Thursday, January 12, 2006

Will they or won’t they?

Starting 0-3 in the ACC put a damper on most BC fans' expectations. Instead of making plans for the Final Four, fans are wondering if this team will even make the NCAA Tournament. I think an 8-8 conference record, winning our final two non-conference games and a 1-1 record in the ACC Tournament should be enough. History doesn’t confirm this gut feeling.

Since Florida State joined the Conference for the 1992-93 season, some inexplicable things have happened. Fortunately for BC, the selection committee more often than not has selected some questionable middle of the pack ACC teams. But the few exceptions over the years are enough to cause worry.

Here are the past surprises.

YearBubble TeamConference RecordSelected for NCAAs
1993Georgia Tech8-8Y
1995Georgia Tech8-8N
1998Florida State6-10Y
1999Wake Forest7-9N
2001Georgia Tech8-8Y
2002Wake Forest9-7N
2003 Georgia Tech7-9N
2004NC State7-9Y

If BC wins 10 conference games, they are in and the slow start is behind them. 9-7 would make things interesting. 8-8 would leave the team firmly on the bubble. Two things are clear in this short season: every conference game will be a challenge, and BC needs every win it can get down the stretch.

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