Sunday, May 20, 2018

Opponent preview roundup

As CFN continues to pump out season previews, it is a good time to read up on our opponents. Here are the opponent preview that have been published so far:

-- Temple
-- Louisville
-- NC State
-- Wake Forest
-- UMass
-- Purdue

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Women's Lax wins thriller to advance to Final Four

Watch the video below. That was during the second OT as BC closed out Stony Brook in a back and forth thriller Saturday. BC will now get a shot at Maryland, the team that ended BC's season last year just short of a championship.

Friday, May 18, 2018

First two football games will be online

BC released the TV schedule for the first two games and BC is not on TV (technically). Both the UMass and Holy Cross game will be broadcast on the ACC Network Extra, which is the ACC brand on the ESPN online platform. Given that they are local games, there is always the chance that a regional sports channel in New England could pick them up. The picture quality and production of these ACC games is greatly improved. My only complaint is that the internet games still have some lags and buffering.

Our first game on traditional TV will be the Thursday night game against Wake. That will be on ESPN.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

ACC leading push for bigger Tournament and new rules

When you are the most powerful conference, you tend to flex your muscle. The ACC is doing that on the basketball front. The league is making a proposal to expand the NCAA Tournament field to 72. They also want some general rule changes like, pushing back the 3-point line, shortening the shot clock and expanding the lane.

Because the ACC tends to be one of the deepest leagues, the expanded tournament makes sense. It means one more team makes it. Because a few more game also means a few more dollars for the NCAA, I imagine this one will pass.

The rules changes are trickier. The 3-point line is an equalizer. As is slowing down the game via shot clock. I am not sure changing the lane helps or hurts less talented teams. A faster pace game where the 3 is harder helps ACC teams when they are playing less talented teams. I don't know if the small schools will get on board and support those ideas. What would be in it for them?

I would think the rules changes would be neutral for BC. Christian's team took a lot of 3s this year, but he is not tied to it like some programs. I think he would adjust his talent and approach as needed. The tournament field would help BC. Anything to get us back in the big dance would be nice.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Still good at Grayson

When his son decided to commit to Texas, some questioned Kenyatta Watson's loyalty to BC and his relationship with his Alma mater. Two scholarship offers from Wednesday should put to rest any lingering doubts that Watson is still a BC guy.

Watson's son plays for a suburban Atlanta powerhouse Grayson. Kenyatta practically built the program as the vast majority of their players came up through his youth football program. Now BC offered 2020 targets QB CJ Dixon and 2020 DLine prospect Jadyn Bost. Both players tagged Watson in their social media reactions. Both seem very excited about BC's interest.

Because of their profile every kid who takes the field at Grayson will be seen by every recruiter in the country. Having a BC guy -- who happens to work for Under Armour -- tied to the program is a great thing. I don't know if Dixon and Bost will ultimately land at BC, but I do know that Kenyatta Watson is still telling those Grayson players what at great place BC is.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Checking on Indoor practice facility

While it can constantly seem like something at BC is under construction, BC provided a mini-update and a picture on the project.
A few lifts being used in the current field house project! Work is coming along nicely. #bceagles @BCEagles
— Matthew Conway (@MConwayBC) May 15, 2018

Monday, May 14, 2018

What Supreme Court ruling means for BC

The United States Supreme Court overturned the federal ban on sports betting opening up a whole host of opportunities for gamblers and sports leagues alike. No one knows the details, but it sounds like it will be a state-by-state deal, however, the online aspect will make that even less relevant. What we can assume is that there will be more gambling and therefore more money and interest in sports, including college sports like BC.

More money is coming to BC

Given our lack of clout in our state and in our conference, I don't think BC will be driving Massachusetts' rules nor the ACC's. We are just along for the ride. Yet even if our status or membership never allows us to get a percentage of the action, there should be a bump in ad dollars. DraftKings, which is a Boston company with BC-ties, announced already that they are going to roll out online gambling. I hope that they buy ad time and space from BC to help promote it.

The increased revenue and interest is always going to be a good thing for BC.

BC needs to keep student athletes from gambling

Every college program will have to deal with this issue. Given our history, BC must be hyper-vigilant. A third gambling issue would be a huge black eye. And if it happens when there is legal gambling, the story would be that much bigger and have more far reaching implications.