Monday, December 11, 2017

Iowa fans not buying Pinstripe tickets

News came out Monday that Iowa has only sold 1,000 tickets to the Pinstripe Bowl. At this point they hope to sell 1,000 more and think a good chunk of their New York area alumni will buy directly from the bowl or on the secondary market. This is potentially good news for BC...if our fans react.

BC has not announced how many tickets they have sold, but it is rumored to be about 75% of our allotment. I strongly encourage any of you planning on going to buy your tickets through BC. From a perception standpoint, it would be a huge boost to our program if we sold more tickets than a Big Ten team. I know it is tempting to buy from the bowl or in the secondary market, but buying from BC assures you sit with BC fans. If you're going to go, don't you want to count as a BC fan?

Beyond the perception, it is also good that Iowa fans don't seem to care about this game. I hope it represents their team's attitude too. BC needs this win. An unmotivated Iowa team helps get to that 8th win.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Duke win: the day after

Hoffses thinks this game can be a springboard and puts BC in the bubble talk. I hope so.  A major problem of the Christian era has been the inability to build on any significant win or moment.

The Duke media is still trying to figure out how they lost.

I don't know much about what Ky Bowman is really like off the court, but bringing up group project work as part of your Saturday night is a great media response. It is exactly what the media wants to hear and BC fans eat it up too. I hope his group gave him some leeway!
Here is behind the scenes of Christian talking to the guys after the game. Let's hope this was a program changer.

Games and atmospheres like that can be great for BC Football recruiting. BC hosted recruits this weekend.

Saturday, December 09, 2017

Down goes Duke

A few days ago -- when the Hawkins news became official -- it seemed like BC's basketball season was over before it even started. Clearly the team wasn't ready to give up. BC upset No. 1 Duke Saturday for the biggest win of the Christian era. Bowman led BC with 30 points, while Robinson went 5-5 from downtown.

Aside from the boost of confidence and respect this win provides, I think the biggest takeaway was the environment. Conte sold out and was loud. Students stormed the court after the win and BC started trending in social media. BC Basketball has become an afterthought and dismissed by our casual fans. A few big wins and a little excitement might get those casual fans back on the bandwagon. This could be a program defining win or just a fluky upset. It will really depend and how Christian and Co. handle the rest of the season.

I never thought this day would come

The proposal and idea for a new baseball/softball complex on the Brighton campus is over a decade old. Being the cynic that I am when it comes to local objections to BC expansion and BC's inconsistent support of sports facilities, I thought the complex might never come. Yet the project is nearing completion and looks great (see below). Weather will always be a challenge for both sports, but this is the type of facility that should be a game changer. It's exciting.

Thursday, December 07, 2017

Denis makes All America team and other links

Congrats to Lukas Denis who was named to the Camp All America Second Team. I know BC has always developed and scouted well, but I do think Addazio's hit rate on underrated talent has been pretty good. Denis was only a two star and BC was his only Power 5 offer. 

Although there are not many spots left, BC is still in the mix with a few different New Jersey prospects

Dillon mentioned among the ACC's best running backs.

If Vine does come back, Addazio will be ready.

Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Hawkins done for the year

Per Goodman:

This is another setback for BC Basketball. Although Hawkins was only a grad transfer, he was supposed to provide the sort of front line help that might make BC more competitive this season. Tough loss for Hawkins too, as he was supposed to use this season to prove himself against elite ACC competition.

BC still has talent in the backcourt, but I fear teams are going to kill us on the boards all season.

Hawkins and BC could apply for a 6th year. Who knows if he would want one?

Tuesday, December 05, 2017

The DEFINITIVE ranking of every BC Bowl game

When Iowa fans turned their nose up at the Pinstripe, while BC fans got excited, I started thinking about BC's bowl history. We've now been to a lot of them. Some were better than others. What I felt was needed was a reminder and perspective on it all. So the following is a ranking of all of BC's bowl games. I tried to rate them on their relative prestige, history and fan excitement (at the time). I also tried to ignore the outcome since that didn't impact our fan excitement about the selection or location or opponent. Obviously I am right about all of these, but you can leave your (wrong) opinions in the comments section. [UPDATED: when I pasted the chart, I forgot to paste the Liberty Bowl. It has been added.]

1. 1985 Cotton Bowl vs Houston. This was the culmination of the Flutie era and at the time one of the "big" bowls.

2. 1941 Sugar Bowl vs Tennessee. BC's only claim at a National Championship.

3. 1940 Cotton Bowl Classic vs Clemson. The "rivalry" with Clemson was born. Historically it is not an important game for either program but the Cotton Bowl was a big deal.

4. 1943 Orange Bowl vs Alabama. The Leahy days. There weren't a lot of bowls, so BC still going to one was a big deal.

5. 1983 Liberty Bowl vs Notre Dame. Flutie vs the Irish. It was big at the time. Would probably be bigger now given Flutie's legend and our history with Notre Dame.

6. 1993 Hall of Fame Bowl vs Tennessee. Coughlin breathed new life into the program. This was the last time BC played in a major, traditional bowl.

7. 1986 Hall of Fame Bowl vs Georgia. This was a major bowl game in the post-Flutie era.

8. 1994 Aloha Bowl vs Kansas State. This was when the Aloha Bowl was a big deal. It was the first game of the season and was on Christmas Day. We had a fun D to watch and got to take on a highly ranked K-State team.

9. 2007 Champs Sports Bowl vs Michigan State. While a letdown after losing the ACC Championship, people were excited about a Florida bowl against a real team.

10. 1982 Tangerine Bowl vs Auburn. This was a minor bowl even then but the Flutie era had a special feeling to it all.

11. 2001 Music City Bowl vs Georgia. BC had a great season and was a surprise invite to face a ranked Georgia team in Nashville.

12. 2014 New Era Pinstripe Bowl vs Penn State. This was the end to a pleasant surprise type of season against and old rival.

13. 2017 Pinstripe Bowl vs Iowa. Right bowl, right place, right time against a real team. General fan and program satisfaction.

14. 1994 Carquest Bowl vs Virginia. This was a newish bowl and a big disappointment given what nearly happened that season. A running theme: BC blew a shot at a major bowl in the final weekend.

15. 2000 Aloha Bowl vs Arizona State. BC took a lot of flack for not being deserving this bowl. But it was still Hawaii against a real team.

16. 1999 Bowl vs Colorado. The former Copper Bowl was one of the first to take a DotCom name. Very few BC fans went to Tuscon but there was relief to be back in a bowl.

17. 2004 Continental Tire Bowl vs North Carolina. There wasn't a lot of excitement about this game because we had just blown our shot at a major bowl, but playing UNC in their home state had some novelty at the time.

18. 2005 MPC Computers Bowl vs Boise State. This was one of the biggest slights during BC's bowl streak. However, the whole program and fanbase had a chip on our shoulders and there was the novelty of playing Boise on the blue turf.

19. 2009 Emerald Bowl vs USC. After doing a tour of weird bowls, fans were fine with San Fran again and excited to play USC. But the Spaz era was low enthusiasm in general.

20. 2003 San Francisco Bowl vs Colorado State. This was when San Francisco was fresh for BC and their was still some optimism regarding TOB. Colorado State did not generate much excitement.

21. 2006 Meineke Car Care Bowl vs Navy. It was a return trip to Charlotte against a team we had played many times. Plus we were between coaches.

22. 2008 Music City Bowl vs Vanderbilt. This was the ultimate letdown after losing another ACC Championship game.

23. 2013 AdvoCare V100 Independence Bowl vs Arizona. Shreveport? Weird destination but a good opponent. It was nice to return to bowls at the start of the Addazio era.

24. 2016 Quick Lane Bowl vs Maryland. A trip to Detroit against a terrible Maryland team.

25. 2011 Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl vs Nevada. It was back to San Francisco for a second year in a row. Nevada had Kaepernick, but there was little buzz about this game.

26. 2002 Motor City Bowl vs Toledo. This was a letdown season and a terrible bowl.

Monday, December 04, 2017

Pinstripe Bowl reactions

While there are always some gripes, I think most BC fans, players and coaches were excited about the Pinstripe Bowl selection. The media and the Iowa community don't seem as thrilled.

The Big Lead named the bowl one of the worst of the season. Their logic is that the game pairs two conservative, inefficient offenses on a slippery baseball field. 

Kirk Ferentz was Mr. Excitement in this interview. He admits to not knowing much about BC.

Here is Iowa's AD talking. He had to start the Q&As explaining why they are not going to Nashville.

The Iowa players don't seem as disappointed, but they don't seem particularly happy either.

Addazio was about the exact opposite of everyone from Iowa. He thinks this is the perfect bowl for BC.