Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Whose collective wisdom on Addazio is right?

The CBS College Football Staff rated and ranked all Power Five (plus Notre Dame and BYU) coaches. The haven't released the full list yet, but Addazio did show up on the first rollout. CBSers ranked him 47th. This is what they wrote:
47. Steve Addazio, Boston College: You have to admire Addazio's "dude" qualities, but Eagles fans would like to see an improvement on his 14-12 start in Chestnut Hill.

CBS left their criteria wide-open, so their rankings are subjective among their writers. Who knows why they put Addazio where they did? We don't know which writers ranked him high or ignored him altogether. What we do know is that all their voters are deep into college football coverage, and as a group they don't think much of Addazio. In fact, whoever wrote the summary inferred that most BC fans are frustrated. I would say it is the opposite. I think Addazio has exceeded fan expectations in both seasons.

But is our bias as BC fans any more irresponsible than CBS's? Most BC fans think the Dude is great and will take us higher. But we could be wrong? Maybe Addazio is just a 7-5 coach and those other Power 5 guys are better.

In Addazio's case, I think BC fans are correct. Even the most plugged-in CBS expert isn't watching every BC game. The media also doesn't realize the extent of Addazio's rebuild.

These rankings ultimately don't mean much. However, it does give us a little idea of what the outside world thinks of BC's coach. Hopefully our insight and expectations are right and theirs are wrong.

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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Hanlan honored and other links

The AP released their All America teams and Olivier Hanlan made the honorable mention team. As more and more underclassman declare for the NBA Draft, the hope of Hanlan returning gets better.

Chris Shaw earned Hitter of the Week honors from the NCBWA.

Hockey Captian Michael Matheson signed with the Panthers and will skip his final year of college hockey.

Former Eagle Jordan Daniels completed his degree at Drake and is now free to transfer and play right away.

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Monday, March 30, 2015

The ups and downs of recruiting teenagers UPDATE

[Of course after I wrote this and went to bed, Dalton made it official and decommitted from BC. If you're listening to whispers, BC wasn't putting up with his flightiness and pulled the offer. As I wrote, BC and this class will be fine. Best of luck to Dalton...wherever he goes.]

In my short stint with, I did my best to avoid interacting directly with recruits. My excuse at the time was that I couldn't because I am a BC booster. But the reality is that I didn't want to go near the potential eagles. I know most are probably good kids, but there are also plenty that would drive me nuts. Recruiting is an emotional roller coaster for the college coaches. Reading the tea leaves, I am sure BC's staff has spent way too much emotion already dealing with current verbal commitment Danny Dalton.

Dalton has been the subject of speculation on various BC message boards, but for those who don't read the boards, here is a quick recap. Massachusetts TE Danny Dalton committed to BC last month. A local product with upside, it seemed like Addazio found good potential and Dalton said all the right things. Of course BC's discovery sent out signals to other programs. Supposedly Alabama had interest. And maybe the extra attention got Dalton thinking, because since committing to BC, he visited Rutgers and raved about it, and visited Penn State this past weekend. Addazio and staff cannot comment publicly on a player, but I can't imagine they enjoy his mini-tour and tweeting about rival programs.

Verbal commitments are not binding and plenty of BC stars of the past were people who changed their mind and flipped to BC (Herzlich and Hilliman are two that come to mind). Addazio might lose Dalton and others in the future. He'll also flip some back to BC. I am not going to lose sleep over it, but I am sure the assistants are. They found and nurtured the relationship with Dalton and now have to fret the next 10 months until Signing Day. Or they can cut their losses and tell Dalton if he keeps looking, his BC offer is gone. Either way I doubt he ends up an Eagle. But because he's local, Addazio has to handle it with kid gloves. Pissing off one local coach or recruit can have a real ripple effect.

At this point I trust Addazio on recruiting. If he can't keep Dalton, he will find an capable replacement. Because if Dalton reminded us, teenagers love to change their minds.

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Sunday, March 29, 2015

A baseball sweep!

Maybe we should move all of BC's home games to Delaware!? While being the "home" team in the First State, BC Baseball swept Duke over the weekend. BC now stands at 4-7 in ACC play. The team has now won five in a row and face UConn and UMass this week. If they keep the hot streak going, they can reach .500 before the play another ACC team next week.

The Delaware solution was only temporary, however, I don't think this is the end of BC's barnstorming. Weather and Shea Field will always make early season games precarious. For now let's just hope they keep making the best of the circumstances and keep on winning.

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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Hockey season over as Denver sends BC packing

The silver lining is that BC was still a tournament team during a transition year. As much as casual fans assume that the team can often just turn it on, not winning the Beanpot or Hockey East Tournament served as a warning sign. BC didn't have enough to hang with Denver as the Pioneers won 5-2.

BC finished the season 21-14-3. Even with the loss, the guys and Jerry York still deserve our thanks for another very good season.

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Isn't it supposed to be Spring?

It is only fitting that following a winter that no one in Boston will forget, the first Boston College "open scrimmage" was filled with snow. The team started things early just to avoid the worst part of the scheduled storm. With the bubble down, the forecast becomes a much more important part of the planning process.

According to Adam Kurkjian, all three QBs looked green. But how much of that was jitters, the conditions or just young QBs getting the kinks out?

Based on some of the pictures, it seems like the weather kept most of the fans away from the new event.

You cannot read too much into any of this. Even just measuring the Marketing aspect, I don't know if you can really compare this to a traditional Spring Game, since the schedule got tweaked and the weather was so bad. Let's hope it helped recruiting. I don't know if this will make Bates rethink future Spring Games, but it did help Addazio's argument for an indoor practice facility.

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Friday, March 27, 2015

Tweets of the Week


Thursday, March 26, 2015

No confusion: Blackmon on board

Do you remember the confusion regarding Ronnie Blackmon's verbal last month? At the time, some sites said he was coming to BC, while others said it was premature. Now things are clear: Blackmon is committed. In addition to Scout's news, 247 says he a BC lock too.

Ronnie's own Tweet also shows him in Boston.
Like all of our early verbals, Blackmon will hear from plenty of other programs, but I think BC can keep him locked in.

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