Monday, August 06, 2018

What to expect out of BC's Media Day

Tuesday is BC's annual Media Day. Since the team is only a week into practices, there is usually nothing revelatory about who is doing what or who is shining and rising up the depth chart. It will be interesting to see how the local media approaches Addazio. I imagine there will be a few topics:

1. Expectations. BC is getting national attention and votes in the Coaches Poll. This is the most preseason hype to any Addazio team. Will he use the Media Day to raise expectations or lower them?

2. Follow up on Smith. There will be a few new media members there. Will any even broach the Smith-Addazio history or just let Saturday night's statement stand?

I also am interested to see how much of a push they give Dillon. This could be a huge statistical season for the second year RB. He puts up the type of highlights that the College Football media love. He's an under the radar Heisman candidate now. Does BC give him a big push Tuesday to let the local media know that Dillon is going to be a national name?


Geezer eagle said...

8 regular season wins and nothing less.

Shabby1011 said...

Dillon is going to have 500 yards after the 1st two games..he may have 200 in the first half alone vs the losers from Worcester

Schedule sets up great for him, hope BC communications department is ready to go from the first game.

A monster September puts him in the early discussion. He should have over 1000 yards before he plays Miami. He will have National TV games vs Miami, Clemson, VT and FSU that can vault him to the award.

Sept 1 cant come soon enough.

Knucklehead said...

The offensive line better be ready to circle the wagons around him. Starting with Miami it is going to get nasty. Really want to see this team throw their weight around on offense this season.

JBQ said...

The first five games set the tone. UMass and HC are gimmes. It is all about @Wake, @Purdue, Temple.--- It is "sink or swim". He has the honeymoon for those five games. He fails and the torches are ready. Jarmond and Leahy are on notice as well.--- The "red headed father" wants to play affirmative action. If he succeeds, great. If the system falls on its face, then he takes the big bite. It is all about those five games.---Dillon looks great. Brown appears ready. Loeffler and Reid are chomping at the bit. National media are giving them a glance. At the same time, the Dazzler, Mighty Mouse, and Red River Valley are all on trial.

Guido said...

BC vs Holy Cross will be similar to the Howard game of 2015 !! They will need to agree to reduce the 3rd and 4th quarters to 8 or 10 minutes per - great scheduling for the fans !! They should win 9 games - they are talented ,experienced and talented. Only injuries to AJ and or Brown could alter a great season! Or and maybe Addazio getting in the way !!

Big Jack Krack said...

I suppose the worry could be that all the teams we play in the ACC have improved also.

I say "also", because I think our team has improved as well. I love the attitude that is coming out right now and both players and coaches are upbeat.

There is no crying this year by the Head Coach - no reference to "we're young" - no indication that we're in a "lack, loss, limitation" mind-set.

Overall, this is the best I have felt about our team since Matt Ryan days - 10 or 11 years.

So, I'm going with the optimistic view and I'm really looking forward to watching these guys click and work together.

The players also seem to be fine young men all - great representatives of BC. I am proud of them.

Why not BC? !!!!!

Concerning Addazio - I think it really has taken him this long to clean up the mess left by Spaziani. If we were not on an upward trajectory, I'd be on the warpath.

He has brought in some very good coaches and I noticed for the first time that Josh Beekman is back in some role. He was one of my favorite OLine players, and can only add more positive input to this team!

Remember that it took Beamer 6 or 7 years to turn VT around. The same thing could happen here at BC. Look at the players who are coming in the past coupe of years.

Be positive, my friends. We can do this!

Go BC in 2018 (and New Year's Day 2019 :-) )

Big Jack Krack said...

I agree with you, Guido, about the Holy Cross game. With the new rule this year, we can play a lot of new guys and still preserve their redshirts.

I can remember many fun times when the rivalry was strong, but this is a whole different animal. I know HC wants to pick it up some, but as we have seen - it ain't easy.

So, enjoy the day and play the young guys after the first team puts up three quick scores.

Go BC.

mod34b said...
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John said...

Frank Beamer was 24 wins, 40 losses and 2 ties during his first 6 years. That is what was meant by the comparison. I know there were some sanctions during his first couple of years as a result of the previous coach, but still....

When there are negative vibes around your program, it's tough to bring it back around - like bringing in top OLine recruits when none of them wanted to come to BC.

I think that has changed, finally.

Spaz had some good traits, but he was a failure as a Head Coach - which is why he was fired.

I was happy to see him go. He was recognized late in his career, but still had time to salt away his retirement program. So I never felt sorry for him.

I felt sorry for BC getting "rocket shipped out of there" in many games.

Those are the Spaz facts.

mod34b said...
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Big Jack Krack said...

No, I am not a Daz apologist - and he owns it for sure.

Bad results this year will be very bad news for him.

I am just trying to be positive this year for a change and recognize that we are (I think) on an upward trajectory. And if that is the case, then it's to Addazio's credit finally.

I gave up my season tickets of 40+ years because of the B.S. that was going on under early Addazio and Bates (scheduling; losing games that should have been won, etc.) It drove me crazy.

I'm flying up for the Clemson game this year, as I consider renewing my season tickets from 1,000 miles away. :-)

Go BC.

Geezer eagle said...

You fly to Boston five games a year? You are a dedicated fan, sir. Cudos to you.

Big Jack Krack said...

GE - Until I moved away in 2001, I never missed a game from the early 70's.

And then I used to be able to schedule work in the area which would get me up to a game or two. Plus we would schedule a vacation and attend two Saturday games and so forth. I would also give remaining game tickets to family members who live in Massachusetts through 2012.

But once we had Gary Tranquill style football, my interest began to wane - and I couldn't even give the tickets away. I think I gave my 50 yard line season tickets up in 2015.

Now all that is changing finally, and my interest in attending in person has returned. So, I think I could make all the league home games anyway.

I still love to visit my hometown, and BC Football has most always been a good excuse to do so. :-) Especially if the flight from ATL to BOS is reasonable $$.

Go BC.

Geezer eagle said...

Take me with you. I live outside Atlanta.