure he will use the same sort of techniques and drills that Frye has been using.

Trautwein is currently at Yale and is from New Jersey, so I don't know if he has recruited the Midwest like Frye did. Perhaps recruiting territories and assignments will shift again.

Last time it took BC over a week to confirm the rumored staff changes. It will be interesting to see how long they wait this time.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Addazio talks Spring Ball and new staffer

In preparation for Spring Practices, Addazio spoke with the media Thursday. He started by making his long-rumored staff changes official. Smith remains coaching DTs. New face Bill Sheridan will take over linebackers and Jim Reid will coach Defensive Ends. Addazio referenced Sheridan's experience as a Coordinator, so perhaps he will take over when Reid retires (if all goes well). There was no mention of Paul Pasqualoni. No "best wishes" or "we'll miss him." Given their history, I thought Addazio might say something. But Addazio seemed a little more subdued and calm in the presser.

He does have a confidence in his roster and depth. As he went through each position group, he kept emphasizing the talent and how excited he is. What I found interesting and hopeful, was Addazio's belief in the the well-roundedness of his offensive skill guys. According to him, gone are the days when a player's presence would signify a certain play like Jett Sweep. It sounds like Dillon will be an every down back too.

Brown remains out as well as names like Allen, Strachan and potentially Max Richardson. Because of their experience, Addazio is not worried about their missed time. Let's hope they all recover and their backups have great springs. 

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

It is Red Sox time again

There are plenty of opponents on BC's schedule that I wonder why we play. I don't question our annual exhibition against the Red Sox in Spring Training. Beyond serving as a recruiting tool, the BC-Red Sox game now serves as a sign of Spring for BC fans.

The series took a break last year due to scheduling conflicts. BC has never won, although they've come close a few times. Thursday will be BC's chance to change the series. Although the game doesn't really count towards BC's record, a good showing should give them confidence to handle the rest of their games down in Florida this week.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Nothing goes right at NC State

It was supposed to be a home coming for BC's North Carolina stars. Instead it turned into a familiar disappointment. Yet again a role player on the other team got ridiculously hot from 3 and put BC in a big hole. It was that much tougher to get out of the hole once Jerome Robinson hurt his arm in an awkward fall. Robinson did get back in the game but was never the same.

Bowman tried to fill the void and had 21, but also had some bad turnovers and needed a lot of shots to get his points. Pop was really sloppy. The team was terrible from the FT line. The one bright spot was Mitchell. He was scrappy and kept fight when BC was down.

The team's NCAA hopes are gone. Now I just want them to stop the bleeding, win a game in the ACC Tournament and make the most of the NIT. I also want Robinson healthy and to comeback for his final year.

Monday, February 19, 2018

A history on how BC ended up with a few North Carolina players

Jerome Robinson is looking at first team All ACC honors and Ky Bowman probably has a future on the team next year. Both are North Carolina natives and both were ignored by their home state ACC schools. How that happened and how they ended up at BC is part of a great article by Joe Giglio.

After reading the history, you realize how much of recruiting can be luck and timing. While the best players like Lebron James are easy to identify at an early age, other like Steph Curry (who also didn't have ACC offers) develop later or have skills that are harder to appreciate over size and strength. Plus -- and this is a factor in football too -- the stockpile of talent at the best schools leaves great players on the bench not playing. Those scenarios enable a player on a less talented team to develop and grow.

The other big takeaway is how critical Scott Spinelli is to Christian's success. In both cases, his network and his legwork put these players on BC's radar. I have real questions about Christian's ability to build a long-term winner at BC, but don't doubt Spinelli's ability to find and recruit talent. (Maybe the wrong guy is in charge.)

Watching Robinson and Bowman develop has been fun. I hope they keep growing as players and we find a few more just like them in ACC country.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Enjoy some Dillon highlights

The ACC Network put out a nine minute highlight reel for AJ Dillon. It is a slow news day so enjoy.

Watching it back you'll see that Dillon got some great blocking, but also has great vision. He saw holes and made good cuts throughout this clip. He's not just a pure powerback.