Thursday, October 18, 2018

Waiting on Felder news

One of BC's prime targets for the 2019 class is making a big show of his recruitment.

At one point on Thursday, 247 actually had Felder committing to BC. They later retracted it, but they obviously felt pretty good about his intentions.

Felder is 6'7 and is considered a wing. He's a South Carolina native.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Miami using off week to shake things up

Mark Richt named old starter and recent backup Malik Rosier the starter for the BC game. He also said that former backup turned starter turned demoted QB Kosi Perry will also play. If this is all confusing to you, great. It is clearly confusing to Miami.

The only downside for BC in all of this is having to prepare for two different QBs. But neither should be a real problem since they are both very mistake prone and inaccurate. The trouble comes when they run. Miami's D is also pretty good.

What I like about Richt's issues is that BC's night game and rowdy crowd to honor Welles Crowther will only add to the tension on the Miami sidelines. If either QB struggles, look for a quick hook. If both struggle, who knows what will happen.

Our D has issues. But if they can create pressure on the Miami QBs, this will get interesting.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

How will new transfer rules impact BC?

A major rule quietly changed the landscape of college football this week. Starting October 15, football players are allowed to transfer without a release from their current school. That player can still play for his current team and still be in the National Transfer database, so that the whole college football world knows who is available and a coach can recruit a player during the season. For example, if say Hamp Cheevers wanted to put his name out there, Alabama could contact him tomorrow and he could still play for BC next week. Because the rule is brand new and transfers are still risky and political, there wasn't a flood of database listings this week (see screenshot below). However, that will probably change. But how will this impact BC?

In Addizio's first four years, he had multiple grad transfers and they were helpful to the transition and rebuilding. Now that the roster is his, there are no significant transfers playing for BC. But I think something like this and the updated database might be a good tool for Addazio. As much as the Alabamas of the world will try to grab other team's players, Addazio proved pretty adapt at finding guys buried on the depth chart at other places who could play at BC. The more access and information to that talent, the better for BC. I also think BC sells well to transfers. If they've already been to a football factory, they've seen all the fancy facilities. A more mature recruit would see what BC is selling and find that more appealing.

The database is not open to the public, but I imagine that it is being monitored closely and any BC-related news will be now as soon as it happens.

Monday, October 15, 2018

Let's check in on what the computers think

With  BC stopping the bleeding and upsets occuring throughout college football, it is time to look at BC's ESPN FPI. As you probably remember, ESPN's systems loved BC after the fast start. At one point we were a favorite in all remaining games aside from Clemson.

With the win over Louisville, BC is 42 in ESPN's system (right behind a resurgent Purdue). As for upcoming games, BC is only considered a favorite in the last two. Miami has a slight edge, VT's larger and Clemson looks to remain a heavy favorite.

Of course none of this really matters. The rankings don't play the games, the players do. And a healthy Dillon would mean BC can win any game left on the schedule.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Checking in on Bowl projections

With the win, BC is one step closer to another bowl game. But where will we go? Here is what the experts are saying:

CBS -- The Sun Bowl vs Stanford.
In my opinion, this would be a pretty good solution. A lower tier, yet respectable bowl plus an interesting opponent.

SB Nation -- Military Bowl vs Cincinnati
This is not exciting, but it is very plausible. The only upside is that BC fans could go to the game.

ESPN -- The Sun Bowl vs either USC or Utah
I am glad to see the consensus around the Sun Bowl. Like last year with the Pinstripe, it probably means the Bowl, BC and the ACC are already talking it through.

Saturday, October 13, 2018

New uniforms, same issues as BC defeats Louisville

In this case, the final score doesn't tell the whole story. For most of the game, BC was either in a hole or letting Louisville hang around based on BC's own miscues and mistakes. But in the end, talent and focus prevailed. I keep hoping for a point when things get cleaned up, but maybe this team is just talented but sloppy. The win -- and the uniforms -- were nice. BC is positioned well for the second half of the season. 

I will have more Sunday and grades later in the week. 

In-game comments post: Louisville

BC is a heavy favorite. Now let's play like it.

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Friday, October 12, 2018

Friday picks

Another week, another group of winners. I'm going with a lot of road teams again.

Picks in bold.

Toledo-3 at Eastern Michigan

Nebraska+4 at Northwestern

Iowa-5.5 at Indiana

Duke+2.5 at Georgia Tech

Texas A&M-2.5 at South Carolina

Washington-3 at Oregon

UCF-5 at Memphis

Virginia Tech-6 at North Carolina

Miami-6.5 at Virginia

Colorado+7 at USC

Last week I was 6-4 again. I am 28-33-1 on the season.