Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Wake Forest Preview

No one who plays for or follows Boston College is taking Wake Forest lightly. Last week, the Deacons proved they could move the ball against a good defense. Grobe’s teams always overachieve and have been known to steal a game or two. I’m hoping that this season’s matchup lacks the drama of the last two meetings. Here is how I see it playing out and what I think BC should do.

Offense -- what BC will do

Of the teams that Wake has played, Nebraska and Vanderbilt are the most similar to BC in their style of offense. Nebraska won easily despite not totally clicking on offense. Vandy put up the better numbers, but got into a shoot out with the Deacons. Very telling (I’ll get to that in a minute). I think BC will copy both schools approaches and mix run and pass. Our approach was similar last year, when Peterson passed for more than 300 yards and Brooks and Callender both had big days on the ground.

Offense -- what I think BC should do

As I said, the Nebraska game was telling. While the offense didn’t click the game wasn’t close (partly due to the Blackshirt defense). I don’t want this one close either. Wake is hurting in the secondary. BC needs to come out in its hurry up and put points on the board early through the passing game. Even if we get an early lead, I am hesitant to go to the run. Anything that limits our possessions or keeps the game somewhat close is dangerous. BC needs to score, score and score some more. If you want to get Callender and Whitworth involved, do it through screens. We don’t need a grind it out game against one of the better running teams in the nation (who have stolen games against us the past two seasons).

Defnese -- what BC will do

Now that Randolph is back under center for the Deacons, BC will probably go with its standard mobile quarterback scheme: very little blitzing and overemphasis on contain. This strategy was pretty successful the past two meetings. Yet mental lapses in the secondary led to big plays from the Deacons through the air.

Defense -- what I think BC should do

I am really worried about Wake’s running game. The are averaging 217 rushing yards a game and have put up impressive numbers against some tough defenses. Nebraska had the best success in slowing them down but that was against a different QB. Since Randolph returned the Deacons have been a different team. I would use the run blitz occasionally. I also would like to see the occasional blitz on the quarterback. Kiwi is questionable Saturday (at best), so we cannot rely on the front four to do all the dirty work.

Special teams -- what BC will do and what I think BC should do

After hinting he might give him one more try, TOB just announced that Ohliger is off field goals. I’ll repeat, let Ohliger handle kickoffs. Do not put him out there in any situation where accuracy counts or points are at stake. Especially against Wake Forest! This is the game where it all went bad for him. Would you send Scott Norwood out to kick a game winner against the Giants? There is a reason Bobby Bowden went through so many kickers in the early ‘90s. Once a guy loses it, it is very hard to get back. TOB and staff need to stop trying with Ohliger. His mojo is gone. If Troost doesn’t have much range, then consider everything between the 40 and the 15 four-down territory.

Final Prediction

BC is not going to lose to Wake three years in a row. It would be a seriously deflating blow and the ultimate WTF game. I think the team comes in super focused and overwhelms Wake. Not even giving them a chance. Because if Wake hangs around, I might not be able to watch the fourth quarter.

Final Score: BC 34, Wake 13.

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Looks like Kiwi is less than questionable for this weekend...