Saturday, August 25, 2018

UMass wins its opener and talk shifts to BC

UMass crushed Duquense in their first game of the season and yet after the game, the first team Mark Whipple really talked about was BC.

"BC is a different beast next week, not to take anything away from Duquesne. They have bigger guys who are faster. AJ Dillon will have their attention, and their two safeties. (Connor) Strachan is back. We’ll put the tape on Monday morning,” said UMass head coach Mark Whipple.

Despite his struggles reviving UMass, Whipple is a smart guy and a pretty good X and Os coach. I am not fearful but I do think he will have them ready for BC. I also think he will have a wrinkle or two to keep BC on our toes.

The best thing about the UMass win was that it is a reminder that College Football is back.


Gerry said...

That game was a joke. Duquesne plays in the NEC for football which is one of the lowest rated FCS conferences in the country. I believe the league only has 45 scholarship players on their roster. Duquesne would finish at or near the bottom of the Patriot or Ivy Leagues, so I don't think you can take anything out of that game. I didn't even think wins over NEC teams counted toward bowl eligibility, but maybe that was rule was changed. Maybe UMass was doing a solid for a fellow A-10 member, but I would think that longtime rivals UNH, URI, or U-Maine would schedule UMass in a heartbeat if they were looking for an FBS opponent. UMass should have a good offense, but their Front 7 is weak, so BC should dominate up front. Should be a 48-20 type of BC win in my opinion.

mod34b said...
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Knucklehead said...
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Knucklehead said...

Whipple is a genius and a loser, then. Your thoughts are up there on the list of most nonsensical ones every written down. Total nonsense from a crybaby.

John said...

I would like to see BC approach this game with UMass this year as a heavyweight contender or champion approaches a bout with a dangerous puncher.

With respect and caution - and then take him (them) apart.

From what I have read, the Minutemen are improved this year and a better team than last year. We are improved as well.

It will be a good first test and we should treat it as such, with serious preparation - and then break their spirit!

Go BC - beat UMass.

BC 86 said...

Past few years UMass has played Power 5 teams at there house tough, at least in the first half ( at Nebraska) ,was jealous of their out of conference schedule past few years. Let's respect and kick ass BC!

BC 86 said...

Oops... miss st.