Saturday, August 11, 2018

Time for the McDonald bandwagon?

BC held its first scrimmage of the preseason. They didn't provide specific individual stats, but based on the write up and interviews, it seems to have gone well. Addazio voiced plenty of frustration about penalties, but other than that, seemed to like the effort.

He also responded to a question about backup QB Matt McDonald and said he was one of the most accurate quarterbacks he's ever been around. This follows other write ups about McDonald's surprising and efficient play. So I ask, is it time to start the McDonald bandwagon? I like Brown and I am encouraged that he's doing better, but all this team really needs is a guy who can make good throws. With everyone trying to stop the run, receiving matchups and short throws will be open. Maybe McDonald is the guy to hit those throws and lead an offensive explosion. Even if Brown is healthy, I hope we see McDonald is some mop up duty and he turns these practice moments into real wins.


knucklehead said...

Browns deficiency is accuracy. Here we go.

Only the overrated clown colleges in California would let an Irish surnamed, accurate QB from a large high school go out of state. Sounds like someone else.

mod34b said...

Looks like Daz is not confident that AB has fully recovered. Uh-oh. Appears he did not play in scrimmage and is being treated gingerly.

Daz: “Anthony [Brown] is doing great. Anthony looks phenomenal in seven-ons and all the scout drills. We're going to start to merge him back in here little-by-little next week so he'll start to get more and more of this to get ready for the opener."

Ps McDonald is generally considered a Scottish name.

Big Jack Krack said...

I have been watching out for Matt to emerge one day, since he chose BC. This is with all due respect to EJ Perry. I was quite happy to read about his and who his Dad was, and so forth. This guy grew up in a big time football atmosphere and I'm glad he chose BC.

Matt comes from a (USC) Southern California pedigree, and his father, Paul (who does color commentary for USC I believe) had a standout career in college at the highest level.

Sure, he came East for the education and all that, but I'm sure he thought his chances were good to start eventually.

For the first time in many years, we are in very good shape at the QB position - and the competition is only going to get stronger.

Go BC - cancel UMASS' ticket early.

Big Jack Krack said...

Great teams have to make decisions on the starting QB. Clemson and Alabama are two quick examples that come to mind. Kelly Bryant from Clemson is in a very tough fight to maintain his position as the #1 QB - that's life.

I really like Anthony Brown too, of course, but we have 3 competitors right now (at least) with 2 true (highly rated) frosh coming. And I know we have other QBs on the roster as well.

Just saying that I'm not surprised by Matt's performance.

I sincerely hope that no one gets hurt, but we have depth for sure.

Let's go Eagles - soar in 2018!!! There's no time like right now!!!!!

eddierock said...

I say yes to the bandwagon. In highlight reel from Spring game you could see how accurate he is and how quickly he releases the ball. He is a pro style pocket passer. Matched up with AJ, could be devastating to try to defend.

Georgia Eagle said...

Looks like a possible platoon system will be in play. Let's hope Daz had the ability to work it out.

Edward Griffith said...

9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 WINS THE GOAL !!!!!!!!

knucklehead said...

The QB from Michigan is arriving soon too.

We need the best players on the field. Dazzler needs to play the best QB. Not the ones Dazzler likes the most. Ask USC about Sam Darnold. He was a practice squad 5th string(look that up Mod it might be 6th-7th) QB that they could not keep on the bench.

If any school in America should know this it is Boston College(Flutie).

NYCEagle said...

Brown is the only QB on the roster with the mobility to be a truly effective dual threat QB. Everyone here likely remembers the fits Tyler Murphy gave the rest of the ACC running Addazio’s option attack. Clearly it’s within our capabilities to do that again. With our offensive line and a Heisman capable running back, can you imagine how terrifying our offense could be if Brown is allowed to use his legs more frequently? Want to load up the box? Here comes the play action to Sweeney. I expect to see more QB run designed play calls this year

Knucklehead said...

I expect to see less of him running. He isn't as good a runner as Murphy. He hasn't shown yet that he is as accurate a passer either. A truly accurate play action passer who has the fortitude to throw to a spot and hit a receiver in stride will be more valuable to this team than a guy who can run well. You don't need a runner you have the best running back in the country. You need a QB who can hit White on crosses and Sweeney down the seam. That would make you a Top 20 team.

mod34b said...

Knucklehead point: claims Darnold was an obscure 5-6th string QB before reaching success at uSC

Outcome False - likely he just made it to sound good

Per Wiki: Darnold was recruited to USC and joined the football team. After redshirting his freshman year, he served as the second-string quarterback in 2016 before being named the starter after three games. As a redshirt freshman starter, he set multiple USC freshman records, led the Trojans to nine consecutive wins that culminated with a victory at the 2017 Rose Bowl.

NYCEagle said...

Brown was a very good runner, especially on third downs when the play breaks down. His legs are a legitimate weapon, he’s a good athlete. Our coaching staff would be dumb not to utilize that

JBQ said...

@NYCEagle: You are right. However, I believe that BJK who wears his Calfiornia Chase Rettig heart on his sleeve is talking about contingencies. McDonald has the blood lines but is not ready to go. Of course, Matt Ryan wasn't either.---It is starting to look like AB has some health issues which may or may not be a stumbling block. The point is that McDonald will be there just in case. That is good to know.

PutYourChuckieDukesUp said...

Was at the scrimmage yesterday. It was held in the new field house due to rain. Beautiful facility and early on in the scrimmage they were pumping artificial crowd noise over the sound system, which was pretty cool. Brown was throwing in drills, but took no live snaps. Dillon also only had a few touches, although I'm guessing that was just because they don't want to take any unnecessary chances with him. McDonald did look pretty good throwing and also had a nice run for a TD. Overall, the offense looked further along than the D. Looking forward to the season. With their early schedule, if things break right for this team, a 7-0 start is not out of the question.

knucklehead said...

He was redshirted as a freshman,put on the practice squad and didn't play until part way through 2016. They carry 5 QB's. He went from 5th string practice squad to starter.

You are an idiot.

mod34b said...

So you didn’t bother checking.

Another “make it up “ response.

Knucklehead said...

No it was your job. You did it but not accurately or thoroughly. So I did it and found out what I recalled. Practice squad 5th string to starter in one year.


eagletix said...

With all due respect, Brown arrived here with a certain amount of hype that given his accuracy issues and now injury questions (is he totally healthy) hasn't proven to be warranted. His speed is something that should not be overlooked, but that doesn't make him the best QB unless the Dazzler is hellbent on recreating the Murphy lightening in a bottle phenomena. Face it, QB management has been a weak link ever since Addazio arrived, and its time to really vet the candidates and go with the best one, whomever that might be. Personally, given the opponents focus that will be on Dillon this year, it makes sense that having a guy who is better adept at the "throw game" and making the offense multidimensional would be most effective. Put the best players on the field, period.

mod34b said...

sorry Knuck, but still an "F."

Knucklehead said...

If you can't see that he went from practice squad to starter in one season then you would give me an F.

downtown_resident said...

At a minimum I am happy if we have a capable backup in McDonald. Not only did Brown suffer the season-ending leg injury last year, but he also left at least two other games midway through due to unrelated injuries. Particularly if he's running a lot-- and they really have to let him use his legs as the attempt to keep him in the pocket in the early portion of last season was a failure-- BC needs to have the #2 guy ready.

NYCEagle said...

I like McDonald. I thought in the spring game he was clearly the more talented thrower between him and Perry. I think it’s only right that Brown regain the starting role for week 1. If he stumbles, let McDonald take a series or 2 in the second half and go from there. Our defense is going to keep us in most games. We just need someone who can keep the defense honest and make uncontested throws

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