Thursday, July 28, 2005

Dudley dissed and other news

Jared Dudley was the last man cut from the Under-21 team. Given quotes like this “He did all the small things that make your team win” from the Phil Martelli, I think they were short-sighted in selecting the roster. Politics were probably in play too, as selector Jim Boeheim got his player on the team. Martelli spoke of Dudley’s tweener status as the reason he was cut. Dumb, dumb, dumb. In a tournament you need heady players who do the little things. Not size. Jared plays best with a chip on his shoulder, so hopefully this will motivate him this season.

More ink on the Georgia boy headed to BC. Not a ringing endorsement. I’m going to be a double-homer and say that he is going to be the Atlanta version of Glenn Foley and not another stiff.

Here is another article on the new voice of Boston College Football. This is a nice feature, but Meterparel should be warned that most diehard BC fans already hate him from his work on Dennis & Callahan.

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