Friday, June 24, 2005

Recruiting "gurus"

As I have mentioned, I used to get excited about recruiting. Now I stay aware of the BC happenings, but temper my excitement. Too many busts and too many self-styled gurus have put a bad taste in my mouth. Years ago Evil A and I had numerous run-ins with Mike Farrell. Farrell started covering BC and has turned himself into an East Coast guy for Rivals. He occasionally appears on ESPNews. I could disparage him for numerous things, but ultimately what bothered me about Mike is that he was representing my school and influencing what happens to the team I support in an unofficial and unsanctioned capacity. And his rumored actions were displeasing to this Boston College alum. Who knows what sort of encouragement he may or may not have received from the BC staff? And who knows what truly went on during his phone calls with recruits, but ultimately the whole thing stunk. In my opinion his role as a broker/reporter crossed lines. Hence I don’t support giving these guys money and wouldn’t mind the NCAA getting in and regulating recruiting experts. Why rant now in the middle of summer? Well ESPN the magazine ran a piece about the recruitment of Myron Rolle and it confirmed a lot of my worst fears about the process. Fellow bloggers have already picked it apart (here and here). The article really targets Tom Lemming, but there are many sharks in these waters. (BTW, Lemming has been known to shill for BC too.)

My advice to fans: don’t get emotional and don’t pay for anything. My advice to players and their families: don’t tell the “gurus” anything. Dealing with the coaches is hard enough.

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