Saturday, January 14, 2006

Tell me what you really think

I love Jared Dudley. Partially because of a stat line like this:

25 points (9-14, 2-3 from 3pt, 5-5FT), 6 rebounds, 3 assists.

But also for comments like this (regarding Al Thorton’s day):

"He had 37 but only one assist. They've got to get a lot of people involved to get a 'W'."

This guy [Thorton] just went off for 37 against us, nearly stole the game and put us in an 0-4 hole in conference and Dudley has the balls to criticize his day in the postgame interview. Needless to say I eat this stuff up! I guess I am so used to BC players giving rote, boring interviews that I find Dudley refreshing. I am also an admitted homer…if someone else said this about a BC player, I would be livid. Ultimately this type of stuff is jerky when you lose and colorful when you win.

Let’s hope Dudley keeps talking and backing it up.

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