Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Jarmond looks to fans for answers and ideas

New AD, but a familiar gameplan. Like his predecessors, Martin Jarmond is reaching out to fans to improve the BC fan experience. A select "Fan Council" will work with the Athletic Department on improving the game day experience and overall experience. I admire Jarmond's desire to improve things, but given the past, I am skeptical of this approach.

Every AD BC of the past 25 years said he was going to reach out to fans and improve game days. Some used townhalls. Some did online Q&As and others had special events for season ticket holders. I think all past attempts were sincere and well-intentioned. However, nothing the Athletic Department did had significant impact on attendance. Winning spikes attendance. Quality opponents impact attendance. Game times and days impact attendance. Weather impacts attendance. Most of those factors are out of the AD's control.

Then there is a whole host of BC factors that are also hard for a BC AD to truly change like local parking restrictions, local rules on tailgating hours, and alcohol sales.

If this goes like past fan driven feedback forums, Jarmond will hear all about tailgating rules and hours, Donor-based seating, playing games on Friday night, etc. (I am sure there will even be talk of Men's Lacrosse.) I also don't expect wholesale changes in the game day experience. The best I hope for are some small simple suggestions that BC can implement.

Maybe my cynicism is misguided. I do think Jarmond should be visible and engaged with the fanbase. I just don't like the council format. I think he will get swamped with all sorts of ideas and only a few of them will be viable.

In my opinion, Jarmond and his team should try new things and borrow the best ideas from around college sports. See what works and then build on those improvements. Trust the fans' reactions and responses to those changes, not what someone says in a council. Too often people will say they will do something in a fan forum, but do the opposite with their own time and money.

I like Jarmond's willingness to listen to fans. I just hope he doesn't spend too much time and goodwill on this, since so much of this is all predictable and unfixable.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Vrabel commits

When BC offered Tyler Vrabel at camp a few weeks ago, I was skeptical that he would commit. I figured his dad's deep ties to Ohio State and past work with Urban Meyer would mean that young Vrabel would head to Ohio State eventually. I also thought that BC's offer would spark other Power 5s to move in on the Texas OL prospect. Well, Vrabel didn't wait on others because he committed to BC Tuesday.

He's a three star on most of the services and plays in a competitive area in Houston. He also attends a Catholic School in the area (which helps in the admission process).

Having the Vrabel background and experience at BC's camp, I feel pretty comfortable with this offer. Given his family background, I also hope that he won't be swayed by schools that come in late.

Welcome aboard, Tyler.

Monday, June 26, 2017

More pessimism about BC's bowl chances

CFN put up their bowl predictions and has BC staying home. Given the ACC's ties to other bowls and the still outrageous number of bowl games, I don't see how BC misses out. If a Power 5 team gets to .500, they are going bowling. Heck, even with five regular season wins and a good APR, BC would probaby go bowling.

Could BC be terrible this year and miss out? Sure. But I just don't see it. There remains enough winnable games on the schedule and enough talent on D that BC should get to the required number of wins. If not, Jarmond will have to make some tough decisions early in his tenure.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

More social media glimpses from BC Football Camp

You can't see much of what's going on at BC's Camp in this clip but you can see the set up on Newton. Because of all the main campus renovations and construction, the camps are being held on the grass over there this year.
You can also see that Defensive Coordinator Jim Reid is pretty pleased with things. It is only a tweet, but there is plenty of truth in his comment. Camps are the best way for the staff to get a feel for a player.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

A look at the investment required for the ACC Network

This article is not about BC, but does show what ESPN and the Conference is requiring for campus video infrastructure. By 2018, every school needs to have production facilities on campus, production personnel, and fiber cables directly to ESPN (to avoid satellite trucks). Public records show the costs in Virginia and Virginia Tech are ranging between $5 and $7 million.

I don't know if the ACC Network will be a financial success, but it looks like the conference and ESPN are committing the resources needed so that there will be lots of coverage and quality production.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Report: Admissions Office reject Hockey's Tolvanen

I can't claim to know the ins and outs of this issue, but according to USHR, incoming freshman Eeli Tolvanen is no longer BC bound. Allegedly it is due to an Admissions issue.
I find it interesting that this news comes just a day after the Football team slipped in a very, very late academic qualifier. You would hope that the school had a consistent policy on athletic admissions. Ultimately we are still a school and trying to keep some semblance of an educational mission with our players. I get it. However, we do need some leeway and the coaches need to know how far they can go.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Nuggets from the Athlon Preview

I picked up my Athlon College Football Preview and they're not too high on BC. The magazine picks BC to finish last in the division, go 5-7 (2-6 in ACC again) and out of a bowl. Overall they consider BC 70th. I am not really outraged or frustrated. Just resigned to our place until Addazio proves otherwise.

Athlon always quotes an anonymous coach about each team. Often times it can get catty. No so with BC this year. Here is what one ACC assistant said, "They just don't have the same kind of skill players that the other schools in the league have, but they're very sound in what they do."

The Athlon preview online also ranks the all-time best college football players of the Athlon era. Flutie only came in a No. 49. That is a big disservice and shows lack of perspective. Flutie's stats look small time now, but his offense helped change college football.

Our current QB was ranked 105 among all starters entering the season.