Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Ranking the most critical players

When Braxton Miller went down earlier in the week, I tweeted about BC's good fortune in missing the injury bug this summer. Of course this sort of mocking of the football gods will come back to bite me (and BC) and leave the roster decimated. But of all these hypothetical injuries which one would be the most serious? For example a injury to Tyler Murphy would be a bigger deal than an injury to Myles Willis. Not because Murphy is a better player, but because Willis' position is one of the few where we have depth. It is all subjective but here is my ranking of the most critical players for the 2014 season. Leave your thoughts or rebuttals below.

1. Tyler Murphy. Although he has never thrown a pass for BC, he's the starting QB in a QB dependent system and the only QB on the roster with any experience. If he gets hurt, we are forced to rollout a true, raw freshman.
2. Shakim Phillips. Assuming Swigert is not going to be 100% to start the season, Phillips might be our only experienced WR. We are going to run a lot, but we need a capable WR to be a threat or else we will face stacked defenses all season.
3. Steven Daniels. The fact that he is in a position battle may indicate that we are deeper at LB than expected, but Daniels remains the most experienced and productive linebacker in a linebacker dependent system.
4. Myles Willis. Willis won't approach Andre Williams' carries, but he is our most explosive offensive player. I expect him to be a critical part of the passing offense too.
5. Andy Gallik. Most of our OLine could and have played multiple positions on the offensive line. The nuances of Center are a little more tricky, making Gallik harder to replace. He's also expected to be our best OLineman too.

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

We have a name for our gold, but where is "SuperFan Yellow?"

My BC catalog arrived Tuesday, which is like Christmas around here. I don't actually buy anything and I could already look up 99% of the stuff online, but getting it in flimsy, old school magazine page style form is still exciting. I go over each item and think "I'd wear that." I also read all the descriptions, which is how I finally realized we have a name for the gold BC uses. According to the Follet Company (publishers of the catalog) our khaki-like, sort of muted gold is called "Vegas Gold." Has this been a long-time descriptor and I am now just picking up on it? I know BC didn't create the name "Vegas Gold" and has been using this type of gold for a while, but reading the Vegas name makes it seem all that more official.

For the longest time BC's colors were all over the place on officially licensed gear. Some shirts looked like ketchup and mustard and others looked like eggplant and tan. Now I think we are finally establishing some consistency. Most of the items in the catalog all seem to have the same shades of maroon and gold. If that is due to picking an official color, then job well done to whoever took control of the situation. Yet now as we finally have some consistency, I want to shake things up. I want more SuperFan Yellow.

You can buy SuperFan shirts online and a few different SuperFan Yellow items, but no BC team has worn a jersey or uniform inspired by the SuperFan colors. Instead of pushing the "gold outs" or stainglass trim, it is about time that BC rolls out a special SuperFan jersey. Don't make it a regular thing. Do it as part of the marketing deal with Under Armour.

I know a lot goes into the marketing and scheduling of special uniforms. I appreciate what BC's done to increase the consistency and quality of our official merchandise. But now that the basics are locked down, it is time to try a SuperFan jersey.

(P.S. The Georgia catalog has yet to arrive. I will let you know it is deja vu again.)

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Monday, August 18, 2014

One more hoops transfer?

Southern Miss granted grad student Aaron Brown a partial release to transfer. Because he has his degree, he is eligible to play immediately. He visited campus Monday and will obviously make his decision soon. Based on the approaching semester and the limited number of openings at other schools, BC's chances look good. Where else can Brown play in a major conference right away? He also has a bit of history with Preston Murphy.

Any new bodies are welcome, but wing/perimeter players remains one area where BC has depth. I think Christian can and will take Brown, but I don't know if he's a season changer. I would prefer a true point or another big, but Brown is better than not using a scholarship.

With or without Brown, it is still hard to know what to expect of this team. It is going to be a mismatch of style and roster and we have no idea what we are getting out of our bigs or how much Hanlan can do on his own. But picking up Brown this late gives us one more option. I'll take it.

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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Peter Frates' story on ESPN

ESPN finally told the story of Peter Frates -- the guy who made the Ice Bucket Challenge go viral. It was produced by my friend and BC grad Drew Gallagher. Watch it and remember that this is what the Challenge is all about.

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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Milano to Columbus and other links

After repeatedly proclaiming he was coming to BC, incoming recruit Sonny Milano signed with Columbus and will forego his college career. As much as it sets back BC's program, I trust York and team to fill this potential gap. Good luck to Milano.

Former BC Hockey player Corey Griffin died in Nantucket Saturday morning.

The second scrimmage was a bit sloppy. You can credit the defense, but Addazio was more concerned about the turnovers.


Friday, August 15, 2014

Tweets of the Week


Thursday, August 14, 2014

All college football schedules now written in pencil

The rumored is now official as BC and Ohio State pushed back their series to 2023 and 2024. It is nice to have the games on paper but I doubt it ever happens. Nine years is an eternity in any sport, but especially one like college football. The rules, philosophies and leaders change so often, you can't count on anything beyond a season or two. BC and Ohio State will certainly have new football coaches and ADs by the time the series is played. Any of those four people could kill the series as it approaches for a myriad of reasons. I am disappointed but not heart broken. I don't care about playing Ohio State. I care about playing interesting and historically strong teams. The good news about college football's constant chaos is that there will be good games in the near future.

The biggest unknown with regards to college football scheduling is the new Power 5. The majority of coaches want to keep scheduling to just the Power 5. That's where the most TV and ticket money is too, so I assume ADs and TV executives will follow. That's a good thing for fans. Instead of a series of MAC or FCS games, all of our out of conference games would be against respectable teams. And the good news is that it won't cost BC a ton of money. If it is mandated by the new rules of the Power 5, scheduling good games will actually become easier. That might lead to some random games (BC vs Mississippi State! or BC vs Texas Tech!), but any type of Power 5 team would be an improvement over some of the random teams we've hosted in recent years.

The only downside of the Power 5 mandate is that we would lose out on some traditional opponents like Army or the chance to play newly scholarshiped FCS teams like Fordham or Holy Cross. But give me exciting football over nostalgia any day.

Outside of mandates, the other unknown is the ACC's potential ninth game. But as I've written before, that is probably the conference's last card to play.

For now all Bates and Addazio can do is work the phones and look for good schedule opportunities in the next two seasons. Beyond that it is just a waiting game. With the way this also shakes out we might end of playing Ohio State well before 2023.

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