Tuesday, July 22, 2014

College Football's MLS ideas and BC

The WSJ posted an interesting article last week on College Football programs looking to the MLS for marketing, game day experience and ticketing ideas. What's interesting to me is that programs that might not have much in common with the MLS are looking for answers in the soccer boom, yet the stadium size and locals markets are so different. BC, however, probably has more in common with an MLS' teams issues than a big SEC school. Our stadium is smaller, we are in an urban setting and we compete with bigger teams.

BC is not mentioned as a team looking to the MLS, but fortunately we are already doing things they recommend. Stadium improvements are the most obvious, but we are also tracking individual student attendence and rewarding loyalty.

What the MLS is also improving the food at the stadium. Food is rarely mentioned as the problem with BC sports. But maybe it is something BC should address. An improved team will always have a greater impact than improved concessions, but it doesn't mean something can't be done.

I rarely go to games so I am always an armchair QB on the issue. But I think that the only way to get Alumni and Conte filled is to make it an experience you cannot get at home. Winning is important, but everything else matters too.

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Monday, July 21, 2014

Addazio fired up: Coaches' turn at the ACC Media Day

Day 2 of the ACC Media Days meant it was Addazio's turn to talk. He was his usual passionate, confident self. Media Poll results also came out and the assembled group picked BC to finish 6th in the Division. For the Coach, that is just more motivation.
“It doesn’t sit well with me, I’m not going to sit here and lie to you,’’ Addazio said. “But, I understand that. One season doesn’t mean a lot. I think, if anything else, it’ll fuel the fire. I’ll make sure we’ll talk about that as a football team when we get back.

Addazio didn't say anything ground breaking. He was repeatedly asked about replacing Williams and the new offense. Occasionally during his one on ones, something interesting would pop up, like Swiggert's progress.

Here is the Coach talking about expectations for this season. I like using Charlotte as a goal, but any bowl would be an accomplishment.

OVerall it was an effective day for Addazio and BC. He said the right things and represented BC well.

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Sunday, July 20, 2014

ACC Media kick off links

Sunday was the players' day to speak with the ACC media. Andy Gallik and Dominique Williams performed well and answered questions in a thoughtful, safe and consistent way. As much as we would love for these guys to be a colorful quote, it is probably best that they have smart but boring answers.

Both players answered plenty of questions about replacing Andre Williams.

As you can see from BC's coverage, there was still fun to be had.

The school also released its updated roster Sunday. The only big news was an official status on Shakim Phillips. BC is also using "GS" as a new listing for 5th year/graduate students. Seeing all the GSs on one page is a reminder that this staff has been very creative in adding depth and patch working their roster.

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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Getting a look at Tyler Murphy

Considering how dependent we are on him this season, we really don't know much about Tyler Murphy. The Spring Game and his stats tell a bit of the story, but did many BC fans watch much Florida Football last year? Fortunately there are a few Youtube clips that provide a little more insight into Murphy's abilities and his experience in game situations. Obviously Florida ran a different offense from BC's and he was surrounded by different players, but the few glimpses are encouraging. Murphy can certainly create and make something out of nothing. He's also shown that given time, he can make pocket passes. Take a look at this series.

This is his first TD.

As you can see, his first instinct is to run. 

This one is not exclusively focused on Murphy, but in it you get to see him throw from the pocket and run.

Here is another set that is not exclusively Murphy but includes more passes.

Does a couple of games in the SEC mean that Murphy will hit the ground running this Fall? Unlikely. But that limited experience is still valuable. He's used to the speed and different defensive looks. Plus Murphy showed that his basics are strong enough to execute our offense. He can throw and he can run. Let's hope he does a lot this season for BC.

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Friday, July 18, 2014

Tweets of the Week


Thursday, July 17, 2014

Foster joins Baseball (officially) and other links

After weeks of rumor and speculation, BC finally confirmed that Jim Foster joined the Baseball staff. I will stick by my initial reaction that this was a good hire and a surprising career move for Foster. I hope big things are ahead or he has a deal to take over if they don't. Gambino needs his steady hand, especially now that Chin is gone.

Syracuse.com's preview of BC is very complimentary to Addazio. After going from Spaz to Daz, I think most BC fans agree that coaching matters.

Reports out of Green Bay still predict Rettig will be a Practice Squad guy.

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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

ACC Hotseats

In his latest Mailbag, Stewart Mandel listed the college football coaches most likely to get fired. Former BC staffer and current Virginia Head Coach is No. 2 on the list.  London's ties to BC are deep (TOB is his OC and Spaz's son is walking on this fall). He was also a candidate for the BC job after Gene fired Jags. I preferred him to Spaz at the time, but it looks like he would have struggled at BC too. But London's situation is a reminder that more coaching changes are coming to the conference. They always do. And if we are holding steady with Addazio, coaching changes can be good things for BC.

Fired coaches usually mean a few things. The first is a bad season. Bad seasons from other ACC teams are good things for BC. It opens up bowl slots and can lead to easy wins. A fired coach can also mean a rebuild. Rebuild often lead to more bad seasons. Of course there is always the chance of a quick turnaround, but I expect Wake to struggle this year and it looks like NC State will still be rebuilding under their second year coach.

The majority of ACC coaches are safe. Fisher can do whatever he wants at FSU. Swinney still has good will from his most recent run (but he's got to start beating South Carolina). Duke and Pitt might have ceilings with their current coaches, but their respective consistency makes them safe. Syracuse, Louisville, Wake and UNC have enough invested in their current coaches, that changes are unlikely this season. I think Golden is safe but he's always a candidate for another job. Beamer is safe too, but his transition to retirement is looming.

The only other ACC Coach to truly join London on the Hotseat is Paul Johnson. I like Johnson and think Tech should hang on to him, but he's rubbed enough people the wrong way over the years that his goodwill might run out. There is also the perception among a group of their fans that his offense will never lead to a National Championship.

Virginia and Georgia Tech are not in division, so a shakeup at either place doesn't benefit BC directly. However, we recruit similar types of players and have moved recruiting deeper into both states under Addazio. If either coach gets fired, BC should be able to poach a reluctant recruit or two.

I am glad BC is out of the Hotseat circle for at least another year. Who knows? Maybe Addazio will be a winner and a lifer. For now, I just hope he takes advantage of the chaos at other programs.

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