Friday, January 27, 2006

Friday news roundup

This is unexpected: another Chapel Hill resident was hit and killed by a car en route to the BC game.

Trueblood hurt Kiwi in practice for the Senior Bowl. It looks like he will be okay.

BC sophomore Luke Russert is getting a new Sports Talk show on XM satellite radio. However, his dad's (NBC's Tim Russert) subtle publicity for the show is generating controversy among people who cover media. I work in my dad's biz and problems like this are tough to avoid. In most cases I think dad's are often just proud of their I sort of side with the Russerts on this. (Plus I would love to be a guest on Luke's show! Ha.)

Finally in another unusual note, Ohio University issued a press release announcing that its 2006 Football schedule was NOT finalized. This sparked rumors that Ohio U was trying to get out of its game with BC. If they drop us, BC will really have to scramble for another DIA game.

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