Thursday, December 08, 2005

Good seats still available

It looks like BC is not the only school with a travel problem. To make matters worse, Virginia got the invite after telling Music City it would bring more fans than Georgia Tech (whose base is less than four hours away).

This is good news for BC as we’ve just become more desirable than the Cavs when the bowls play musical chairs next year.

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Ian said...

The problem here is that Ticketmaster is undercutting us. The tix that UVA people buy from TM don't count towards our allotment, and they're far cheaper than the ones our AD is offering. You can get a seat for $15 through TM, while the cheapest ones thru UVA are $45. I plan on going to this game, and odds are, I'll be a good guy and buy through the University, but if my girlfriend wants to go, that's a TM ticket.