Friday, August 31, 2018

Friday picks

Now that sports betting is legal, you can now take my advice and bet away...or at least bet away in the states that created sports books.

I am looking to start strong out of the gate. Good luck to all those with a little extra riding on each game.

Ole Miss+2.5 at Texas Tech

West Virginia-10 at Tennessee

Washington+2.5 at Auburn

North Carolina+7.5 at Cal

Middle Tennessee+3 at Vanderbilt

Washington State-2 at Wyoming

Northern Illinois+10 at Iowa

Michigan+1 at Notre Dame

Miami-3.5 at LSU

Virginia Tech+7.5 at Florida State


Goberry said...

During my misguided foray into online sports betting from 2004-2006, I don’t think I ever bet a dog. But this week I’d 3 team parlay (spreads from memory...excuse me if they are wrong)

BC/ZooMass Under 63
Oregon St +36 over tOSU
Louisville +24 (or 28?) over Bammer.

Knucklehead said...

Tennessee is neutral field.

Knucklehead said...

So is Auburn etc...misleading.

BC 86 said...

Eagle Boston great post , brought back memories... twas the night before opening day.... kids all snuggled in BC gear...GO BC!

Goberry said...

Also, re the neutral site games. I’m aware that money talks, but college football should be played at Noon on Saturday, on campus (and preferably on grass).

Now you crazy kids get off my lawn.

working rich said...

remember why Rick Kuhn went to jail .....
College basketball is an amateur sport, played by amateur athletes.
Gambling was illegal.
Prosecuting the point shavers preserved the sanctity of the sport FOR THE GAMBLERS.

Kuhn should have been banned from coaching CYO teams and never have gone to prison