Monday, August 03, 2015

Checking in on BC NFL Alumni

BC's camp doesn't start for another week, but former BC guys are all over NFL practice fields. Here are some of their stories:

Andre Williams made some headlines when he said the Giants are going to the Super Bowl. It wasn't a bold proclamation like Joe Namath...more like the power of positive thinking.

Edebali is playing well in New Orleans.

Raji reported to Green Bay in good shape. It is the lightest he's been since BC.

Matt Ryan has a new offense and some new facial hair.

Sunday, August 02, 2015

What the 'Noles are saying about BC

This is a short preview of our team from a Florida State perspective. It is mostly what we know, but always interesting to see how we are perceived by other programs.

Saturday, August 01, 2015

Get ready for lots of Louie Addazio stories

One of the good articles that followed the ACC Media events was a feature on Louie Addazio. Given our lack of known stars entering the season, I think the media will revisit Louie's story throughout the year. And it is probably going to be just the right amount of attention for everyone. Louie is not a star and not in a focal point position. He'll contribute and may start. But most of his time will be spent blocking.

Nepotism can be ugly in college sports. Whether the coach's son is a player or an assistant. Spaz's son is a walk-on QB at UVA. Can you even imagine how that would have played out at BC? Louie seems like a good kid, with a good perspective and who is finally ready to play. I hope his playing career has a happy ending. It will make for a better BC season.

Friday, July 31, 2015

How will this year's Coaching Carousel impact BC?

Addazio is perfectly safe. Even if the team craters this year, he's earned enough goodwill from his first two years to survive a terrible season. Other coaches won't be as lucky. Many will be fired. And if things go well for BC this year, some program might come for Addazio. But Addazio has just of enough of a history outside of BC that not just any program would hire him. He's not getting an SEC job. He's probably not drawing interest from the Pac 12. So it would come down to these spots that might be open:

Indiana -- The good news and bad news is that Addazio already coached there. They are familiar with him and might want him. The flipside is he knows how hard it is to win there. They also have Big Ten TV money. Ultimately I don't see him leaving for Bloomington, but he might leverage interest for a raise.

Virginia -- We've lost coaches to ACC programs before, but how did that work out for NC State? Virginia might be a better gig on paper (more local talent, potentially more local support), but I don't know if they would make a run at Addazio. 

Illinois -- This is a better job than Indiana, but it still has limited upside. The division is winnable but you still have to face Michigan and Ohio State to win the Championship. Of the positions likely to open, this one seems the most plausible.

Ultimately I don't think Addazio wants to leave for just any old job. I think it would take a lot of money and an opportunity to win. Those above don't seem like sure bets, but there are always a few twists in the process. But having a desirable coach is a nice problem to have. We can only hope that Addazio wins so much each year that he is always mentioned for new openings. 

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Let's get some Mass schools in the Global Ireland Football Tournament

The Global Ireland Football Tournament invited two Atlanta Catholic schools to their 2016 Tournament. I didn't even know the Global Ireland Football Tournament was a thing until the announcement, but hats off to the organizers. They smartly said, "we have a team from Atlanta playing a Catholic team, maybe if we invited Atlanta Catholic schools there will be some overlap." The Tournament will include 10 U.S. high school teams and there are still spots left. I hope BC is strongly suggesting at least two Massachusetts schools are included.

Adding Mass schools helps BC in a couple of ways. It generates that much more local interest and it sells a few more tickets. If a family flies over to see Everett or BC High or whoever, you have to assume they are going to stick around to watch BC play Georgia Tech.

There is also a nice recruiting edge to all of this. BC recruits at the Atlanta invitees already (Marist and Blessed Trinity). Now they will get nearly a week to watch these kids practice and see how they behave and interact with their teams off the field. Jesuit Prep -- another BC friendly school -- is also being courted for the Irish event. Let's hope they get a few more Catholic schools from Ohio or California. But there has to be a Massachusetts team.

I assume BC has some say in the process. Perhaps Bates is making suggestions daily, so that the Irish trip becomes a big marketing and recruiting success too.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Jen Welter: BC grad and NFL trailblazer, and other links

BC grad Jen Welter made headlines this week by joining the Arizona Cardinals as a training camp coach. Now that the NBA has a full-time female assistant, the NFL will soon follow. I hope the Welter becomes that coach.

If you haven't seen it, this SI article on Texas A&M's Myles Garrett is worth the read. Garrett's half brother is Sean Williams and Williams' struggles have certainly influenced Garrett. Williams is quoted throughout as is Ed Cooley.

Former BC QB Mack Lowrie is leaving URI. It seems like he is headed to a JuCo in search of playing time. (HT: eagle98alum)

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Addazio cleans up at ESPN's Carwash

In my opinion, this meeting below between Addazio and Norby Williamson was the most important moment of his ACC Carwash at ESPN. Williamson is in charge of all scheduling and development at the worldwide leader. He met with all the ACC coaches, but a face-to-face with Addazio is a little different. His energy is different. He's good on camera and can provide a good soundbite. In College Football, ESPN sells the coaches. If Addazio can keep BC winning, he and BC will be all over ESPN.

You probably saw or heard Addazio on air from Bristol. BC's Twitter account has a good recap of all the stops. Articles from the ESPN writers will probably trickle out in the next day or two.

These Carwashes are really just offseason filler for ESPN and now nearly all the major conferences hold them. I hope BC continues to leverage our proximity to get Addazio on the air more often. It remains one of our better selling points.