Monday, July 24, 2017

Daz's seat not as hot as national guys think

Hot Seat talk is a consistent point of discussion in college football. With the coach being such a focal point, getting rid of a loser and hiring a star, or up-and-comer can energize an entire fanbase. It is nearly August so the Hot Seat lists are rolling out and Addazio is a frequent name, but I don't think the national college football writers have a good feel for this. I think Addazio is safer than any of us realize.

A new AD, declining ticket sales, and an overall losing record are easy justification for Addazio-Hot Seat talk. Personally, I think that if he doesn't do something really special this year, he should be gone. But I think what is more likely is that BC has another mediocre year and he continues on at the Heights

Martin Jarmond was tasked with energizing the BC Athletic Department. Unlike Bates, he wasn't hired just to fire a football coach. If anything, hiring a guy with clear ties to Urban Meyer was a signal that this was a friendly hire for Addazio. Where Bates couldn't deliver on Addazio's needs nor control Addazio's personality, Jarmond is supposed to raise money, sell tickets, help recruiting and level with coach. Addazio didn't pick Jarmond, but he wasn't sidelined during the process.

Due to their connection, I think Jarmond will give Addazio another year if he only wins six or seven games. Even four months before it might happen, most BC fans could already pick out the rationalizations: "he has a winning record nearly every year" "BC went to a bowl again" "there is a great recruiting class coming in" "With Clemson and FSU so strong right now, Addazio is doing his best" "give him one more year with _____ (QB)".

If Addazio loses, I don't think Jarmond will use up good will keeping him on for another year. But if he just gets by -- again -- he is safe.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Havoline Football Saturdays like Addazio

Raycom puts together a series of summer preview shows that you might catch on your local stations. BC is rarely featured, but the producers clearly like Addazio. They already released this clip of him firing up the team last year. 

If BC just won a little more, Addazio would be a star. TV eats this fired up, run through a wall type locker-room stuff up. But you need to back it up with wins.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Good luck to the Boston Sports Journal

With business models constantly influx, it is hard to predict where sports coverage is going. BC is sort of in a weird position. We are not a national brand that gets covered regardless (i.e. Notre Dame, Michigan). We don't have an intense fanbase that drives hyper-local coverage (think Nebraska or most of the SEC). Instead we are a mid-level program lost in a major sports market. Coverage from the Globe and Herald shrinks every year and we rarely get attention from the local sports radio or cable stations. Maybe things will change with the Boston Sports Journal. Former Globe and SI writer Greg Bedard is starting a subscription service with a focus on the pro teams. I know BC has already reached out to ask for BC to be included. 

There is a niche. Eagle Action has a subscription model but can't be overly critical because they need recruiting access. The blogs show there is demand for information, but the free model doesn't drive enough revenue to support a full-time, on-site reporter. Maybe the Boston Sports Journal can fill the gap. 

Good luck to all those involved. BC could use the support. 

Friday, July 21, 2017

Looking at AD pay in the ACC

Friday saw the updated release of Athletic Director pay among ACC schools. The list is incomplete since private schools do not have to disclose their Director's salaries. But the list does include Duke and Wake Forest.

Given BC's revenues and history, we can assume that Jarmond is in the lower half. Based on some uncovered tax filings in the past we know that GDF and Bates made approximately between $500,000 and $600,000 annually. 

As much as I think BC needs to have competitive salaries, there is an aspect of bidding against yourself when it comes to these high level positions. If BC had been paying more could we have hired a "better" AD than Jarmond? Maybe an older one, but not necessarily someone who would guarantee a turnaround.

I am sure Jarmond's salary will come out in the next year or so. At this point it doesn't really matter. What matters is he needs to get fans excited, raise some money and figure out what to do with football and basketball.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

ACC releases BC's basketball opponents

The ACC won't release the dates, times and TV partners for the basketball season until later this summer. However, Thursday the conference announced the matchups. Here is who BC is playing this season:

Home and home -- Syracuse, Notre Dame, Florida State, and Miami
Home only --  Georgia Tech, Clemson, Duke, Wake Forest, and Virginia Tech
Road only -- North Carolina, NC State, Virginia, Louisville, and Pitt

Forget for a moment the low expectations for the season and the program. That is a very appealing home schedule. You get Duke, Notre Dame, and Syracuse at Conte. Plus a few winnable games with some of the lower level ACC teams. Jarmond and his new crew need to do something to get people to these games. It probably won't make a difference for Christian, but building some momentum about basketball and figuring out what ticket sales strategies work will help the program down the road.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Look at the uniforms and other links

BC teased out the pictures from photo day. It doesn't look like there have been any noticeable changes to the uniform.

Greg Toal is back coaching and there of course is a BC connection. He will be a DLine coach at Bergen Catholic under Nunzio Campanile. This won't help BC's recruiting at Bosco, but it won't hurt recruiting at Bergen Catholic.

This article assumes that Wade will be the starting QB this fall.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Looking at QB depth

If we are to take Addazio's talking points as sincere, he has never had more depth at QB. He said so at the ACC Media event just last week. But does he just mean Wade and Brown? Through walk-ons, greyshirting, dual position recruits, Addazio has seven QBs listed on the depth chart. Here is the roster with a few comments:

-- Darius Wade, JR. It is interesting to note that the updated BC roster lists Wade as a graduate. That means he could have walked this offseason and didn't. Regardless, he has two years of eligibility remaining. Maybe this is the year that he makes the leap. Maybe the extra competition will spark something. If he doesn't take over the starting spot, I would be surprised if he sticks around for his final year of eligibility.

-- Anthony Brown, R-FR. Brown is every fan and coach's favorite type of QB -- the future star who has yet to take the field. Brown's got all the tools. He certainly has all of our expectations. But can he deliver this fall? Addazio is not in position to take too many lumps, so Brown can't play like a redshirt freshman. He needs to be very good from the very first time he takes the field.

-- John Fadule, SO. Fadule is listed as a sophomore but technically has three more years to play. Although it was only two years ago, it seems like a different time when he was actually BC's starter. That was the last time Addazio threw everything against the wall to see what stuck. I don't expect Fadule to ever get serious playing time again, but he is not a bad guy to have as a back-up.

-- EJ Perry, FR. The local kid. If things go well, Perry doesn't see the field this year. He redshirts and grows with the program. If he plays, it means he's been awesome or things got really, really bad.

-- Tate Haynes, FR. Given Addazio's track record of moving speed guys off the QB depth chart and into other positions, I would be surprised if Haynes ever plays QB for BC. The crowded depth chart is one obstacle and BC's consistent need for any type of playmaker elsewhere is another. Like some of the other long shots, Haynes only sees the field if he is amazing early. I wouldn't mind it playing out like that.

-- Dennis Grosel, FR. A recruited walk-on is probably the toughest sell at BC. If we recruit him, he obviously has enough talent to play somewhere. Some other program would probably offer some sort of scholarship. Yet these guys come to BC out of their own pocket. Maybe the pitch of potentially playing Power 5 instead of FCS is enough for some kids. Grosel arrived in the winter and got to play spring ball. We saw nothing that made anyone think he will play soon, but not a bad kid to develop in the program.

-- Matt McDonald, FR. It is still unclear if McDonald is still a walk-on or has been given a scholarship. He signed as a greyshirt but is part of the team now. Another late bloomer who has nothing but upside. 

Even though we were burned two years ago with a young, untested QB depth chart, I am a bit more optimistic this time around. If neither Wade or Brown look good, I have a hunch that one of the long shots will develop. With seven on the roster, the odds say someone should. If not, then we have a coaching problem, not a QB problem.