Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Gut reaction to BC's 2017 Football Schedule

BC and the ACC released the 2017 Football Schedule Tuesday. Many of the non-conference dates were already known. Now we know where the ACC games fall into places. Here is the schedule and below is my gut reaction:

Sept. 1  --  at Northern Illinois
Sept. 9  --   Wake Forest
Sept. 16  --   Notre Dame
Sept. 23   --   at Clemson
Sept. 30   --   Central Michigan
Oct. 7   --   Virginia Tech
Oct. 14   --   at Louisville
Oct. 21   --   at Virginia
Oct. 27   --   Florida State
Nov. 11   --   NC State
Nov. 18   --   at Connecticut (Fenway Park)
Nov. 25   --   at Syracuse

-- This is very front loaded. Even though Notre Dame is coming off of a rough season, they will be better in 2017. Wake will probably be better. BC will probably be 3-2 coming out of September and could easily be 2-3. That will dampen enthusiasm and heat up the Hot Seat talk for Addazio.

-- BC could run the table late. I don't expect Brown to be playing like a Senior come November, but you hope that be then he and the staff understand what he can and cannot do. BC could close the season with wins against NC State, UConn at Fenway and at Syracuse. It might be another bowl eligibility run like this season.

-- One of the best home games is on a Friday again. Fortunately for season ticket holders outside the Boston area, they still get to see Notre Dame and Virginia Tech on a Saturday. The Friday night games are not going away. I just wish the ACC and ESPN would use them for less desirable matchups. But they are more concerned about ratings and not ticket holder experiences.

-- We will know everything we need to know about Addazio by the BYE week. This is Year 5. This is what he has been pointing to since Day 1. Our BYE week comes during the first week in November. By then he will have played all the elite teams on the schedule. If he has not broken through with at least one of them and we need to finish 3-0 to make a bowl, then Addazio might as well be let go during BC's break.

With the ACC's recent depth and competitiveness, I don't know if you can craft a perfect schedule. This one is fine and manageable. Let's hope BC is up for it.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

BC loses recruit and other links

BC lost one of its verbals as Ohio prospect DeAri Todd switched to Michigan State. It seems like a higher percentage of BC recruits have to flipped away this year. Hopefully Addazio will steal a few from other schools in the next week or two before Signing Day.

The Women's Basketball team lost again. They are now 1-6 in ACC play.

The Women's Hockey team swept Vermont this weekend.

And finally, some BC guy is in the Super Bowl. I might have a thing or two to say about him in the next two weeks.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Basketball can't close gap against UNC

BC played hard and made it interesting at times, but they never led during the game and couldn't pull out the upset against UNC. The Tar Heels are a good team with a lot of talent. That is the main story. But as to why BC lost this one: it came down to rebounding and turnovers.

The rebounding was frustrating to watch too. Every time BC cut the lead, UNC would seemingly extend it again off of a rebound. The offensive boards weren't great either. It seemed that BC was so focused on defending the transition, they gave up some second chance points.

Bowman scored 33 and Robinson chipped in 18. Conte was filled, but too many in attendance were wearing blue.

BC is back on the court Wednesday night. Nothing is a must win, but the team could use another confidence booster.  

Friday, January 20, 2017

Hockey bounces back against UMass

After the frustrating series with BU earlier in the week, BC Hockey needed a decisive win. They got one. BC built an early lead and never looked back. They also controlled and limited UMass's shots. The guys are off for a few days and then take on UConn Tuesday.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Steve Logan talks BC

Former BC Offensive Coordinator is once again a radio personality in North Carolina. With Matt Ryan in the NFC Title game, his fellow radio guys asked him to reminisce about his time at BC. Here are some of his quotes:

I hear many disgruntled BC fans and casual college sports fans say that BC is a "bad job." It is not. It is different from most and if you appreciate the differences, you will love it here. Logan is sincere. He wanted the Head Coach job after Jags was fired. It is one of the great "what ifs" of the past ten years.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Rough night against UVA

We've seen BC get hot early and run away on Power 5 teams. We've seen them hang with Power 5s and win close games. They have yet to prove they can dig out of big holes against elite teams. That is what happened in the loss to Virginia Wednesday. BC was ice cold in the first half (in part because of UVA's tough D) and never got back into it. Things were relatively better in the second half, but at that point UVA was playing their bench. With the loss, BC falls to 2-4 in ACC games. Next up is UNC.

The good news is that Chatman played well. It was easily his best game at BC. Tava was also able to penetrate and find good looks...they just didn't fall.

UVA is the type of team that would give us fits. They have a tough, disciplined D and turn mistakes and turnovers into points. But now we need to see if BC can bounce back and get back the explosiveness they showed just a week ago.