Friday, December 15, 2017

This guy had a good week

It's Friday, so I wanted to point out an underappreciated highlight from this week. A BC student nailed a 94-foot putt on the hardwoods of Conte for $1,000 in Under Armour gear. Good for him and good for BC to mix up the ingame promotions a bit. Beating Duke will be the biggest driver in attendance this year, but making the in-game experience fun again won't hurt. It was probably the true highlight of the Columbia game. 

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Addazio updates on bowl prep

The football team is right in the middle of their bowl prep. That means there is a certain level of drudgery. But Addazio seems pretty confident and remains on schedule. The team has started working in schemes and Iowa specific preparation. The coach took a few minutes to address the media about the bowl and some other season ending topics below. 

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Why national awards matter

It is national awards time in college football and BC has been in the mix for a few. Some were expected and others a pleasant surprise.

-- AJ Dillon made the 247 Freshmen All-America Team.
-- Defensive Backs Coach Anthony Campanile was named 247 National DB Coach of the Year.
-- Lukas Denis made the Walter Camp All America Team.
-- Dillon was also named the ACC Rookie of the Year.
-- Dillon and Petrula made ESPN's All Freshmen Team.
-- Nine players made All-ACC teams.

For a 7-5 team, this was quite a haul. The biggest surprises were Campanile's award and Denis getting a nod from the Camp selectors (which tend to pick "names"). While I would rather have wins than awards, the awards can impact future wins. BC can now sell how great the staff is. BC can now tell recruits, "we turn unheralded players into Camp All Americans and turn elite recruits -- like Dillon -- into stars." 

Addazio spends a lot of time talking about recruiting momentum and buzz. Clearly perception is starting to change. Now he needs to win the bowl game to keep the momentum and positivity going.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Basketball shakes off slow start against Columbia

Taking on an Ivy League team after knocking off Duke is always going to lead to an emotional letdown. However, the predictable aspect of BC's start didn't make it any less frustrating. But after things settled, BC went on long runs to end the first half and start the second half in their win over Columbia.

There were some good things. BC shot well from the FT line and from 3. Popovic put together a solid second half.

BC is off until playing Central Connecticut this weekend.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Iowa fans not buying Pinstripe tickets

News came out Monday that Iowa has only sold 1,000 tickets to the Pinstripe Bowl. At this point they hope to sell 1,000 more and think a good chunk of their New York area alumni will buy directly from the bowl or on the secondary market. This is potentially good news for BC...if our fans react.

BC has not announced how many tickets they have sold, but it is rumored to be about 75% of our allotment. I strongly encourage any of you planning on going to buy your tickets through BC. From a perception standpoint, it would be a huge boost to our program if we sold more tickets than a Big Ten team. I know it is tempting to buy from the bowl or in the secondary market, but buying from BC assures you sit with BC fans. If you're going to go, don't you want to count as a BC fan?

Beyond the perception, it is also good that Iowa fans don't seem to care about this game. I hope it represents their team's attitude too. BC needs this win. An unmotivated Iowa team helps get to that 8th win.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Duke win: the day after

Hoffses thinks this game can be a springboard and puts BC in the bubble talk. I hope so.  A major problem of the Christian era has been the inability to build on any significant win or moment.

The Duke media is still trying to figure out how they lost.

I don't know much about what Ky Bowman is really like off the court, but bringing up group project work as part of your Saturday night is a great media response. It is exactly what the media wants to hear and BC fans eat it up too. I hope his group gave him some leeway!
Here is behind the scenes of Christian talking to the guys after the game. Let's hope this was a program changer.

Games and atmospheres like that can be great for BC Football recruiting. BC hosted recruits this weekend.

Saturday, December 09, 2017

Down goes Duke

A few days ago -- when the Hawkins news became official -- it seemed like BC's basketball season was over before it even started. Clearly the team wasn't ready to give up. BC upset No. 1 Duke Saturday for the biggest win of the Christian era. Bowman led BC with 30 points, while Robinson went 5-5 from downtown.

Aside from the boost of confidence and respect this win provides, I think the biggest takeaway was the environment. Conte sold out and was loud. Students stormed the court after the win and BC started trending in social media. BC Basketball has become an afterthought and dismissed by our casual fans. A few big wins and a little excitement might get those casual fans back on the bandwagon. This could be a program defining win or just a fluky upset. It will really depend and how Christian and Co. handle the rest of the season.

I never thought this day would come

The proposal and idea for a new baseball/softball complex on the Brighton campus is over a decade old. Being the cynic that I am when it comes to local objections to BC expansion and BC's inconsistent support of sports facilities, I thought the complex might never come. Yet the project is nearing completion and looks great (see below). Weather will always be a challenge for both sports, but this is the type of facility that should be a game changer. It's exciting.