Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Media bias

Fans cry bias whenever they are slighted by a writer or sports network. In most cases they should just calm down and take off the aluminum hats. But I think we all agree that there is media bias…and we eat it up when our team is portrayed favorably.

I don’t think good writers go out of their way to trash or praise a school. But I do think that if they have a good relationship with a school, and if the school fits an angle they are following, that said school will be top of mind and lead to favorable coverage.

Here’s an example. Pat Forde went up to BC during basketball season and received the royal treatment. He wrote a glowing story about the school. Four months later, we’re in football season and I think he still has the clam chowder on the brain. He picks us as a sleeper here. And in this list he mentions Blackmon and Toal as “hot” two-way players.

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