Monday, January 22, 2018

Fueling Station is nice, now be leader in athlete compensation

Martin Jarmond opened BC's new athlete "Fueling Station" Monday in Conte. Think of it as sort of a snack bar for athletes that works with their hours and provides more appropriate options than BC's more traditional dining halls. This was one of the things Jarmond noticed BC was lacking when he first came on board. It is all part of the College Athletics arm's race and most of our competitors have some sort of equivalent service. Good for Jarmond on getting this done. But I think like much of the spending spree in college athletics, it misses the point.

What is the Fueling Station other than a form of special compensation for athletes? It is designed for them. It mirrors the type of service and dietary programs used by professional athletes around the world. Our athletes need this support because they are basically professionals too. They compete at a high level. They put in thousands of hours annually. They generate revenue. Yet they don't really see direct compensation for their labors. I know the price of a BC tuition, but how can we continue to make that argument when the salaries of all the administrators and coaches around these athletes keeps skyrocketing? Giving a kid a smoothie after practice is a nice idea. But how about a steady salary or even a signing bonus?

As the college basketball scandal recently confirmed, there is a huge, unfair and unregulated black market for players' services (at least in the major sports). Something needs to be done to bring it out in the open and let the players find their true value. The Alabamas of college sports are not going to do it. They have too much to lose. However, a place like BC could. We have a seat at the table as part of the Power 5, but don't really benefit from the current underground system. I wish Jarmond would use his new position to lead some sort of change. It would be a more meaningful and lasting contribution to all of college sports.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Familiar second half struggles in loss to Louisville

There were times in the first half when I felt that BC might pull away from Louisville. The Cards had a long scoreless streak and Robinson was looking great any time he drove to the basket. But Louisville kept it close and took a slight lead at Half. Then they pulled away in the second half as BC could not answer enough Cards' baskets. BC made a run late, but it wasn't enough as they lost to Louisville 77-69.

As I mentioned above, Robinson looked great. Bowman and Chatman were not as great. They got their points but made plenty of mistakes (especially Bowman's painful turnovers). Kraljevic put in some decent time off the bench. Baker got some minutes when Robinson got dinged up and was ok. I don't expect -- or think -- Christian to expand his rotation dramatically, but some of the young guys do deserve the occasional chance to show what they can or cannot do.

The team is back at it again on Wednesday against Syracuse.

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Dayne joins 2018 recruiting class

When Addazio spoke to the media for the Early Signing Period. he made no mention of if BC would continue recruiting until the final National Signing Day in February. Now it looks like they are. Wisconsin Running Back Javian Dayne committed Saturday.

Dayne is the son of former Heisman winner Ron Dayne. The recruiting sites don't think much of him as he is only a two star. It is also surprising that he was basically ignored by the Big Ten given who his father is and that his team won the state championship. I see no downside into giving him a shot. Good luck to Javian. I hope there are a few more surprises before Signing Day.

Friday, January 19, 2018

When Twitter shows a kid is not being recruited well

It is offer season, so it is time for me to address one of my hot buttons again...

At the Early Signing Day press conference, Addazio mentioned that for a school like BC, constant contact and relationship building is key to recruiting. This makes sense. BC is not a typical Power 5 school, nor does it have an Admission's Office that will rubber stamp every coach's decision. In theory, our coaches do a little more homework on a prospect than they would at another program and this extra work pays off when fewer kids flip on their commitment. But what's clear from Twitter is that Addazio and Co. clearly still throw a lot of offers out to prospects even if the kids are never seriously considering BC. The biggest tip off is when the recruit thanks "Boston College University" in his remarks.

Not knowing the school's official name is a sign the kid (and presumably his parents and high school coaches) are not thinking about BC, haven't done any research on BC and are not familiar with BC.

I know there are some BC fans who laugh at prospects who do this. I don't. I shake my head at the assistant coach assigned to recruiting this kid. Clearly this was a bit of a shot in the dark. He just got offers from Louisville and Miami, so BC threw one his way too. Where is the homework and relationship building Addazio talks about?

I understand that you have to throw some stuff against the wall in any sales type environment. I know something can come of it sometimes. But if the kid doesn't care enough (or know) to get our name right in his response, then the odds of him ever wearing maroon and gold are long.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Hoops recruiting targets becoming clear

With good players committed for the 2018 class, Jim Christian and staff are using their few days off to target 2019 and 2020 prospects.

Part of the staff was in Texas to see ESPN Top 150 prospect Montavious Murphy. Murphy does not claim a BC offer yet and it looks like he wants to stay local. Maybe our recent success and the chance to play in the ACC will get him up to Boston.

Later in the day, the staff was in Maryland to see 2020 wing prospect Che Evans. He's got lots of impressive offers. BC has a little more time there and our staff's multiple connections to the Maryland area should help.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Reaction to 2018 Football schedule

BC and the ACC released the 2018 Football schedules Wednesday. Here is BC's:

September 1 -- UMass
September 8 -- Holy Cross
September 13 -- at Wake Forest (Thursday night game)
September 22 -- at Purdue
September 29 -- Temple
October 6 --  at NC State
October 13 -- Louisville
October 26 -- Miami (Friday night game)
November 3 -- at Virginia Tech
November 10 -- Clemson
November 17 -- at Florida State
November 24 -- Syracuse

While we have known the opponents for months, this is the first time we are seeing the order. Here are my initial thoughts.

1. Addazio can't plan for a late-season run again. The past two years have seen BC stumble in September and early October, only to rally towards bowl eligibility during the latter parts of the season. I don't think he will have that much wiggle room this year. BC closes with Louisville, Miami, VT, Clemson, FSU and Cuse. Even though BC beat FSU and Lousville this year and even if you assume Miami takes a slight step back, that is a tough, tough stretch of games. If BC truly has ambitions of being a Top 25 team, they need to go at least 3-3 during that stretch.

2. The bye week is well placed. BC gets their bye right in middle of October and before the Friday night game against Miami. I know they don't have control over that, but it did work out. Hopefully the rest will help with injuries and the team gets plenty of time to prep for Miami.

3. Year 6 will really depend on the Wake-Purdue weeks. Although Addazio keeps pushing back the timeline a bit with regards to when the program will be "ready," there are no excuse in Year 6. This team should be a Top 25 squad and the schedule comes with three wins baked in (UMass, Holy Cross, and Temple). The difference between a Top 25 season and another middling 7-6 effort will really come down to back-to-back road games against Wake and Purdue. Both were surprise teams in 2017 and both will probably be tough wins in 2018. But BC should have more talent than both next year. It is up to Addazio to harness that talent and come away with two wins. If he doesn't, we'll be praying for 7-6 again.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

BC coaches making lots of offers

With the 2018 Class presumably finished up, Addazio and his staff have used this critical time to make offers to 2019 and 2020 players. Based on their tweets, here are some of the latest targets.

This Rhode Island OLine prospect is getting offers from major programs like Ohio State and Florida. Hopefully BC can leverage our proximity.

Florida DB Renardo Green is highly rated but doesn't have a lot of offers yet. Perhaps it is his size. He seemed excited about BC's offer.

Coach Brian White seems active in Florida, as he also offered DLine prospect Norell Pollard and DB Brandon Hill

Another New England recruit is Avon, CT QB Taisun Phommachanh.

Gunnell offered New Jersey prospect Marlyn Johnson.

This OLine prospect is in Ohio and has an OSU offer, so it may be an uphill battle.
BC also offered this New York Line prospect.
Coach Frye seems to be out in the Midwest making offers.