Sunday, July 24, 2016

Based on media attention, Towles seems like the QB

The supposed open battle at QB doesn't look so open when you just read the press clippings. In interview after interview Addazio talked about the Towles and the mistake he made in not having more QB experience last season. This article references the "politics" of the situation last year. But the article also goes on about Towles winning qualities and fit with the approach. There is barely a mention of Wade.

in the end, I am not concerned with who plays and starts at QB. I am more concerned that Addazio learned from his mistakes. A QB rotation never really works and you can't worry about the player politics when the season is on the line. 

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Addazio is putting last year behind him

Give Addazio credit. He continues to show nothing but confidence. If he is right about his talent evaluations, this team should be fine.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Addazio is raising expectations

Addazio, Myles Willis and Matt Milano ran the gauntlet of the ACC Media Days Friday. While the answers and topics from most of the one-on-one interviews will sprinkle out in the following days, Addazio's press conference and ESPN interviews are out. In these interviews he's expressing a lot of optimism.

Addazio owes us optimism after he screwed up last season. While he still references not having recruited the whole roster -- and even points to Willis and Milano as examples -- this is his team. He has his coaching staff in place. He has depth at critical positions and has an OC he trusts. During the interviews he still falls back to things not being exactly how he wants, but there are not valid excuses this year.

I don't think Addazio is blowing smoke either. I think he believes what he is saying. I think the players do too. Now it is just about translating it to the field.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

ACC Schedule Basketball to expand

The launch of the new ACC Network will mean many things but our first tidbit is that the basketball schedule will expand to 20 games. This is good news for BC. We have had a hard time building good basketball schedules. They've been either too hard or too easy with few games at Conte filled. These two extra games will improve BC's RIP opportunity and increases the number of quality teams that come to Chestnut Hill.

What comes next? My guess is more ACC Football games. It will only make sense. Basketball is nice but Football is what will drive the new network.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

BC unveils new marketing slogan

This video is our first glimpse at BC's new Marketing slogan: BC is Boston's College. I have doubts that it will work, but I like the message.

When people say Boston is a "pro sports town," the underlying idea behind the message is people don't care about college sports. In my opinion, it is not that people don't care. It is more about people's loyalty and their spending habits are tied to the professional teams. If you look at BC's TV ratings, people clearly care. Not all those homes are BC alums. I think BC's big challenge is to get those casual TV fans in Boston to care just a bit more. Care enough that they come to games and care enough that they spend a little more money on BC merchandise.

To get them to care more you might as well play up the Boston angle. Let them consider us on the same level as the pro teams and let them try to get on the BC bandwagon.

There will always be challenges. Why are BU grads, or UMass grads or people from any other college going to start going to BC games? And how do you get the casual fan with no real affiliation to BC to come over to Chestnut Hill for a game? Winning is first. Reaching out is second and delivering a good game day experience is critical.

One Youtube video is not changing BC's standings among fans, but this is the right message to send.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Hicks is gone

There were many "what could have been"s of the Steve Donahue era. One of the most intriguing was Darryl Hicks. But the injury bug that hit him in high school continued at BC to the point where he never even played for Donahue. Once he finally got on the court this year, we saw glimpses of potential, but nothing to make a difference with the terrible team. Now Hicks is gone. He's another example of predictable attrition as the roster truly becomes Jim Christian's.

With the depth the team has at guard and on the wings, Hicks was the odd man out. His minutes and productivity will be easily distributed. I don't think the loss will mean much to the success of this year's team.

I wish Hicks luck at his next stop. My advice would have been to stick out another year, get your BC degree and transfer. But maybe with all the bad luck he has had, he just wants a new start.

Monday, July 18, 2016

ACC Network coming in 2019

After years of speculation and enduring numerous changes in the college football and TV landscape, the ACC Network has a start date. It will come in 2019. The specifics and details will come later in the week at the ACC Media Days. But the highlights include extending the current TV, locking in Notre Dame and the ACC finally having a network. 

ESPN remains the key partner in the deal and that should help. Even in its decline, ESPN still has cash and leverage to get the ACC Network off to a good start. 

For BC this is continued good news. It provides stability. It provides more money. It keeps us on par with other Power 5 teams and for our fans, it means that much more coverage and content.