Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Season Prediction Part II: best case scenario

This is the most talented BC team in a decade. We have elite players on both sides of the ball. Our bruising running game and enormous OLine provide a matchup problem for every team we face. It should be our year. It could be our year. If everything goes right and Addazio doesn't get in the way, this could be special. If it is special, this is how I see it play out.

(My official predictions are coming Wednesday.)

UMass. Win. Total romp. Not even interesting. The backups play most of the second half.

Holy Cross. Win. The only thing interesting about this game is the renewal of the old rivalry. The game is terrible as BC cruises.

at Wake Forest. Win. Suspensions mean we catch them at the right time. BC starts 3-0 and is finally ranked.

at Purdue. Win. A potential trap avoided. BC grinds it out and Dillon has a big day to spark Heisman talk.

Temple. Win. BC keeps moving up in the polls. The passing game is also clicking and BC is scoring in bunches.

at NC State. Win. The D leads the way with lots of sacks and turnovers. BC starts 6-0 and is now in the Top 10.

Louisville. Win. A close game, but like last year, Dillon breaks a few big ones to get the win.

Miami. Win. Miami comes in ranked too. The game is a huge deal (Friday night, ESPN, Red Bandanna). BC runs over the shellshocked 'Canes. Campus is crazy. Playoff talk starting.

at Virginia Tech. Loss. The bubble bursts as it has so many times in Blacksburg. A few mistakes on the road and BC can't recover.

Clemson. Loss. Another wild game at Alumni that ends with a narrow loss. BC is barely in the Top 25.

at Florida State. Win. BC rights the ship and uses the ground game to control and ultimately win.

Syracuse. Win. The Orange are checked out. BC cruises.

BC finished 10-2 (6-2 in the ACC). Not good enough to get into the ACC Championship game and not good enough to get an at-large in the major bowls.

I think BC gets an invite back to Orlando for the Camping World Bowl vs Oklahoma State. I think we win that matchup and finish 11-2 and in the Top 15. Addazio silences all his critics...including this one.


BCAlum2000 said...

Agreed that this is the best case scenario. I see at least two losses on there between VT, Clemson, Miami and FSU. FSU only because its on the road. The question then becomes does the coaching staff blow a couple of other games that BC should win?

Geezer eagle said...

Most all of us agree Dazoshit is a mediocre on-field coach and will cost BC 1-2 games. Two runs up the middle followed by a short pass offense has got to change this year.

M said...

You & BC2000 both hit the same issue. Our coaches feel like a higher obstacle to success than our players. It would be great to be proved wrong on that fear.

Knucklehead said...

The accuracy and timing of the QB is the key to this season. Defense will be good. Rest of the offense will be very good. Kicking game is marginal but college kicking is a fucking joke. The return game is good.

I would include the Clemson game as a win. Home game late in the season and Clemson is due some punishment for knocking out Max Richardson last season.

Knucklehead said...

This would set up a rematch with VT in the ACC Championship game where we are due to break through especially against VT.

Mark it down. This is the year.

Unknown said...


Knucklehead said...

Mod calls them goose pimples.

Shabby1011 said...

QB and DL are two major concerns (as is FG kicking but that is given for BC)

Brown is not going to be able to run so he better be accurate..hope BC plays well early so Perry/MCDonald can get reps early, we may need them

BC has legit NFL talent both sides and deeper then it has been in years

UMass 31-21 - don’t like this game so early because of UMass offense but BC running game too much at home
Holy Cross 52-7 really looking forward to kicking Crusaders sorry ass, Dilllon has over 200 after 1st qtr
Wake - 21-14 payback from last year and suspensions help
Purdue - 27-24 huge win and propels Eagles into top 25..huge game
Temple 35-14 big one for the Dazzler
N.C. State 28-17 feel State is always overrated, QB is good but D lost a lot, Dillon controls game
Villa - 38-35 Villa comes in blazing from last year but BC catches breath in second half and sets up huge game in two weeks
The U 28-24 dream scenario for the Eagles, top 15 matchup, Friday night no NFL, Red Bandanna, BC outlasts behind Dillon who is Heisman front runner
VT L 24-17 1st loss, BC is ready to play but Lane is tough, Foster has D ready to stop Dillon and late comeback comes up short
Clemson 31-28 8pm ABC w/ Kirk and the boys..delirium hits the Heights..weather gods bless the Eagles with cold and snow..Clemson freshman QB never seen snow and throws 3 picks in 1st half and Eagles ride Dillon to lockup Heisman
FSU L 31-24 too much to overcome between let down, travel to FL after crazy week on campus, and FSU improving as season improves..BC fights but can’t overcome big early deficit
Cuse 45-14 Big crowd to celebrate team, seniors and Dillon...BC rides Barber to unemployment and Dillon passes 2000 yards

10-2 top 15 finish is best in years, Dillon is Heisman and BC back on football map..left out of major bowls but gets big bowl behind Dillon and Chick Fil A Peach Bowl matchup vs Penn State and Heisman runner up McSorely

Knucklehead said...

Not too. . .

dietmrfizz said...

People here are dreaming. This team doesn't win more than 8 games, maybe 9 with the bowl.

Big Jack Krack said...

It's fun to dream. We haven't had much opportunity before the first game in 10 years.

bceagle91 said...

Fizz, this is a best case scenario. Tomorrow, he'll probably post what "will" happen, which will probably come in around 8 wins.

working rich said...

And imagine if we had a proven, experienced QB.
BROWN is good but we want him to be great.
His future is in his hands

BC 86 said...

This is the year, agree with knuck, 11-1, yeear , why not ? ,injury fairy be kind, no reason why we can't...GO BC!

Tim said...

At BC, Addazio is 1-13 against ranked teams and 14-26 in ACC games. He just doesn’t seem capable of achieving a special season.

NEDofSavinHill said...

Win all your home contests. Miami and Clemson might be in 30 degree weather. Not impossible. Beat Wake and NC ST on the road. If Clemson loses another conference game you could be in the ACC championship game. Hope springs eternal. 2. Daz has to control his emotions during the game. No head shaking. No screaming at the refs. No cursing. Try a little Stoicism. Better results will follow. See John Wooten and Jerry York for examples. Be calm.

bceagle93 said...

Here's the sad thing: better coach, this is realistic pretty much every year. Instead, we read this and get "goose bumps" like a 13 yr old girl who was just followed by the popular boy on Instagram.

Why settle for pipe dreams? Last time I checked, our motto is "Ever to Excel", not "Ever to Be Set Up for Certain Disappointment".

If this scenario doesn't happen with this talent and this team, there is only one answer: clown show got to go.

Time to put up or shut up Daz.

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Knucklehead said...

If this team plays to 90% of it's capability it can beat anyone on the schedule.

I hope the coach does his job confidently and doesn't adjust his mentality based on who the opponent is each week. When we play Temple we need to beat them from beginning to end, for example. We don't need to go up by 20 and then start doing things differently and up winning by 7.

If this team is allowed to kick Wakes ass up and down the field by Dazzler then it will give them confidence.

This team needs to be allowed to find out how good it is.

Being gentlemanly and concerned for others is fine off the field. On the field we need to win and win as well as we are able.

Edward Griffith said...

Less than 9 regular season and a bowl win and Dazzle-Not and his selector Father Leahy
should depart the Heights . Time for a NEW DAY "FOR BOSTON" and a new president in the
mold of Father J Donald Monan SJ.

CT said...

Lead story on Bleacher Report...AJ Dillon is the Next Leonard Fournette.

Good background stuff. Very complimentary.

Edward Griffith said...

Thanks to CT GREAT SUPERB article on Dillon !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

John said...

Yes, I really enjoyed that article. AJ's mom is a special person too.