Sunday, June 17, 2018

No one looks at Addazio the same way

I don't think Addazio is a great coach. I also don't think he is a bad one. He's mediocre. 7-6 seems to be his perfect record. But I can be myopic about BC stuff. I am too deep into it. Too emotional. Maybe I don't know...or appreciate what we have. I try to step back and I do think I am being fair, because if you read enough preview stuff, people think Addazio is an overachiever or an underachiever.

Athlon ranked him as the worst coach in the ACC. They hedge a bit and say he would be higher in other conferences and might have a strong year. But 14th is 14th.

Phil Steele on the other hand likes Addazio, thinks we will be a surprise team and a potential Top 20 team.

I do think it is good that many are saying "this is the year." It might mean we finally see if Addazio is anything more than a 7-6 coach.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Friday, June 15, 2018

Good buzz on Robinson

According to Adam Himmelsback, Jerome Robinson is a hot name heading into the NBA Draft. Once considered a second rounder, some teams supposedly want him as early as the teens. That's obviously good for Jerome as the higher he is taken the more guaranteed money he will get. The key for long-term success though is getting on the right team. Robinson's offensive game is pretty versatile. As long as his D is solid, he should get plenty of playing time next year.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

An OLine fact you will hear a lot in the coming weeks

Did you know BC enters the season with the second most combined starts of returning Offensive Lineman? (Wisconsin is first.) I mention this because I am reading it in preview after preview. It is also encouraging for a team that is going to focus on its ground game.

Considering Addazio's reputation as an OLine guru, one of the most disappointing aspects of the disastrous 2015 season was the Oline play. I was surprised and frustrated that Addazio didn't have his thin and young crew playing better. They improved in 2016 but were still not great. The start of 2017 was more of the same, but then -- about four games in -- they really started to click. Dillon gets a lot of the credit for the spark last year, but it really started up front.

Now -- with that much more experience -- and more weapons on offense and a punishing runner behind them, this should be one of the best OLines in the country.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

New NCAA rules and how it impacts BC

The NCAA announced two major new rules Wednesday. Both will uniquely impact BC.

The rule that is getting the most attention is the open transfer rule. This prevents coaches from "blocking" a transfer to a rival or future opponent. This one only partially benefits BC. The ACC is still allowed to have its own rules and has not lifted the intra-conference restrictions. Meaning BC kids can't easily transfer to other ACC schools and BC cannot easily pick up an ACC transfer.

The second new rule allows for a player to take the field during his/her redshirt season. In football, this partial playing could be as many as four games. For a program that wants to develop players, this is a great thing for BC. Now a guy can redshirt but still get critical on the field development.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Flutie talks up Dillion

I know he does the Notre Dame games on NBC. I know he has to be impartial. But clearly Doug Flutie loves BC and still follows the team closely. Look at his reaction to an AJ Dillon question. It's general, unadulterated gushing. Let's hope things fall into place like Doug says.

Monday, June 11, 2018

ACC rules make Bey signing unlikely

Short summary on basketball player Saddiq Bey. Top rated basketball recruit signs with NC State. NC State also picks up an elite transfer so they push out Bey and release him from his Letter of Intent. Bey looks at new schools including BC and Wake. The ACC says if he goes to either of those schools he will have to sit out two seasons.This is not an NCAA rule. It is an ACC rule. Bey has wisely moved his focus onto non-ACC schools like Villanova.

There was a small window where it seemed like Bey might join BC, but now I can't see it happening. Why would he make such sacrifices?

BC still has an open scholarship. Look for more targets to emerge soon.