Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Season prediction Part II: worst-case scenario

A couple of readers thought I was overly optimistic with my best-case scenario. I was. That was the intention. I don’t think it will happen. I don’t think the worst-case (below) will happen either, but it COULD happen. I think both scenarios are viable given our uncertainty at quarterback and the new conference.

Worst Case Scenario

At BYU. Loss. TOB’s maddening tradition of not having the team ready for the opener continues. Post-game press conference includes pat excuses about travel, the altitude and inexperience on offense.

Army. Win. Ross’ team gives us a scare, but we hold on.

FSU. Loss. FSU welcomes us to the conference with a thrashing. BC fans say it would be different if they came in the November cold blah, blah, blah. Hope is fading.

At Clemson. Loss. Another bad road loss. The team and the fans get our first taste of real southern football in Death Valley. Opposing offenses realize that you can triple team Kiwi and nulify our defense.

Ball State. Win. Even in a nightmare season, BC is able to win this one.

Virginia. Win. This is TOB’s Super Bowl. Even in a nightmare season I think we would win a game we shouldn’t. Normally that would be against Notre Dame, but since we are not playing the Irish this year, I think TOB will put all his eggs in this basket.

Wake Forest. Loss. BC controls most of the Wake game only to lose in the closing minutes Version 3.0.

At Virginia Tech. Loss. Tech kills us. Porter’s season and confidence are in ruins. Eagle Action posters are calling for TOB’s head and for Matt Ryan to start. Big East fans flood our message boards with “I told you so”s.

At North Carolina. Win. Playing conservatily, the Eagles wear on North Carolina again. Fans start hoping for a strong finish and a chance at a bowl game.

NC State. Loss. BC’s bowl streak ends when NC State wins and hands TOB his first losing season since 1999.

At Maryland. Loss. You thought the team didn’t come to play last season against Syracuse? Wait until you see this mail it in job.

BC is home for the holidays. Media and fans wonder if the school is in over its head. TOB feels real pressure for the first time as a Head Coach.

Stay tuned for Part III -- what I think will happen.


Mutryn's non-throwing arm said...

We should beat State. Worst thing that happens is that they negate our O with their D-line. After that, it's a special teams' war of attrition, as they have no O anymore.
Will Blackmon wins the game by himself.

Same deal. No QB, some talent at RB, good LB's still. Should push this one through for us in the W column.

And this is coming from someone for whom pessismissm springs eternal for all things BC.

Alex L. said...

So you're (MN-TA) worst-case scenario is actually a bowl-elligable, winning season: 6-5. Not bad.

Alex L. said...
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