Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Getting the most out of your talent

One last thing on the draft until next year…

While the draft isn’t the ultimate indicator of talent, it is an indicator of talent. You can’t win games on talent alone, but the more talented teams tend to win more often. After shaking my head at NC State's mediocre results given their level of talent, I thought I would take a quick look at all the ACC teams and see who does the most with their respective talent. Guess who fares pretty well? TOB and company. Like I said, the draft is far from a perfect indicator and in this short study a first rounder was given the same weight as a seventh rounder and a win over USC was given the same weight as a win over UMass. My rationale was that strength of schedule and caliber of draftee would somewhat even out over a four year period.

At the end of the day this indicates what we already know -- TOB is slightly above his fellow middle of the pack programs. However if he is ever going to break his ceiling, he will need to do a better job recruiting and developing players.

TeamPlayers drafted in the last four draftsWin Percentage last Four Season
Boston College8.700
Georgia Tech8.560
Florida State28.692
NC State14.620
VA Tech19.738
Wake Forest5.425