Monday, August 20, 2018

BC gets votes but remains unranked

It is not where you start but how you finish. At least that is what I am telling myself as BC starts the season outside the Top 25 in the AP. After some high profile people went on a limb for BC this summer, I thought we might start the season ranked. 

In total BC received 18 votes, good for 34th. If the season starts well, it shouldn't take long to move into the official Top 25.

BC's schedule is demanding, we face four ranked teams. Let's hope by the end of the season, we have at least four quality wins and are ranked too.

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Strachan talks

The injured player that we are all focusing on is Anthony Brown, but on there is an equally important piece returning on the Defense. Connor Strachan went down early in his senior year and recieve a medical redshirt. He's seemingly healthy and back now for one final season. 

The upside of his injury was the rapid development of the younger players on the depth chart. Now, if everyone stays healthy, we should have our deepest and most talented LB group since the 2007-2009 days.

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Addazio not thrilled with 2nd scrimmage

BC provided some notes on Saturday's scrimmage without providing much info. Brown took his first live snaps and Dillon sat out. That's the only concrete news.

Steve Addazio provided more of the real reaction out of the scrimmage. He didn't like it. You can see below, but it seems like neither side was crisp and there was plenty of confusion...and lethargy. When prompted to discuss the QBs, he said none were that great. We know from the write ups, that the D controlled, but Addazio doesn't really give them credit either.

It is nothing to get worked up about. It is only an intra squad scrimmage. This is about working out the kinks so that the opener is crisp.

Friday, August 17, 2018

First BC win of the school year is in Women's Soccer

Classes are still a few weeks away, but the sports season has started. The Women's Soccer team started the year off right with a win over Quinnipiac. Olivia Vaughn scored two of BC's four goals. Their season continues Sunday against Northeastern.

Thursday, August 16, 2018

BC not making a big deal about Brown practicing

We've seem to hit the doldrums of summer training camp. Things are no longer new and there isn't much concrete reporting or updates. If you read between the lines, the biggest news to me is that BC is not making a bigger deal of Anthony Brown's play. The returning starter is clearly taking snaps with the first team but they don't mention any of his throws. That leaves me to overthink this whole thing. Are they not mentioning his throws or completions because he is not making any or because it is so routine it doesn't merit a mention?

Friday will bring more vague practice reporting. However, Saturday's scrimmage will be a big deal. If BC is still not mentioning Brown's play by then, it will be time for us to truly overthink this and worry.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Watch Dillon run over people for fun

Someone at the ACC office must really like AJ Dillon, because they keep making highlight reel videos for him. Imagine if he is even better this year? The ACC will start producing 10-hour mini-series of those highlights. Enjoy.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Still no love from Jerry Palm

Hype, hype, hype. That's all we've heard and read about BC this summer. Dillon a darkhorse candidate! BC a Top 25 team! Even getting votes from coaches! But there are still a few skeptics. Like CBS's Jerry Palm. He puts together extensive Bowl Projections and still sees BC staying home. Palm has been off the bandwagon all summer, but I thought seeing other projections coupled with the positive perception might get him to include BC for his latest projections. (I also understand changing the projections during the summer before any game is sort of pointless.)

BC will go bowling this year. The schedule has enough wins built in to make getting to bowl doable. If Palm is right and BC has a losing record this year, I think we will have more than a bowl game to worry about.

Monday, August 13, 2018

Viral tweet shows what's right and still wrong

Did you see this Monday?

It got a decent amount of attention and led to many people complimenting Addazio on his talent identification and development. He does deserve credit and it has been one of the things he's delivered on. But the tweet is a backhanded compliment since it also points out that despite the influx of talent, BC's record under Addazio is still under .500. He's building a pipeline that develops talent at a better rate than Texas -- at a private school in Boston -- yet is not winning at a high rate. If Addazio doesn't break through his ceiling soon, most of this will be for naught. Talent is primary and should win out in most cases. If you have talent and are not winning then you have to question how your coaches are managing the talent when it counts.

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Zach Allen press going beyond Boston

Another day, another story on Zach Allen. While not at Dillon levels yet, Allen is getting attention beyond the local BC and ACC Channels. This one deals with his background in Connecticut and his intense work ethic. It will be interesting to see how Zach's play on the field changes this year, since he will be the focal point. Last year without Landry he made big strides, but was still on the field with plenty of veteran talent. This year the talent remains but it is a bit untested. Leaving Allen to fill the void and serve as a role model for his teammates.

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Time for the McDonald bandwagon?

BC held its first scrimmage of the preseason. They didn't provide specific individual stats, but based on the write up and interviews, it seems to have gone well. Addazio voiced plenty of frustration about penalties, but other than that, seemed to like the effort.

He also responded to a question about backup QB Matt McDonald and said he was one of the most accurate quarterbacks he's ever been around. This follows other write ups about McDonald's surprising and efficient play. So I ask, is it time to start the McDonald bandwagon? I like Brown and I am encouraged that he's doing better, but all this team really needs is a guy who can make good throws. With everyone trying to stop the run, receiving matchups and short throws will be open. Maybe McDonald is the guy to hit those throws and lead an offensive explosion. Even if Brown is healthy, I hope we see McDonald is some mop up duty and he turns these practice moments into real wins.

Friday, August 10, 2018

NJ Linebacker commits

BC ended the week with some good news -- New Jersey Linebacker Shitta Sillah verbaled to Addazio. He's a three star with the services and considered a Top 20 player in New Jersey. His Power 5 offers included Michigan State, Purdue, Duke, Syracuse, Rutgers and Nebraska. He's tall but not filled out yet, so maybe he could move to some sort of DE role. Welcome aboard, Shitta.

Thursday, August 09, 2018

Basketball hosting elite guard

New York shooting guard Joe Girard has a pretty impressive list schools. He is set to visit Syracuse, Michigan, Notre Dame, Penn State and Duke. But before he gets to most, he used one of his official visits to come to BC. The 2019 recruit has been on Christian's radar for a while, so it is nice that they've moved him from potential to a true campus visitor.

Wednesday, August 08, 2018

Brown gets media attention, which means he's ok

Anthony Brown is the starter for Steve Addazio. As much as Daz hedges and downplays the opening battle and Brown's recovery, this is not like last year. Brown will start the first game at QB.

I haven't watched practice nor do I have access to Addazio. I just know that two features on the QB in the same day (New Jersey paper | the Herald) means that is he probably ok and will the top of the depth charge until he does something to lose the job.

Tuesday, August 07, 2018

Thoughts on Media Day

BC posted a quick behind the scenes video, but there are full video below (with my thoughts).

By way of his promotion Campanile now gets direct media time. Nothing too revealing but he does talk about Hamp Cheevers progression and his expectations of his jump in play.

I always enjoy Jim Reid's media sessions because he's so passionate. Sometimes with older coaches you wonder how they connect with young players, but with Reid you can see how players would like him.

Loeffler got more time and most of it was spent on Brown's development. Loeffler comes off as knowledgeable and presentable but isn't as dynamic in front of the camera as the other Coordinators.

Addazio spoke for a long time. He seems pretty excited about his players and his team. He is saying the right things. The small -- but important thing to me -- was that Addazio had a shirt with the throwback logo! BC needs to make a logo switch!

Monday, August 06, 2018

What to expect out of BC's Media Day

Tuesday is BC's annual Media Day. Since the team is only a week into practices, there is usually nothing revelatory about who is doing what or who is shining and rising up the depth chart. It will be interesting to see how the local media approaches Addazio. I imagine there will be a few topics:

1. Expectations. BC is getting national attention and votes in the Coaches Poll. This is the most preseason hype to any Addazio team. Will he use the Media Day to raise expectations or lower them?

2. Follow up on Smith. There will be a few new media members there. Will any even broach the Smith-Addazio history or just let Saturday night's statement stand?

I also am interested to see how much of a push they give Dillon. This could be a huge statistical season for the second year RB. He puts up the type of highlights that the College Football media love. He's an under the radar Heisman candidate now. Does BC give him a big push Tuesday to let the local media know that Dillon is going to be a national name?

Sunday, August 05, 2018

Watch Anthony Brown talk about being back

Because he's been sidelined with a knee injury, we haven't heard much from Anthony Brown. Friday he spoke to the media for an extended time. He didn't reveal much, but his presence and demeanor do show a level of confidence. I hope he is this calm and confident because the knee feels good and he's ready for a big year.

Saturday, August 04, 2018

Addazio, Jarmond release statements to Globe about Smith

Addazio and Jarmond finally did the smart thing and released individual statements on Zach Smith. (It seems like the Globe was the only outlet that got the statements.) A written release was probably safer and better than making comments in front of the cameras. They say the right things without getting into the specifics of what each knew and when they knew it. It will be interesting if this is the last the two talk about it and if the national media guys start to dig into the issue and Smith's history.

The BC Bookstore inadvertently takes the BCU meme to the next level

This is real. As pointed out by Heights and Lows, the Boston College Bookstore is selling a shirt that actually has "Boston College University" on it. As much fun as I have with the BCU talk on Twitter, this is a big screwup by an official partner of BC.

If I were to sell knockoff BC gear, the school wouldn't take long to send me a cease and desist. If I wanted to be an official partner, I would pay a fortune in licensing fees. How can a group that works so directly with BC make such a screw up?

Mistakes happen. But what concerns me is that it got this far done the line. It really says that no one is paying attention to our licensing, apparel or the Bookstore. When Jarmond changes and updates our logo, I hope he has a few people who pay close attention to how it is used and that all uses help promote and celebrate Boston College.

Friday, August 03, 2018

Addazio disappoints in response to Smith question

As expected Addazio was asked about his prior relationship with his former staffer Zach Smith. This is what he said:

Sadly, this answer is predictable. It is also a missed opportunity. With a well-crafted, thoughtful response, Addazio could have stated something and closed his portion of this saga. Instead he obfuscated a non-answer. If he is lucky this goes away. But if this brings down Urban Meyer, look for the media to come back to Addazio and demand an answer. If he is not prepared for that, he could keep making this worse, like his buddy Meyer is doing.

The fact is that Addazio can talk about other institutions. He does it all the time. He can also talk about friends and colleagues in legal or professional trouble. He has done it before. Maybe BC advised him to avoid the topic since it was not a BC issue. But it is a Steve Addazio issue.

What I would have suggested is something formal and reviewed by BC's legal department that addresses his relationship with Smith. It sounds as if Courtney Smith advocated that Zach be given a second chance after 2009. That would probably provide Addazio with enough professional cover to explain the hire. It would also enable him to show respect for domestic violence, Courtney and explain what he has learned.

This all might blow over and be a non-story. But if it really does take down Urban Meyer and Ohio State AD Gene Smith, Addazio better be ready for the media to hound him. And he better have a better statement prepared.

Wednesday, August 01, 2018

Two BC people probably need to address the Zach Smith situation

If you haven't been following the Zach Smith story, here is the short version. Ohio State fired Zach Smith after his history of domestic violence incidents became public. Urban Meyer publicly claimed he was not aware of a 2015 issue. That claim is now being challenged and Ohio State has put Meyer on leave. Former BC Assistant Ryan Day is the Interim Head Coach. While this is a Ohio State issue, because of the old boys network running college sports, this story does touch BC in two obvious ways.

First, Zach Smith worked for Addazio at Temple during the 2011 season. This was after Smith's 2009 arrest in Florida for beating his then pregnant wife. It would be nearly impossible in a town like Gainesville and with the type of organization that Meyer's runs, that this arrest was not known among all the football staff. I don't know what sort of relationship Addazio had with Smith then. I don't know what the Temple policy was on domestic violence nor background checks. I don't know what either Mr. or Mrs. Smith told Addazio about the abuse. The only thing we do know is that Addazio hired him after an arrest. My suggestion is that Addazio prepare a factual statement about the hire, his sympathy for the victim, how he has learned from it and how that experience has shaped his and BC's policy now.

Martin Jarmond never hired Zach Smith, but he was a key leader in the department that oversaw football at Ohio State. Jarmond may be technically off the hook since he never would have been in direct position either as an AD or Head Coach to fire any of Meyer's staffers. But having seen firsthand how sweeping something under the rug hurts the victim and all those who are impacted by the coverup, should lead to Jarmond establishing a clear policy on domestic abuse issues and prior criminal arrests. He should also prepare a factual statement on the issue and how it will influence BC's actions going forward.

I would like to think BC does thorough background checks on all employees. I know of past athletic staffers with DUIs who still got hired, but I have never heard of any issues related to violence that were pushed through. I suggest a strict policy -- managed by HR -- be established. Ignoring these sorts of things are never worth it and don't help the victims. We rarely take a leadership position in College Sports. Why not be the first to take a stand on something like this?

Based on current information, I don't think anything Addazio or Jarmond did related to Smith would put their BC positions in jeopardy. However, that doesn't mean they shouldn't clarify their roles and explain how that will never happen at BC.