Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Look at the uniforms and other links

BC teased out the pictures from photo day. It doesn't look like there have been any noticeable changes to the uniform.

Greg Toal is back coaching and there of course is a BC connection. He will be a DLine coach at Bergen Catholic under Nunzio Campanile. This won't help BC's recruiting at Bosco, but it won't hurt recruiting at Bergen Catholic.

This article assumes that Wade will be the starting QB this fall.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Looking at QB depth

If we are to take Addazio's talking points as sincere, he has never had more depth at QB. He said so at the ACC Media event just last week. But does he just mean Wade and Brown? Through walk-ons, greyshirting, dual position recruits, Addazio has seven QBs listed on the depth chart. Here is the roster with a few comments:

-- Darius Wade, JR. It is interesting to note that the updated BC roster lists Wade as a graduate. That means he could have walked this offseason and didn't. Regardless, he has two years of eligibility remaining. Maybe this is the year that he makes the leap. Maybe the extra competition will spark something. If he doesn't take over the starting spot, I would be surprised if he sticks around for his final year of eligibility.

-- Anthony Brown, R-FR. Brown is every fan and coach's favorite type of QB -- the future star who has yet to take the field. Brown's got all the tools. He certainly has all of our expectations. But can he deliver this fall? Addazio is not in position to take too many lumps, so Brown can't play like a redshirt freshman. He needs to be very good from the very first time he takes the field.

-- John Fadule, SO. Fadule is listed as a sophomore but technically has three more years to play. Although it was only two years ago, it seems like a different time when he was actually BC's starter. That was the last time Addazio threw everything against the wall to see what stuck. I don't expect Fadule to ever get serious playing time again, but he is not a bad guy to have as a back-up.

-- EJ Perry, FR. The local kid. If things go well, Perry doesn't see the field this year. He redshirts and grows with the program. If he plays, it means he's been awesome or things got really, really bad.

-- Tate Haynes, FR. Given Addazio's track record of moving speed guys off the QB depth chart and into other positions, I would be surprised if Haynes ever plays QB for BC. The crowded depth chart is one obstacle and BC's consistent need for any type of playmaker elsewhere is another. Like some of the other long shots, Haynes only sees the field if he is amazing early. I wouldn't mind it playing out like that.

-- Dennis Grosel, FR. A recruited walk-on is probably the toughest sell at BC. If we recruit him, he obviously has enough talent to play somewhere. Some other program would probably offer some sort of scholarship. Yet these guys come to BC out of their own pocket. Maybe the pitch of potentially playing Power 5 instead of FCS is enough for some kids. Grosel arrived in the winter and got to play spring ball. We saw nothing that made anyone think he will play soon, but not a bad kid to develop in the program.

-- Matt McDonald, FR. It is still unclear if McDonald is still a walk-on or has been given a scholarship. He signed as a greyshirt but is part of the team now. Another late bloomer who has nothing but upside. 

Even though we were burned two years ago with a young, untested QB depth chart, I am a bit more optimistic this time around. If neither Wade or Brown look good, I have a hunch that one of the long shots will develop. With seven on the roster, the odds say someone should. If not, then we have a coaching problem, not a QB problem.

Monday, July 17, 2017

What am I missing about the other ACC also-rans

The ACC media predicted BC to finish last in the Atlantic Division. No big deal. The ACC Media has consistently underestimated BC. Part of it is due to the Carolina-centric group that gathers at this event. BC is out of sight and out of mind for most of them. Part of it is the perception that BC's early ACC success was an exception and ignores our long history of above average college football success. Those issues I've come to accept. Plus, it is not like BC is coming off a huge season. But what surprises me in the poll is the big gap between BC and the other Atlantic middle class. What am I missing about these other teams?

After the Atlantic Power Programs, here is how the voting went:
4. NC State - 658
5. Wake Forest – 415
6. Syracuse - 362
7. Boston College - 283

NC State?!? Are they better than BC? Maybe, but not that much better. BC beat them on the road. Doeren has a worse ACC record than Addazio and has done nothing to signify that they are on an upswing.

Wake?!? Like NC State, BC beat Wake on the road last year. I like Clawson, but his recruiting has been poor and his ACC record terrible. Why are they suddenly such a sure thing?

Syracuse?!? I think Syracuse is a bit like BC in that the perception and geography of ACC Media will always hurt their polling. They at least have a gimmick in their offense that will help them steal a game or two. Are they better than BC? I don't think so. But I also don't think they are that much worse than the other ACC also-rans.

BC will have an elite defense this year. If the offense improves, they should be as good as last year if not better. While I shouldn't be getting worked up about a team that finished 6th in the Division getting snubbed, I just don't understand the spread of teams. All of these squads are severely flawed with seemingly mediocre coaches. In my opinion the difference between 4 and 7 should be about four points, not four hundred.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Yet another suggestion for ACC Divisions

No one likes the ACC Divisions, but that is all people agree on. When it comes to fiixing the divisions, no one agrees. This article gets into a solution and other issues of disagreement among the conference members. 

My simple solution remains, a division made up of old Big East teams + Virginia and nine ACC regular season games. 

Saturday, July 15, 2017

ICYMI: Vaughn Williams' letter

I tweeted this out earlier in the week, but want to mention it again. If you haven't read Vaughn Williams' letter on leaving KSU for BC, you should. Williams is exactly the type of hire Jarmond needed to make. He ran his own department, so he provides an experienced perspective to our young AD. He is a delicate balance of insider/outsider, in that he carries enough institutional BC knowledge to bridge some gaps, yet is not married to any one idea or way of doing things. Finally, he clearly has passion for BC. If you are going to bring in a new No. 2, Williams seems like the right guy for this job.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Video roundup from ACC Media Day

Some of this you might have seen. Some of it will be new. Either way, Addazio and his players did their job. They represented the school well and got out that message that BC will compete this year. 

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Reading too much into Daz's ACC press conference

I wanted confidence. I got it. Addazio seemed happy and excited about the season ahead. The correlation between his confidence and BC winning might not be great, but it gives me some hope going into the season. None of these coaches say much, but Addazio did say a few things that we can over analyze. Here are a few of my takeaways.

1. The QB job is Anthony Brown's for the taking. In his press conference Addazio mentioned Anthony Brown first. That's telling. He acknowledged that Wade would be the starter today and had more first team reps in the Spring, but he still mentioned Brown first and made it clear the job is up for grabs. Since most of the media prepared their questions with Wade in mind, Addazio did address Wade and said he thinks the veteran is finally coming into his own. Wade will get a chance. But Addazio's gut is clearly with Brown.

2. Addazio has heard the criticism of the offense. He makes reference to scoring excitement and that comes off a little condescending as if fans know nothing. But he misses the point. BC's offense hasn't just been low scoring and boring, it has been highly inefficient and detrimental to the world class defense. It sounds like we will keep the bowl-game tempo and also have the pro+spread concepts. My fear is that it sounds like a grab bag approach again. Why do three things well, when you can do a dozen things poorly! My hope is the oline and run game are mature enough just to run over people. If this season comes down to offensive schemes and execution, we're done.

3. The D should be great again. Despite the personnel loses, Addazio rattled off the whole returning roster and is pleased with the talent. With just those returning stars playing at their same level as last year, we have a Top 30 D. If those guys improve and the new guys make an impact, BC should have a Top 10 D again.

As more reports and content come out in the coming days, I will post it. But for now, it looks like Addazio is feeling good. I hope he has reason to feel that way.