Monday, February 20, 2017

Bates officially out

The long-discussed and often rumored situation with Brad Bates is finally official. He will step down this summer when his contract ends. Per the BC release, he will go into consulting. I will have much more on this in the coming days, but Bates' tenure will go down as a failure. While he avoided scandal, his inability to adapt to the BC culture or establish a clear one of his own, his failure to raise significant money and his curious and questionable hiring decisions have led to this moment.

BC has a lot of options going forward. And while this is just officially news now, many of the candidates and players have known this was coming. It will be interesting to see who emerges. My guess is that BC will hire someone with clear ties to the school and a clear track record raising money.

Best of luck to Brad Bates. He seemed like a nice guy. Just the wrong one for this job. 

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Confusion at Bosco and other links

One of the most important pipelines for BC Football is in a bit of a shakeup. Last week it was announced that long-time Don Bosco Head Coach Greg Toal Sr was out at the New Jersey power. The initial announcement framed it as voluntary and a retirement. Based on this article and Toal's continued and purposeful silence, it seems like there is more to the story. Toal is promising his former players he will speak this week. Future Eagle Marcus Valdez was one of the players rallying around Toal. As for why this matters to BC...Toal is the father of two former players and has sent dozens of players from the school to BC. Having him serve as an advocate for BC has always been an asset to our New Jersey efforts.

Former WZBC guy Mike Gualtieri has a podcast and has interviewed a few BC-related people like Meter and Luke Russert.

BC Baseball is off to a bit of a rough start. Bethune-Cookman swept them this weekend. Softball lost to Drake Sunday but is off to a much better start.

The Women's Ice Hockey team finished their regular season with a win over Providence.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

BC ties Vermont again

Yesterday I wrote that BC needed another win Saturday against UVM. That didn't happen. Unfortunately the boys tied Catamonts. again.

This does not impact the Hockey East standings -- where BC remains the top seed. BC now has a series against Lowell before the Hockey East Tournament starts.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Good news, bad news for BC Hockey

After the past two weeks, BC needed a win. They didn't get one. They tied Vermont. However, it was one of those ties that felt like a loss since BC squandered a three goal lead.

The good news is that BC did clinch a bye for the first round of the Hockey East Tournament. But this will also be a different sort of Hockey East Tournament. Usually BC has some breathing room entering the postseason. Now -- according to many bracket watchers -- BC is on the bubble. BC needs to finish strong and hopefully get wins over UVM this weekend, and Lowell next weekend, plus a good Hockey East showing. I trust York. Let's hope the guys rally.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Can #decidetofly catch on like #beadude?

Prior to Signing Day, you may have noticed BC Football folks using the hashtag #decidetofly in various social media formats. BC not only had their recruits use the tag, but they also asked BC Football alumni to explain why they decided to fly and how "#decidetofly" has helped them.

Signing Day has come and gone, but #decidetofly is still around. Addazio tweeted it out again Thursday (below) as he shared the team going through offseason conditioning drills. The video is good. The message is good too. I hope it works. If BC can get "Decide to Fly" to actually catch on, it may prove more timeless than "Be a Dude" and applicable to multiple aspects of Boston College, not just Football.

Now I just need someone to explain why they are hashtaging "IRENE."

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Two BC players headed to NFL Combine and why that matters

Congratulations to Matt Milano and John Johnson. Both received invites to the NFL Combine. This doesn't guarantee that either will be drafted, but the Combine is the best place to generate interest. The guys will be facing the best of the best and get to prove the belong. While this is really about Milano and Johnson, it is also good news for BC. The school can use their success as another thing to sell to recruits. Addazio can say we develop recruits for the next level.

Does anyone remember Milano and Johnson's status as recruits? Milano was 3 star from Florida, but was ignored by the traditional powers in his own state. He did not even receive an offer from Central Florida or South Florida. His only other Power 5 offer was from Arizona. Johnson's offer list was a little better, but he was only rated as a 2 star. And as he mentioned during the bowl game, Johnson was ignored by Maryland despite playing in their backyard. As high schoolers, neither projected as future NFL stars. And although they were recruited by Spaz, most casual fans don't know that. They were part of "Addazio's first Signing Day." He can tell other recruits, "I found these guys and my staff made them better."

Milano and Johnson might not be the only success stories out of this group of BC seniors. BC will have its own Pro Day in March when others on the roster can show their stuff. Good luck to all of them.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Bowman's big night not enough against ND

Ky Bowman is an ACC player. We just need about eight more like him. He scored 29 -- including 5 3-pointers -- in BC's loss to Notre Dame. To make things that much more frustrating, two of Notre Dame's BC-connected players Bonzi Colson and Matt Farrell scored 20 and 19 respectively.

Other parts of the game that felt frustratingly familiar: BC had the lead again at half and couldn't maintain it. Chatman couldn't score. BC's bigs had trouble on D. No one else stepped up to help Bowman with the scoring burden.

After the game, Notre Dame's Mike Brey had nothing but praise for Christian and the job he is doing. But I don't care what Brey thinks or what he says. These coaches are always very forgiving and patient when it is another guy losing. Other coaches made the same sort of comments about Donahue. BC has nearly a week off before taking on Florida State next Monday. I hope Christian is productive with that time. I don't know if it will make a difference at this point.