Thursday, December 01, 2005

Much ado about nothing

Boston Globe columnist Joan Vennochi took Boston College to task in Thursday’s paper. Not a really surprising angle: BC selling out. Much has already been made of this on the BC message boards and by other bloggers. I didn’t give the piece much thought. The selling out viewpoint has been beaten into the ground for years and old-time fans have been complaining about parking and ticket prices forever. I don’t think this is news or even worth complaining about. College sports have been big business for decades and BC was never the driving force in that move. People can long for the good ol’ days, but as Billy Joel said “the good ol’ days weren’t always good. Tomorrow ain’t as bad as it seems.”

My advice to the current fans upset with the ticket prices and hefty donations – stop going. Really. I live and die with this team and see nearly every play at minimal cost. Obviously it easier to say when you live in another part of the country, but if I lived in Boston and felt BC was charging too much, I would just stay home. Market forces will adjust. If BC can’t sell tickets at their target price, they’ll come back down.

As far as the Flynn Fund…I give to BC every year, but never to the booster clubs. I might someday, but for now I think the money is better spent in the general university endowment.

I think it is safe to say that I am more emotionally and financially invested in Boston College than Joan Vennochi will ever be. I love the school and the teams. If I felt the program and/or school changed dramatically or turned its back on me, I would be sad. But life would go on. There are plenty of teams and schools to support. At the end of the day BC needs us more than we need them. Let the market dictate the fair price, not whining in the Boston Globe.

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