Monday, August 08, 2005

Links and media criticisms

Here is another story on Ross Applegate and his road trip that ended with a BC commit.

If you’re reading this and a gambler (hey, this is a BC blog) you might want to check this out. launched their college preview with an interesting look at cutting-edge offenses. A good job, in general. My one gripe is on this historical piece. Guys who work for the big sites are generally my generation (25-35). Most do good work. But I often find things lack historical perspective. How can you do a history piece on modern offense and start in 1997??? Obviously the first thing that stands out to me is that there is no mention of Flutie and his aggressive young offensive coordinator, Tom Coughlin. Flutie graduated holding dozens of NCAA passing records. Also, there is nary a mention of Norm Chow’s work at BYU or Mouse Davis or Don Coryell. I understand that the focus was on the spread, but others laid the ground work for today’s offense du jour many years ago.

Heading into the season, is leaps and bounds ahead of The worldwide leader in sports led their preview with a blog-like conversation between Forde and Maisel. One problem -- this is a big pimp for their Insider, as this sort of thing will be subscription-only soon. ESPN might grow their revenue with this, but they won’t grow their audience. There is too much good, free stuff out there -- like this dual piece from EDSBS and BGS. You better bring something cool to the table if you are going to charge.

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