Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Grantland dives deep on OLine with Addazio

The Addazio offseason media tour continues as he is the main subject in this Grantland article on building an offensive line. There are plenty of good nuggets in there, but the most interesting to me was the drill he has the lineman run in the offseason conditioning:

At Boston College, winter conditioning includes a borderline-sadistic drill in which one player contorts himself into a chairlike position, back against a wall, and balances weights on his knees. At the same time, another player pushes a 45-pound plate around the room as fast as he can. The longer it takes the second player to finish the course, the longer his teammate has to support the weights on his knees; if the player against the wall drops the plates, his teammate has to go back to the starting line. Addazio’s description of this regimen alone will turn the listener’s thighs to jelly.

“We’re trying to create accountability with each other,” Addazio says. “Don’t let your partner down. Don’t let your teammate down. You work on these skill sets.”

While Addazio has a plan for building an Oline, I still think it can be as simple as coaching. As mush as we hated Tranquill or thought Spaz was inept, what really undermined his teams was the OLine coaching. Jags showed that a head coach who appreciates OL play combined with a very good position coach can come in and make an Oline thrive. Addazio did the same thing in his first two years. I don't love the turnover at the OLine this year, but I have full confidence in Addazio and Justin Frye to make these guys competent by our opener.

BC proudly calls itself OLine U and I hope we always do. We need that mentality to compete. It is an area where we've shown we can recruit and develop and it covers so many potential weaknesses.

I hope Addazio has a long and successful tenure and I also hope that whoever replaces him has an Oline background. That works for BC.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Can BC's hardline recruiting stance backfire?

Rivals' Justin Rowland posted an interesting article on BC's old school recruiting policy. Rowland points out that in a world of social media and recruits flirting with everyone and wanting to take all their visits, BC's idea of committing and sticking is risky. In his first two classes Addazio only suffered one decommit. Yet watching Danny Dalton walk away this spring and seeing Anthony Brown drag his feet to committing has recruiting analysts and some fans questioning Addazio's aggressive stance.

I have no problem with Addazio wanting commitments to shut their recruiting down. It is aggressive, but it makes sense. All these kids are fickle and young and easily swayed. Hold them down any way you can to Signing Day. Because of who we are, it is easy to negatively recruit against BC. We also offer a very different experience on recruiting visits. Look at how Dalton second-guessed his commitment just based on the thought that Alabama was interested. Imagine if they had offered or he had visited. We sell a solid, proven experience and path. But teenagers can be seduced by the flash.

Some might think Addazio is hypocritical since BC actively recruits kids committed elsewhere. But I also don't fault him on that front. Everyone is doing it. BC needs to also.

As he gets more established and BC adds some new facilities, Addazio might not have to take such a hardline on visits. Until then, he needs to do whatever it takes and protect his recruiting classes.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

$10,000 decision

You probably heard about this story last week, but here is BC golfer Brian Butler explaining why he turned down the $10,000 prize that came with a hole-in-one he made at a recent tournament. I am glad he loves BC Golf enough to keep his eligibility. He seems like a smart guy, but he clearly doesn't understand BC jinxes. As a junior he should know that when he said he won't make a second hole-in-one (which would trigger a $1 million prize) he reversed the mojo and will now be faced with a $1 million decision.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Two more commitments for Addazio

Addazio picked up two more commitments for his 2016 recruiting class. Both were pleasant surprises in their own way. The first commitment came from Michigan OLine prospect Tom Kowalkoski. He is 6'4 and 265 lbs and plays for traditional power Catholic Central. Kowalkoski holds offers from MAC schools, but BC was the first Power 5 to offer and fortunately he committed in a quick time frame. I am sure BC's interest will get some of the Big Ten schools talking to him off the ledge, but Addazio does a good job of keeping commitments committed.

The second commitment was New Jersey QB Anthony Brown. BC focused in on Brown months ago and have been waiting on his verbal. Just when it seemed like he was ready, things would drag out. Other schools came calling and it looked like he might be slow playing BC. I don't know why he finally decided, but he's now a verbal commitment. Brown is 6'2 and has a live arm. He holds offers from many of our peers, like Northwestern, Syracuse and Virginia Tech.

This class won't be as big as the last two, so it is nice to get key pieces like a QB and Lineman. I assume more things will pick up when camps start in a few weeks.

Latvian Meznieks commits

Jim Christian added the most interesting piece to his recruiting class yet: Ervins Meznieks. Other than some Youtube highlights (below), there is not much available on the Latvian. He's 6'6 so he's undersized to be a true front court player. He seems like the sort of risk Christian can take right now. If he matures and develops, BC gets a steal. If he doesn't then the odds are he'll be back in Europe in a year or two. Good luck to Ervins and let's see where this unique recruiting class goes next.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Tweets of the Week

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Arizona package? and other links

The best type of recruiting is when one elite player brings in another. According to Hoffses, that could be happening at BC if Arizona big man Andre Adams joins Sammy Barnes-Thompkins.  Adams will probably have to decide soon. The added bonus of the package is that it helps the transition for two kids far away from home.

For those who missed it, Chase Rettig signed with the Chargers. This follows a tryout with the Dolphins. I don't know why these teams are showing interest now but didn't really pursue Chase after Green Bay dropped him last season. I wish him well and think he can still be a solid NFL backup.

Rettig's teammate KPL is ready to get back on the field.

BC finished 6th nationally for APR success. 12 Eagle teams qualified for being in the Top 10th percentile of their respective sport in graduating student athletes.