Saturday, August 27, 2005

Welcome new readers

For anyone discovering this blog for the first time, thanks for stopping by. Check in throughout the season for my thoughts and comments on BC football, basketball and news. Once play begins, I'll inlcude some number crunching posts and different looks at the team.

If you're a fan and just reading the big sports sites, you're missing out on some insightful and entertaining writing on college sports. Here are a few of my blog recommedations:

Every Day Should Be Saturday. These guys have been called the court jesters of college football. Yes they are very funny, but they also slip in the occasional analysis.

Michigan blogger Brian started the blogger poll. He also covers everything Michigan (including college hockey).

Any Georgia fan who is not a regular at Westerdawg's blog is missing out.

I'd like to think that State Fans Nations' style is similar to mine, only for NC State.

As a BC fan, it pains me to admit what a good job the Notre Dame guys at Blue-Gray Sky do covering the Irish.

There are just too many good blogs to list here. Go to College Football Resources and Fanblogs for more examples. Their lists are extensive and the first place I look when I am tracking down bloggers from other schools.

Once again, thanks for reading and be sure to come back.

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Alex L. said...

Blue-Gray Sky? Eh. WAAAY too much recruiting coverage. And I believe they referred to BC as publicly being Miami's bitch. If BC is the bitch and BC beat ND the last 4 years, is ND BC's bitch?