Thursday, November 03, 2005

Hair cut with Dooley

Paul from Georgia Sports Blog asked which coaches you would like to have a beer with. All sorts of bloggers are swapping stories about real life encounters with various coaches. I hadn’t given it much thought. But as timing would have it, I ran into Georgia legend Vince Dooley today while getting my haircut.

I was just sitting in the chair at Tommy’s Barbershop getting a trim on my lunch break when the old coach walked in. He’s in town for a book signing and just wanted to get cleaned up at the place where his grandsons get their hair cut. Coach Dooley looked like a million bucks and 10 times better than his peers who are still in the game (JoePa and Bowden). He was very gracious with everyone and very charming. The guy could run for Governor and still win in a landslide. It was still early, so no beers, just bagels.

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None the wiser said...

Tommy's - is that the place in Buckhead near the OK Cafe? I get my hair cut in that place and it is always packed. One thing - we need to get a BC sticker for their wall.