Wednesday, August 03, 2005


I scour the internet looking for BC links, so you don’t have to…

The official BC site posted an interview with Josh Beekman. It seems like the O-line is going to miss Peterson as much as I am. Check out how the interviewer works in some of the talking points into the questions.

Unlike his teammate, Craig Smith did make a USA Basketball team.

Here’s an article on new members adjusting to the ACC.

This is a rehash of offseason BC stuff from Rivals would be wise to start giving away more of their stuff for free. As I read more and more college blogs, it confirms my belief that there is no need to pay of content.

This is an interesting press release from CSTV and ISP (one of BC’s marketing companies). We are getting closer and closer to every game being live over the internet. This is not a big deal and probably a step down in experience if you root for a premier team. This is great news if you root for a team like BC. For example, it is very unlikely that BC-Ball State will be picked up by any broadcaster. It is also unlikely that my pregnant wife would be up for a trip to see us take on the MAC power. If the game were streamed, I could watch from the comfort of my own home. Now, I’ll be stuck listening to the radio stream and using the gametracker.

Here’s another article on Boston movers and shakers trying to attract college championship games. Baseball will work. Mens basketball will work. Lacrosse will work. Everything else? Forget it. I know the Krafts would love to do it, but I see the ACC Championship game in Foxboro as a ticket sales disaster.

Here is an article on the Fenway Sports Group educating fans on the ACC. Bobby Bowden doesn’t even know who is in the conference these days, so imagine what Sully from Braintree is thinking.

Adidas is buying Reebok. This is great news since most BC fans despise our Reebok-designed apparel. The biggest complaint about Reebok is that they wouldn’t even produce maroon jerseys for us. They had no interest in spending money on BC, but needed to lockdown the only major sports school in their U.S. backyard. I imagine in this new arraignment, Reebok will drop out of the college game and we’ll be an Adidas school. Adidas better make maroon jerseys.

The Sporting News named Boston the best sports town in America. It is mostly a Pats, Red Sox thing, but they do mention BC as part of the success.

If you’re not reading Every Day Should Be Saturday, you should. Today -- per my suggestion -- they featured Spaz as their mustache of the day.

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