Wednesday, November 02, 2005

North Carolina Preview

Last year’s Tire Bowl was closer than the score might indicate. The game went back and forth for three quarters. BC did not pull away until converting a fake FG into a touchdown. North Carolina needs this win and BC is coming off a deflating loss. This game could go either way.

Offense -- what BC should do

According to people that watch UNC, this team is not much different from the last one we faced. Given that, I think BC should come out pounding the ball. We ran for more than 200 last season and Miami hit them hard on the ground last week. BC has the advantage at the line. Hopefully we will exploit it. I don’t have a lot of faith in our passing game. A good start running the ball could help Porter’s confidence and open things up in the second half.

Offense -- what BC will do

Bible’s play calling against Virginia Tech was questionable and really conservative. I think he will open up the offense a little more against the Heels. Not what I would do, but I am not the OC. UNC had success picking off Wright last week. Our line’s push won the game last year. Why go away from that with our short timing paterns?

Defense -- what BC should do

I wasn’t thrilled with the scheme against Virginia Tech, but have been happy with most of Spaz’s designs this year. We were able to get after Durant last year without much blitzing. UNC has a new quarterback, but the same system. My advice: Don’t get cute, just go after him. The defensive line was a weakness last week. Hopefully they step it us this week.

I think Blackmon getting beat deep in the Tire Bowl sealed his fate on defense. Hopefully his teammates remain more focused and stick with their coverage responsibilities against the Tar Heels.

Defense -- what BC will do

Because we are facing them for the second time in a year, I think we will give them a lot of different looks. We’ve used a lot of straight blitzes and zone blitzes this year. Expect more Saturday.

Special Teams -- what BC will do and should do

Don’t expect any trick plays this week. The element of surprise is obviously gone. Last week, Blackmon was close to breaking a return. I think this is the week he does. He has shown a renewed sense of aggressiveness the past two games. BC needs him as a big play threat.

Final Prediction:

I don’t take the Tar Heels lightly. Bunting’s team played well when their back was against the wall last season. They need this win much more than we do. However, this BC team has shown the ability to bounce back from tough losses (games and players). I think it will be similar to the Tire Bowl with BC pulling away as the game wears on.

Final score: BC 31, UNC 17.