Thursday, August 25, 2005

BC lingo and things to know

I’ve had a few readers ask about the abbreviations I use. They are all shorthand nicknames that developed on Eagle Action. None are particularly original or inventive. Sometimes writing TOB is easier than writing Tom O’Brien. So for those readers who are new to BC, here are the common terms, things to know and nicknames:

TOB = BC head coach Tom O’Brien. When TOB was hired, our basketball coach was Jim O’Brien and referred to as OB. Tom O’Brien was called TOB. The "T" stayed even after Jim O’Brien left.

Kiwi = Mathias Kiwanuka, our preseason All-America defensive end. This is his nickname with the players too. Would you want to say or type Kiwanuka over and over?

Spaz = Defensive coordinator Frank Spaziani. Offensive coordinator Dana Bible receives the lion’s share of fan criticism but people will take shots at Spaz or Spazi too.

Gene D. = BC Athletic Director Gene DeFilippo. Gene is known for his people skills and politicking. His half-full, “all is well” attitude earned him the nickname Smilin’ Gene among some BC fans.

QP = Starting quarterback Quinton Porter. Many of our previous players were referred to by their initials on the BC message boards.

The Heights = The nickname for the campus. Also the name of the school newspaper.

Alumni = the football stadium.

BC is not BU. This may seem obvious to most northeastern readers, but you’d be surprised how often things are confused down here. Boston College is a university, but not the Boston University. BU is a few miles down the road from BC and a few light years apart in culture, campus and student bodies.

We are the Boston College Eagles. Not the Golden Eagles. Not the Bald Eagles. Not the War Eagles. Not the Screaming Eagles. Just Eagles. However, our mascot dresses like a bald eagle.

Email me if there is any confusion or other things I should add to this list.


Alex L. said...

You might want to add that sometimes Gene D. is abbreviated as GDF.

Jaime Lannister said...
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