Saturday, September 17, 2005


Earlier this week at Sporting Fools I said this:

"Our QB is a big question mark too. Earlier in the week, I said I wasn't worried about his performance, but now that he has shot his mouth off in the papers doubt is starting to return. Quinton Porter has got all the tools, but in seasons past displayed Rix-like qualities. Maybe not as careless, but certainly getting over anxious under pressure. Where Rix might have thrown a bad pass. Porter often tried to run for the first down...when we needed 20. Is this season's patience and presence here to stay?"

And then later in the same exchange I said this:

"I am not so much worried about the speed. BC can hold their own and scheme around it. I am much more worried about the inevitable big play. Can this team stay composed if FSU blocks a punt or picks off an early pass? That is what scares me."

They responded to earlier disasters, but then couldn't respond in the second half. BC should've won this game, but poor play from Porter, sloppy special teams, and questionable second half coaching decisions cost the team the game. New conference, same story.

I'll rewatch the game and post my second viewing thoughts and grades Sunday.

This was a tough one.

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