Wednesday, December 28, 2005

“Can I look now?” Barely winning the no win

“…Tom O’Brien’s moral objection to games with anything but a score of around 24-17 should keep things close.”
-- Orson Swindle, Every Day Should Be Saturday

Wow. I’ve said it before and I will say it again -- being a BC fan is taking years off of my life. Actuaries should rerun their lifespan tables anytime someone lists BC as his favorite team.

The first half was a clinic. The fourth quarter an equal disaster. At first glance I don’t really fault the play calling. Boise St. is dangerous, so continuing to go for the knock-out punch via the passing game made some sense. The real reason this game was close was horrible special teams and some stupid penalties. Both have been common occurrences over the last five years. I am not calling for Petercuskie’s head. He is a good guy and a good recruiter, but I think our special teams finally need to be addressed this offseason. That may call for a coaching switch or just a change in how we approach special teams. The current system is not working. Our field position was horrible throughout the half and the 90-yard punt return was embarrassing.

After all the other bowl wins I felt a mix of excitement, completion and optimism. After this game I am just relieved that we avoided the ultimate embarrassment.

I’ll rewatch the game Thursday night and give my grades and second viewing thoughts. I’ll also give my end of the year reviews over the next few days.

Now I am off to see a cardiologist.


SAM said...

I really have enjoyed reading your blog this season - I have it on RSS feed and love the updates. While I'm not as much of a basketball fan, I'll probably still check it.

And yes. YEARS off my life.

Scoop said...

This game is further proof of that old bromide,"You can never under-estimate the ability of BC to choke."

I am grateful they hung on because this one was shaping up as a choke for the ages.

Who would ever think BC would be "grateful" for hanging on against Boise State? At least BC covered, barely.

I believe the key to the game was Boise's ability to contain our running game well enough to force us to pass more than we should have, which prevented us from grinding them down.

MattyR08 said...

This game almost was the end of me. By the way, is anyone else baffled that the officials reviewed the spot of a ball in the 1st quarter but wouldn't look at the interception (which I thought was fairly obviously incomplete as the Boise defender never had full possession) in the 4th? Also, ATL Eagle, thank you for the blog. It's been a lot of fun and something I check just about daily.

Jaime Lannister said...

We snuck out of Boise with this win. Spaziani's defensive schemes are foolhardy, Bibles gameplans are terrible and TOB is morbidly bad at achieving the maximum results possible with his talent.

What pissed me off most was when we snapped the ball in the early 4th with 18 seconds on the play clock and a 27 point lead. What kind of genius is that? Coach Petercuskie should be relieved of special teams duties immediately, it has been one folly after another in his regime.

Thanks to Will Blackmon, Kiwi, Big Play Ray and the rest of the seniors for a great run. Apologies on behalf of the pussified BC alumni community which is too soft to demand change from Gene D or accountability from the staff. Not saying that we have not been somewhat successful, just not as successful as we should have been.