Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Graduation schmaduation

The latest NCAA data on graduation rates was just released. (Here is BC’s breakdown.) I am glad that we are inline with our peer institutions and ahead of the pack in football, but let me state this -- this stuff should never impact scholarships or access to postseason play!!! Why you ask? Too much time has passed. The lead class in this sample began school in 1995. That is one year behind my start date and I am nearly 30. Should today’s 18-year-olds be impacted by what happened a decade ago? Think of how many coaches have since moved on. BC had a different coach in 1995.

In the whole scheme of things, I don’t think not graduating players is criminal. In my opinion it pails when compared to accepting booster money or playing while academically ineligible. If someone has a chance at a free education and doesn’t walk away with a diploma, shame on them. Not the school.

If the NCAA wants to make grad rates relevant, they should tie fines or bans to the most recent senior class. And who are we kidding, if any penalties are ever linked to scholarships and bowls, you’ll see graduation rates skyrocket (probably through nefarious ways.)

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