Sunday, August 12, 2018

Zach Allen press going beyond Boston

Another day, another story on Zach Allen. While not at Dillon levels yet, Allen is getting attention beyond the local BC and ACC Channels. This one deals with his background in Connecticut and his intense work ethic. It will be interesting to see how Zach's play on the field changes this year, since he will be the focal point. Last year without Landry he made big strides, but was still on the field with plenty of veteran talent. This year the talent remains but it is a bit untested. Leaving Allen to fill the void and serve as a role model for his teammates.


John said...

Go Zach - fellow Finance Major!

Go BC - bowl over UMASS.

Knucklehead said...

I don't think Zach Allen has to prove anything after last season. If anything he was overused last season because of his consistency and it would be good for his future in football to see him get a few snaps off each game this season.

The schedule pretty much extends training camp and gives everyone two competitive scrimmages going into week 3 when the season starts. The coaches and players should be amped for a 10-11 week run of games after Holy Cross. There are no excuses for less than a 8 win regular season, if people stay healthy.

NYCEagle said...

Allen is such a well rounded player. He really does remind me of a young JJ Watt. The 2 position groups that scare me the most are QB and DLine. Despite having Ray Smith, Allen, and Wyatt Ray, the depth behind them is very unproven. We are going up against some of the best olines in the country. They’re going to need snaps off. Can the backups plug in and continue the bend but don’t break type of play we’ve employed over the last several years?

JBQ said...

Zach Allen upholds the highest traditions of the athletic legacy of Boston College. I wish him well for an outstanding season and an ability to play on the next level. It is noted that he is a "finance major". ----It would be nice if an ethical businessman could be lauded with the same vigor as an ethically challenged NFL star. There are some very legitimate NFL players and stars. Ben Watson formerly of the Patriots is just one. Nevertheless, there are some really shady characters who ply their trade on Sundays. Johnny Manziel comes quickly to mind.