Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Addazio should name a starting QB this week

It is almost time. This is the last week of summer camp. Next week is game week. Now is the time to pick a QB. Yet Addazio seems in no hurry. 

Wade still remains the favorite for the job. The fact that he hasn't made the competition a slam dunk case is really a half-full/half-empty proposition. It is great that Brown has shown enough promise to make it a tough decision. it is disconcerting that Wade isn't a clear cut choice.

Addazio will decide soon, so you might ask: "what's the rush?" I think this is Addazio's chance to get the team ready and behind one guy. A few extra days will change the mentality around the team. 

Plus, there is very little downside to naming a guy now. Whoever gets the No. 2 slot will need to understand that he is only one snap away. The backup needs to buy in. If anything, waiting might just anger the No. 2. 

Whoever wins is going to be on a short leash. Addazio needs to win and can't let one guy fall apart when a similar option is on the bench. This season could be a bumpy ride. Let's start to get through those bumps now when there is still time to fix things. 

Monday, August 21, 2017

Walk-on soccer player to handle kickoffs

One thing that has been brewing this summer is the success of former BC soccer player Max Schulze-Geisthovel. The German has finished his collegiate soccer career and decided to try football. And at this point, it looks like he's been so good that he will handle kickoffs.

Schulze-Geisthovel is not accurate enough to handle field goals, but Addazio won't rule it out. Addazio claims the kid has the biggest leg of any kicker since Addazio has been at BC.

I don't really care who kicks. I just want success. Addazio has struggled finding someone he can trust and considering how few points we score, every attempt counts. Field position counts too, so that is where Schulze-Geisthovel can make an immediate impact.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

What to expect out of the OLine

The Herald's article on Chris Lindstrom got me thinking about the Offensive Line.  Even with all the talent upgrade and the new tempo offense, ultimately the success of this team is very dependent on the offensive line. It needs to be better than last year and needs to be elite if BC is going to be anything more than a seven win team.

As the Herald reported, Lindstrom has moved and is penciled in at RT. We know Baker is still at Center. Transfer Marcell Lazard, played Tackle at West Virginia, but is seems with Lindstrom at RT and presumably Montiero at LT, he would be inside. The other guard might be Schmall. On paper, that is a lot of questions marks. There is also plenty of talent and potential. That is where coaching comes into play.

One of the reasons we had great success at OLine, is we had great OL coaches. They knew what they wanted and could mold players accordingly. Things started to fall apart under Spaz when he had poor OLine coaches. Based on his first two years, I thought Addazio and his OL coach Justin Frye were perfect. They had the guys ready. Then it all fell apart. Last year was a little better, but still not elite. Now with more depth and experience on the line, this should be a great season. The coaches and the players should be on the same page.

A great OL can hide a lot of mistakes. BC needs a great OL to be great. My expectations are improvement. I will hope that they make a big lead and become the ACC's best again. That is when you will know BC has turned the corner.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Bahamas basketball trip starts off well

Every few years, NCAA basketball programs are allowed to take a summer trip. This year, Christian took the guys to the Bahamas. The caliber of basketball might not be as high as some of the European or Asian trips, BC and other schools have taken, but it is probably less expensive. A cheap confidence boost is just what this team needs.

On Saturday, they won their first game in the Bahamas. It was against the CTG Knights (whom I had never heard of prior to this game). The Knights made it interesting mid-way through the second half, but BC pulled away. The scoring went as expected with Robinson, Bowman, and Chapman leading the way. Newbie Stefon Mitchell chipped in too.

BC plays their next game Monday night. I hope they keep it rolling.

Friday, August 18, 2017

BC makes Alumni beer/wine sales official

The rumors are true. BC announced Friday that they will expand beer and wine sales at Alunmi Stadium on game days. The alcohol will be available at select concession stands around the stadium. 

Jarmond was quick to thank the City of Boston. That's a smart move. Keep the regulators happy. The press release also noted that a third of colleges are now selling beer and wine at their stadiums.

As I said when the news started leaking out, this is a good move for BC. It should bring in a few extra bucks and get a few more people to their seat. But this is not a cure all. Let's hope there are more positive moves made in the near future. 

Thursday, August 17, 2017

BC needs to get in front of the Yawkey controversy

The Red Sox are requesting the city of Boston change the street outside Fenway from "Yawkey Way" due to the owner's racist past. I don't care how you feel about the move. I don't care about Tom Yawkey or current owner Sox owner John Henry. You can question the timing of Henry's request, but who cares if it is sincere, grandstanding or just out of fear. My concern in all of this is BC. We have a prominent Football building carrying the Yawkey name, and it is inevitably listed in articles mentioning the Sox's move. Before the spotlight comes, before any real controversy starts, BC just needs to get in front of it all and change the name. Right now. Have the change go up before the season even starts. 

Tom Yawkey had no affiliation to BC. The only reason the building carries his last name is because the trustee of the Yawkey Foundation and former Red Sox President John Harrington had deep ties to the school. Before joining the Sox he taught accounting at BC. It was Harrington who pushed for the gift and Harrington who guided the naming. At the time, the Yawkey name carried much less controversy so it was a no brainer for BC to use it. If anything, there was the belief that associating with the Red Sox would help the program. There is no sense carrying the name if it is going to hurt the program in the slightest. 

With respect to Harrington, there are a few workarounds that might help in the renaming. BC could call it the Jean Yawkey Center. Tom's widow was a very prominent philanthropist around Boston, and owned the Red Sox and contributed to Major League Baseball without controversy for decades after his death. Adding "Jean" distances it from Tom. I imagine several of the other local non-profits carrying Yawkey names or buildings will do the same.

BC could also rename it after Harrington. He was the guiding force for the gift. He was the BC guy. It wasn't his money, but why not give him some credit? I can't think of anything controversial about Harrington that would upset anyone.

BC could always rename it after another donor. Take the Yawkey name off now and shop around the naming opportunity to our biggest boosters. That might seem a little greedy and opportunistic, but we wouldn't be the first large non-profit to replace a name based on a bigger gift.

While I understand the sensitivity to the Yawkey Foundation, there are BC alums all over their board. I am sure they will understand BC's predicament. There are many courses of action. BC can be thoughtful in their plan and response. However, they can't drag their feet on Step 1. Drop the name now and figure the rest out later.

Let me restate, I don't care about this becoming a debate. I don't care how people feel about sensitivity or the president or social justice. There are many areas where I do care about BC's stand on things, but there is no reason to ever get into the fray or become a flashpoint over someone who was dead 30 years before some of his foundation's money headed over to BC.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Fan Council and recruit updates

BC announced the members of their first Fan Council. The release didn't bother explaining who the members are or what their affiliation is to BC. I remain cynical as to how much impact the Council will ultimately have, but at this point Jarmond has very little to lose.

Future BC DB Tyler Days is excited about his final high school season.

This roundup of Dallas-area stars mentions BC OL prospect Thomas Shelmire.