Friday, August 01, 2014

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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Why the ACC needs to wait on the 9th game

BCI posted two good schedule-related articles Thursday. The first deals with Elon dropping BC from their 2015 schedule. Like Brian, I am not worried about finding an opponent and hopefully we will try a FCS free schedule for a change. The second issue covered was how the ACC-Notre Dame schedule works. Long story short, the ACC continues to bend over backwards for the Irish and BC won't play them that often. The Irish issue leads to a host of other questions, but the biggest remains who will the ACC teams without traditional non-conference rivalries play to fill their power conference requirement? Brian hints at readdressing a 9th game. However, the conference can't do least not for a while.

The 9th ACC game should only be an emergency move. Because other than adding another team, the 9th game is one of the last playing cards the ACC has to reopen its TV deal. Those new ACC games would be new, valuable content to ESPN and our other TV partners.

The other reason to wait on the 9th game is because no one really knows how the playoff selections will work. The ACC -- with its 8-game conference slate, Championship game and challenging non-conference schedules -- may be a manageable path to the playoffs. Why add a 9th game as yet another playoff hurdle? Then and if the selection committee punishes the ACC's conference schedule than the Conference can expand the schedules.

I am not concerned about BC and the ACC's place in the landscape of the Playoff. Once we are good enough, the conferences will finaly know how to get teams into the Dance. For now, let's hope the 2015 scheduling mess finally gets solved.

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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

BC-UMass line and other links

Online betting sites rolled out more of their 2014 odds and bets. BC opened as a 14.5 point favorite against UMass. That seems about right to me. The oddsmakers still don't expect BC to do munch within the division.

ACC Sports cacluted the safest and most pressure filled jobs in the conference. I think BC's tenure average is a little skewed by short tenures for Coughlin, Henning and Jags. In general I think BC is fairly paitent with our coaches. Afterall, we did give Spaz four years.

Women's Soccer released their 2014 schedule.

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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The best part of the ESPN Carwash was a podcast

Tuesday was Day 2 of the ACC's ESPN Carwarsh. Addazio was part of the group of coaches who made all the rounds at ESPN's Headquarters. The coach talked about replacing QBs and Andre Williams with ESPN Radio, various shows and ESPN writers. But of all the interviews, I think Addazio's session with Ivan Maisel was the best.

They cover the usual stuff and Addazio gets in his toughness cliches, but he also spends a good deal of time explaining how BC became a power running team. He explains why he hasn't visited Stanford and how it pays to be different. Addazio still comes off a passionate and a salesman (especially when compared to some of the other coaches on the podcast), but this was another example to show that he is more than the stereotype.

Things like the Carwash are important and the behind the scenes looks are fun. But I think BC fans should be most excited that we have a coach who has innovated at this level, but also can communicate his vision for the school and how it fits with the team he has.

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Monday, July 28, 2014

How many 5th years is too many?

BC's best teams have always been experienced. But in the past most of those classes were made up of rosters that redshirted and developed in Chestnut Hill. For a variety of reasons BC rarely had JUCOs and transfers. With the rise of the post-graduate 5th year transfer, BC finally has a sweet spot to fill in the roster gaps. Addazio grabbed Matt Patchan last year and backfilled the roster this season wtih Tyler Murphy, Ty-Meer Brown, Shakim Phillips, and Ian Silberman. The benefits of 5th years are well discussed: no academic risk, short scholarship commitment, phyical and mental maturity. However, we rarely address the risk associated with the strategy. Addazio needed an influx this year and will probably need more next year, but at what point does BC want to start weaning itself of 5th year transfers?

The biggest challenge posed by depending on 5th years is knowing who and how many are available. BC lucked into Murphy and a lessor extent to Shakim Phillips. Without them we would be starting a freshman at QB and have little depth at WR. Prior relationships with both players helped get them to BC, but both had options and both could have gone elsewhere. Unlike recruiting a high schooler or even a JUCO player, the annual 5th year pool lacks depth. Thinking you can pick up a quality player to fit critical needs is foolish. One day your luck will run out.

The other issue is the holding back scholarships for 5th years. BC has plenty of scholarships right now due to roster imbalance and attrition, but in most years there won't be four spots. BC will have 99% of their scholarships committed early in each recruiting cycle.

I don't know what's ahead for BC recruiting. As the roster turns there should be less need to grab older 5th years. All the players will be Addazio's and he'll be responsible for scholarship distribution.

I applaud Addazio's aggressiveness and creativity. Without them, we wouldn't be as strong a team. I just hope we soon get to the stage where BC has so much talent in house that we don't need to scramble with 5th years.


Sunday, July 27, 2014

More opponent previews

As the season nears, USA Today keeps posting more team previews. Since our last update, the site added Pitt and Syracuse breakdowns. As always Paul Myerberg does a great job with these write ups.

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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Trojan trap and other links

The Big Lead called our game with USC a trap for the Trojans. It makes sense given their new coach, cross-country travel and coming right after Stanford. Even if USC struggles this year, it would still be a huge win for BC and Addazio in Year 2.

Andre Williams got the NYT feautre treament during Giants Training Camp.

Future Eagle Nolan Borgersen is ready for his final high school season.

Other sites covered this earlier in the week, but ESPN noted how strong BC's recruiting efforts have been in Massachusetts.

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