Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Midweek news

No real news on BC, so here are some items of interest that are related to BC.

The Fenway Sports Group is slowly flexing its muscle. To read this article you have to subscribe to some yokel paper in Washington. Don’t bother. I’ve signed up and read it so you don’t have to. Highlights include:

  • FSG is involved in more than just BC. They are dealing with signage and selling’s ads.

  • BC was a natural first step and the ACC aspect made it very appealing to the Red Sox.

  • ISP doesn’t usually like partnering with others, but the Red Sox’s name and the Boston College aspect made it worth the risk.

  • None of this money counts towards MLB revenue sharing. I applaud the Red Sox on this last point. Like the Yankees, they have a valuable brand for which their owners paid an exorbitant amount of money. They have to pay off huge debts and budgets and the Kansas City Royals and Devil Rays are not entitled to every penny the big market guys earn, especially when the teams are aggressive and are trying to grow their businesses.

Here is an article on Chris Snee and his recovery from a mysterious illness. Not only is he a BC alum, he is married to a BC grad and his head coach (who is also his father-in-law) is former BC coach Tom Coughlin.

Finally I am on my way to Canada to kick Korey Banks’ ass. How dare he cheap shot my boy, Paul Peterson?


crallspace said...

WOW. With all the real news that is going our terrorist leader and thousands of issues elsewhere, I can't imagine following sports.

ATL_eagle said...

This is not a news blog, Dan-O. It clearly states that it is all about my thoughts on BC sports. I do have thoughts on other things, but you won't read them here.