Monday, November 28, 2005

Blogpoll ballot

BC crawled a little in both polls (AP, coaches). A bowl win should lock up a Top 20 finish. How high really depends on who we play and who loses in front of us. I switched things up a good bit in my blogpoll ballot. I just think Notre Dame was lucky to win on Saturday and their track record is looking less impressive each week.

Games I watched:
Georgia-Georgia Tech 100%
FSU-Florida 20%
UVA-Miami 70%
Arizona-Arizona State 50%
Arkansas-LSU 50%
Pitt-WVU 20%
Texas-Texas A&M 50%
Wisconsin-Hawaii 25%

1. Southern Cal
2. Texas
3. Penn State
4. Virginia Tech
5. Louisiana State
6. Oregon
7. Ohio State
9. Auburn
10. Miami (Florida)
11. Notre Dame
12. West Virginia
13. Georgia
14. Alabama
15. TCU
16. Louisville
17. Florida
18. Boston College
19. Clemson
20. Texas Tech
21. Wisconsin
22. South Carolina
23. Michigan
24. Iowa
25. Georgia Tech

1 comment:

MattyR08 said...

ND has only THREE wins against teams with winning records, two of which are BYU and Navy. This year theyll keep up their streak of losing bowl games, because every year (that they qualify) they end up in a much better bowl they deserve, and then go on to get beaten.