Saturday, April 29, 2017

Bills draft Milano

The Saturday of the NFL Draft is a quick event. Picks start flying and suddenly a round is over. Guys can get overlooked like that. Fortunately it wasn't a problem for Matt Milano. BC's star will be playing for Buffalo this season. He was selected in the 5th round, the 163rd pick overall in the draft.

The good news for Milano is going in the 5th round. The difference in pay from a later round isn't high, but the odds of making the final roster are better. Teams expect production out of the 5th round. Milano is a versatile player. Hopefully he can get some quality playing time this year.

Friday, April 28, 2017

Rams draft Johnson

For the second year in a row, a BC Defensive Back overcame expectations and got drafted in the third round. The Rams took John Johnson Friday night with the 91st pick overall. This should be a good fit as the Rams are implementing a new D and he will learn under one of the best in Wade Phillips. Big congrats go out to Johnson. Overlooked by other ACC schools, Johnson got better every year while at the Heights and was a key member to some great defenses. I wish him the best of luck in Los Angeles.

There are still plenty of rounds of the Draft to come. Hopefully Milano will get his shot too.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Ohio State football series pushed back again

For the second time, BC's future football series with Ohio State is getting rescheduled. The games are now scheduled to take place in 2026 and 2027. I wouldn't count on either game ever happening.

What makes this unique for BC and Ohio State is that Martin Jarmond is technically in charge of scheduling at Ohio State, and starting in June will be in charge of BC's schedule. Neither BC or Ohio State attributed any quotes to Jarmond nor did the school reference his ties to both schools. There is not quote from Addazio or Bates either.

The reality is that as much as Jarmond is "in charge of" scheduling, he is really just doing what Urban Meyer wants. By pushing the series back, it makes it that much more likely this game won't happen. It also increases the odds that Meyer won't have to face his friend Addazio. Based on coaching trends, it is unlikely that both will still be in their respective jobs. Plus Addazio will be 66 at kickoff.

I don't know if Addazio wants this game either. His recent schedule moves have been against lower-tier Power 5 teams. He is looking for very winnable games. It is likely that even in 2026, BC would be an underdog to the Buckeyes.

I am disappointed. I would like to see more opponents like Ohio State, not fewer. The landscape in college sports keeps changing, so I have no idea what 2026 will bring. TV deals and more conference shakeups, not to mention a potential rights fees bubble, could mean that teams play more conference games or it could mean ESPN has even more say over non-conference games. Now that BC has a opening, I hope Jarmond uses it to find a great replacement for Ohio State. As I have said and written many times, it is worth the risk for BC.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Maybe Jim Harbaugh should be one of Addazio's role models

The past few seasons, I have said that Addazio should model himself after Dabo Swinney. Be an emotional leader who dives deep into recruiting and delegates a lot to his coordinators. Maybe the real model should be Jim Harbaugh.

I know Harbaugh is far from perfect. He's a college coach, so there is a healthy mix of ego, hypocrisy, obsession and misguided priorities in his life. However, the guy has passion. And the guy turns that passion into interesting opportunities. Last year as part of spring ball, he took his team to Florida. This year, it went bigger and he took the team to Rome. Since you can't pay these players, a truly educational trip like this is a justifiable form of compensation. It is great PR too. Heck, we might get more BC alums to travel to Rome for a Spring game than we would hosting one in Alumni.

An added bonus is that Harbaugh got to meet Pope Francis and hand him a Michigan helmet. Given the Pope's history as a Jesuit, do you think he would turn down a visit from America's only FBS Jesuit football team?

Make this happen, Martin Jarmond.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

More Draft stuff

This has been around many of the BC message boards, but it is worth the attention. According to ESPN, BC is one of the college programs where our draftees out-perform their draft status. I wonder if our players will get a little more respect as Addazio's recruits become eligible for the Draft.

Here is the video of Mike Mayoc's visit with Johnson.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Jarmond says all the right things

BC officially introduced new Athletic Director Martin Jarmond in a Monday Press Conference. We've been through a few too many of these the past few years, so I was glad to find the energy different with Jarmond. He seemed more at ease than some of the other people BC has trotted at to the media. He didn't go over the top in his enthusiasm nor did he have any stage fright. Jarmond seems confident and charismatic, which are a big part of the job.

The session was light on details, but that really can't be a surprise. The guy is not even officially in the job yet and hasn't met the whole staff. He may have very specific plans for BC, but now wasn't the time to share them.

He emphasized BC's balance of academics and athletics and even sprinkled in a reference to the spiritual (which is a slightly new twist). While still not battling the specifics of parking, food, tailgates, etc, he did address that the fan's game day experience starts at home and BC needs to make the trip to campus inviting and easy. Jarmond avoided a pointed question about both basketball programs and did say that he has hired and fired people before (it is just not on his resume).

I also appreciated his humor. He joked with alumni Tom Leyden that the school will soon be asking him for money. I can't see Brad Bates ever joking about something like that. But the joke, his background and his reference to BC's financial commitment show that we have a AD focused on fundraising. That doesn't guarantee success, but having more resources won't hurt any program.

Press Conferences don't make a team or program. They are only really notable when they are screwed up. Jarmond did better than most, but I don't think anyone is going to remember this day. What he does in the next two years will be more important.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Baseball gets much needed sweep

For the first time in two years, BC Baseball swept n ACC series. The final win came on a complete game shutout from Brian Rapp. BC improved to 6-15 in ACC play. Hopefully this is a sign of a late season rebound. Next up, the team takes on UMass-Lowell on Tuesday.