Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Say hello to the new kid

Many ACC writers took Day 2 of the ACC Football Kickoff to focus on the new northern team in the conference. (Taking the the new kid in school analogy a step too far, I would say BC would be a foreign exchange student who everyone is curious about on the first day. But not the hot chick type, more like the Asian guy that you lose interest in once you get him to swear in English in front of the teacher.)

My hometown paper’s esteemed college writer (BTW, am I the only Blog Poll member who likes Tony Barnhart?) led with a BC angle.

The Greenville paper likes the love BC is showing the ACC.

The Sun-Sentinel rehashes our final two years in the Big East.

The writers honored Kiwi as the Preseason Player of the Year. I hope his haircut doesn’t have a Sampson-like effect.

Most of the writers think we will finish behind Florida State in our division. However, none of the Bowdens seem to know who is in what division.

In Bowl news, the ACC locked up eight bids for 2006. But the conference is still short invites for this year. Look for Swofford and any of the teams on the outside to start begging for slots in this year’s fourth-tier bowls.

Finally, here is a picture of TOB holding court with reporters.

I never would have pegged him as a Mountain Dew drinker.

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