Sunday, April 20, 2014

Herzlich Golf Tournament info

Former BC star and current New York Giant Mark Herzlich is gearing up for his annual golf tournament again. This year's event will take place July 7, 2014, at Pine Hills Golf Club. Proceeds will go to Uplifting Athletes.

The donation per foursome is $2,500. The event starts at 11 am,  and is followed by a dinner, awards ceremony and auction. Each foursome will be joined by a celebrity guest.

The list of Celebrities will have the usual BC and New England feel. For BC fans or those just looking to a fun excuse to golf, this is a great event. Check out the site for more information.

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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Interest in Williams and other links

It is all speculation, but it is surprising that no clear consensus has developed around Andre Williams. A recent rundown has the Patriots, Steelers, Jets and Browns all interested. Despite his impressive speeds, I still doubt the Williams goes into the first two rounds.

The Baseball team tied up their series with NC State on Saturday. They have a chance to win the series on Sunday.

The Softball team lost to NC State.

Women's Tennis defeated Maryland.

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Friday, April 18, 2014

Tweets of the Week


Thursday, April 17, 2014

Christian adds two more staffers

Jim Christian filled out his last two staff spots Thursday. One announcement was expected. The other proved to be a nice surprise.

The first hire was Christian's long-time assistant Bill Wuczynski. BC will be the third school where the two of them have been together. That sort of continuity is valuable when taking over a program. Refreshingly though Christian didn't just move his Ohio staff over. Following the Spinelli model, he also hired Preston Murphy to be his last assistant.

Murphy might be the best hire of the bunch for what he brings to the group. He's young. He's recruited New England extensively and most importantly he's worked at BC before. Christian lacks that connection to BC tradition and the BC basketball alumni community. Although Murphy didn't play at BC, he's been around the program long enough to help Christian adjust.

NCAA rules cap the staff at three. Christian still has to announce a Director of Operations. The Director of Ops is essentially another assistant coach, but there are limitations on what the Director can do with regards to recruits. But Christian is off to a good start. He's got two bulldog recruiters in Spinelli and Murphy and his trusted aid in Wuczynski. On paper it should work. Now they have to get some players on board to fill out the roster for next season.

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

All Olivier

Olivier Hanlan quietly announced his return to BC. That's the best news of Jim Christian's short tenure. Who knows what sort of feedback Hanlan received from the NBA or what his true motivations are for returning, but I think this can be one of those cases where everyone's interests line up perfectly for one season.

Hanlan is a great talent. He's got an inside and outside game and can score at will. He's shown he's capable of taking over games -- much like he did in the ACC Tournament last year. In basketball -- especially at the college level -- one great player can carry a team. However, that didn't happen this past year. The schedule the offense, the chemistry, and the coaching all muted Hanlan's ability to take over. If Jim Christian is smart, he won't let that happen this year. He should just let Hanlan take go crazy every night and let the other guys fill in around him.

While letting one guy score at will is never a great way to build chemistry, I think it can work for one year. Olivier can have the type of season the NBA wants, BC can get to .500 and Christian can generate some excitement with fans and recruits.

It would have been nice to have Anderson around for the Olivier show, but what we probably need is a 5th year who is immediately available and can just bang and rebound. Hanlan's return also points to Rahon leaving. But if Hanlan is the ball handler next year there wasn't much room for Rahon to be the "true point."

For BC to be great again, we will need a lot more than Hanlan. But he does give hope for being good again and that's good enough for Year 1 under Christian.

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Gowin verbals and other links

Another day, another recruit. The latest addition to the 2015 recruiting class is RB Jordan Gowins. In the article, Gowins mentions what Addazio told him and the idea that we are going to run the ball a lot.

Wilkes University named former BC assistant Izzi Metz as their new head coach. Although it is D3, this is still probably a good move for Metz. He gets to rehab his career while also learning how to be a head coach. Best of luck.

BC named Johnny Gaudreau Eagle of the last final honor as he turns pro.

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Monday, April 14, 2014

Money talks

Scott Spinelli officially joined Jim Christian's staff Monday. The news was expected and welcome. What I found more interesting was the Washington Post's reporting of the hire:

Spinelli’s deal, the specific terms of which were not disclosed, will make him one of the highest-paid assistants in ACC, a source said. During the 2012-13 season, the last season contracts were made available via an open records request, Spinelli made $202,000 with the Terps. According to the source, Boston College offered Spinelli a significant raise.

BC doesn't release salaries and as a private institution, it doesn't have to release anything (at least until tax filings a few years from now). But this validates some of the speculation that BC increased the budget for the basketball program. We know that Ohio received a $500,000 buyout for Christian's contract. We know that Spinelli got a "significant raise" from his $200,000 salary. All this talk of money raises and answers some questions that have lingered since the basketball season ended.

It appears BC is ready to make a financial commitment to basketball. Spinelli is a nice piece, but I hope we compliment his strengths and Christian's needs by increasing the recruiting budget too. Facilities upgrades would also help. Yet we still don't know Christian's salary. I hope we didn't overpay for him. Not because I don't like him, but because there wasn't a market demand to overpay him. Spinelli is a lead assistant at a ACC/Big Ten school. He can demand an big salary to move. Christian had no such leverage when making the jump from Ohio.

Christian didn't have leverage, but other coaches did (Wright, Howland, McCaffery?, Chris Mack?, Chambers?). Could BC have upped the budget just a bit more to get one of these guys? Should they? I would have but I am not Brad Bates. But looking at the troubles Cal is also going through on their search, maybe some of these guys just decided to wait this cycle out.

The money shows a commitment from BC. It is the first step. Now BC and the Christian staff need to come up with a shared philosophy with regards to admissions.

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