Wednesday, September 14, 2005

FSU preview

I haven’t been a mindreader this season, but I’ll continue with this format since it is a little different.

Offense -- what BC will do

BC has come out passing in both games this season, but now I think they will finally try to establish the run early. The reason is twofold. First, it will calm everyone down and establish dominance in an area where we may have an advantage. Second, there is no way we are stretching the field without some play action. Without play fakes our wideouts are not running by FSU’s DBs.

Offense -- what I think BC should do

If BC is going to win this game they will do it with the short and intermediate passes. Miami showed that you can throw the 15-yard crossing routes against the defense. I think the line can hold up long enough to give Porter time for quick passes. The questions are can Miller get open and will any of our other receivers show they can catch a ball in traffic? Also, BC needs to get the ball to Blackmon at least six times on offense. I think FSU will be ready for the endaround, so go back to the screen or some quick slants. If we have trouble with the blitz, I would like to see some screens to LV and Callender.

Defense -- what BC will do

FSU’s offense has more in common with Army than with BYU [EDITED TO CLARIFY: Army's focus was rushing. BYU was nearly exclusive passing. I expect FSU to keep it on the ground.], so I expect to see a lot of the Army gameplan. Not a lot of blitzing, conservative zone coverage and a focus on stopping the run.

Defense -- what I think BC should do

Yes, FSU quarterbacks are inexperienced, but don't come after them. Let them throw into coverage with plenty of time. Don’t blitz, because I think both have enough athleticism to make a big play. BC must stop the run. The defensive line did an okay job against Army. It will really be up to the linebackers to support their efforts and make a difference. I hope they continue to rotate LBs, since some of the second teamers are better tacklers than Henderson.

Special teams -- What BC will do

I really think BC will play it close to the vest. So I don’t expect to see any gadgetry or block attempts. I also think they will attempt a field goal instead of going for it anywhere in the red zone.

Special teams -- what I think BC should do

Florida State might not be the Florida State of old, but they can still beat you with special teams. Hopefully BC will punt it away from Rouse. As much as I worry about Ohliger, I think they should kick FGs and get any points they can in what should be a low scoring game. I would also like to see them use the endaround punt return that they used against WVU last season.

Final Prediction

BC has not played faced FSU in any of these players’ lifetimes, but TOB has called plays against an Andrews’ defense many times. And we also beat a Kevin Steele led Baylor team a few years ago. So they know what it takes and how to build a winning gameplan against this scheme. Can they contain FSU’s fledgling offense for 60 minutes? I think so.
BC wins 20-13.

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Scott Kinnebrew said...

Florida State might not be the Florida State of old, but they can still beat you with special teams.


Obviously, you haven't watch FSU much this year. Our defense is much more of a weapon than special teams. If BC scores 20 on FSU, they should party like they won- regardless of whether they do or not.