Sunday, December 04, 2005

Likes and dislikes: Sacred Heart win

These "closer than they should be" games are a common occurance for Al. I am not bothered by general. There are usually some good things and bad things to take away from them. Here are my likes and dislikes

Likes: Craig Smith’s rebounding. We need this. Even if Sean Williams comes back, Craig is going to need to carry the load on the boards. So far, so good.

Jared Dudley’s foul shooting. Even when he is off (I’ll get to that in a moment), he can make up for it from the line.

John Oates’ contribution. Calling him the new Nate is a backhanded compliment if I have ever heard one. But being serviceable is good enough for now. Oates allows Craig and Jared to play their natural positions.

Dislikes: Dudley forcing things on a cold night. His shots need to come close to the basket, not from the 3-point line. If he doesn’t have it, he needs to make the extra pass or get to the hoop.

The three point attempts and tempo. As I have said, this is not our style of play. We need to slow it down and work for good shots.

The short bench. This was expected. Also, Al always has a small rotation. But against a team like Sacred Heart, we should be resting the guys. We controlled the game, but never put them away, so everyone logged long minutes. McClain’s return should help, but we need Williams back.

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